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God is Working on Our Tomorrows

As crazy as it sounds, many of my blogs begin in my mind with no introduction, title, or even a theme. But I feel God as He moves my spirit in His direction. Some ask how I know when I’ve received a message from the Lord. It’s a moment in time… sipping my first bit of coffee. Relaxing in my sweats, my spirit will begin to race, and just like that, a title and theme arrives in a telepathic message. I know it sounds odd, but…

God is working on my tomorrows

There isn’t a greater gift from the Lord than to help and encourage those who need or stay in prayer. No words can express my deepest humbleness as our Father addresses life’s daily situations. He brings the right people into our life when we keep with the rhythm of His great plans for us. God can work out the events of your life into a great masterpiece.

God is working on our tomorrows

My wife and I met a wonderful woman this week who I can now call our sweet, new friend. As Christian and godly as she is, she may not comprehend how she is helping to do God’s mission on earth. It’s humbling to observe certain people as messengers for our Lord. Yet, they are unaware they are being used for the glory of God’s sole purpose. She is an amazing widow enthralled with helping me and others. I, too, enjoy her walk with the Lord. Living alone with memories of a wonderful world she once shared with her husband Charles, little does she know, she gave me hope. She uses her talent as a core gift to serve the Lord’s people.

God is working on our tomorrows

My spirit now moves within her, too, as she watches the waves break against the seawall. Ideas swelled through her mind and found their way to her conscious being. Barely awake, she wrote me a note, “I have ideas for you to undertake.” This is how God works on your tomorrows! He uses other Christians who crave sharing the Bread of Life. God knew how much we needed to meet this wonderful lady. Now a communion of kindred spirits, she has become part of His higher plan.

God is working on our tomorrows

I cannot explain, short of writing another book, how the last few days of my life were an act of God. His timing is impeccable! Who would think, because of prayer, He’d be working on my tomorrows? As you allow God to take control of your life, He places those angelic people in your world to envision the shared dreams. You must come to a place of commitment with the Lord to experience His highest gifts. Trust in Him!

God is working on your tomorrows

To everyone with hopes and dreams – remain in prayer. Faith is the engine that generates toward the will of God. We serve an amazing Father, so seek if you have not, and pray in the sight of fear. Your devotion will become your very best friend, as you, too, will see… God is working on your tomorrows.

Let us pray,

Caring heavenly Father, I come before you on this day because I want to seek Your will for my life. Lord, rather than following my own direction in life. Because I know that in my heart I can stray from Your chosen path.

Father, I want to be successful in what I turn my hand to. For this reason, I want to do everything as unto YOU. So on this day, I come to place the desires of my heart before You. I also want to ask that in Your grace You will forward the plans I have for my life, in a way that is best pleasing to You.

Guide me Lord in the way of Your choosing. Father, as I lay before You the hopes and dreams of my heart, which I would dearly love to fulfill. Instead, I surrender them all to YOU, praying that you will lead me in the path that is best suited to carry out Your best work in me.

I ask this in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen



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A successful future

What do you think about 
Your future?
Are you confident of
your future?
Have you doubts about
Your future?
Tell me your thoughts about
Your future,
And I will tell you what
Your future
Will be;
Whether it will be successful
Or unsuccessful;
If you doubt your future,
You have a doubtful future;
If you believe in your future,
You have a sure future;
Have no doubts then about
Your future;
Believe in your future;
Your future is guaranteed.
It is a successful future;

To doubt this is to destroy
Your future yourself.

Do you look forward?

Do you look forward
To each day?
Do you look forward
To a new week?
Do you look forward
To a new month?
Do you look forward
To Christmas?
Do you look forward
To another year?
Do you look forward
To the many
God has for you?
Do you look forward
To them?
Many great days lie
Great things are on
Their way.
The future is bright.

Flowing like a spring

Flowing like a spring
From my heart
To everybody
Is something special;
Do you know
What it is!
It is called love;
It fills my heart
For you;
It fills my heart
For my spouse
And my family;
And everyone I meet;
It fills my heart
For people I have
Never met
And may never meet.
It flows like a spring
From my heart;
I believe
In a love world.
Where love flows
Like the air we breathe.
That is my dream world,
Not possible
In my life time,
But reality in my dreams,
And reality
In a future
We can only imagine.

In God we trust

Is there a way forward?
I don’t see it;
Tell me if you see it;
Do you see a way forward?
I see no way forward;
I see a barrier ahead;
I see the future so bleak;
I do not see any light
At the end of the tunnel;
Do you see any?
I don’t see a way;
I really don’t see a way;
It’s dark ahead;
It’s absolutely dark;
The future is very bleak;
It’s on God alone
That we count.
And thank God he never fails.
He alone will open the gate
For us to go in;
And go through.
Help us O Lord!
In you we trust;
In you we put all our trust.

Are painful past or fearful future keeping you hostage?

Painful Past

Hiya love are you coming along?

Going to watch a wrestling match

The fiercest of finals it is

Super heavyweights they are

Painful past & Fearful future

I am glad this finals is here at last  

To say those 2 cause havoc so bad

Have so far trashed many out even me

Seriously, none my friend will be

I care less who destroys the other

The door to my mind their favourite abode

Is henceforth closed by my bestie NOW

It’s been a long one coming

Let them wrestle themselves away

(c) Marie Abanga, 2017

p.s: When I realized last year that I wanted/needed/deserved to give myself permission to be happy, I still felt trapped by some two big and yet ridiculous elements. Painful Past and Fearful Future were taking me/my mind hostage over and again. And yet, what could I really do about them so that they could leave me alone if not once and for all, but at least for longer periods of time – I mean I had a present to live. I characterized them, even made them subtle friends, and then pitched them against each other – oh boy did they wrestle while I watched and laughed…I can’t recall the score because I cared not, am simply busy with my bestie Present now and am so grateful I got that enlightened lol…be inspired and motivated us all

Here is to a great week

My springboard

What the future holds for me,
I cannot say;
But in faith I live;
And in trust of the promise
Which the Lord has made to me;
He has assured me,
The best he’s set aside for me;
And as we well know,
He never fails in his word;
The sky is thus, not my limit;
The sky is my springboard;
This goes not for me alone;
Same holds true for you;
If you put your trust in the Lord,
You will have no reason to regret;
The sky will not be your limit;
The sky will be your springboard.