Transgender Tyranny Is Here


Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls, it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world.

Lyrics from the hit song “Lola” by The Kinks. The tune was released on June 12, 1970.

Ray Davis has claimed that he was inspired to write “Lola” after Kinks manager Robert Wace spent a night in Paris dancing with a transgender woman.

Three of the four original band members, including the composer[s] of “Lola” reformed The Kinks in June of 2018. It would be interesting to know what they think of the current socio-political push for “transgender rights,” in Western society almost 50 years later.

This journal has chronicled the devastating and dangerous movement to enshrine “transgenderism” as a basic human right on several occasions. In the past few years, advocates of this reality-denying cult have begun to quietly manipulate the legal system to their ends, especially concerning what can only be called forced transitioning of young children. 

However, before the gender ID enforcers could make meaningful legal strides, they believed they had to accomplish three things. First, left-wing academia had to be convinced to normalize ‘transgender rights’ as a health issue.

A New and Dangerous ‘Diagnosis’

transgenderismThe crucial turning point which empowered the transgender movement and helped launch it into the ‘mainstream’ of culture happened not quite six years ago. It came in a publication that most don’t know about, the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or the DSM.


The DSM is the ‘biblical’ authority of the psychiatric profession. It is,

published by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). In the United States, the DSM serves as the principal authority for psychiatric diagnoses. Treatment recommendations, as well as payment by health care providers, are often determined by DSM classifications, so the appearance of a new version has significant practical importance.

Until 2013, the fourth edition of the DSM was in effect. The DSM-IV classified those who believed they were ‘assigned’ the ‘wrong’ gender as suffering from Gender Identity Disorder.

As a “disorder,” it was a mental illness. Today, due to political and cultural pressure, the DSM-V calls this condition Gender Dysphoria. Such a classification is not considered a mental illness. Rather it is considered a kind of psychological discomfort and confusion. This is how mental illness can be masked as a difficult, but “normal,” reality.

The necessity of lessening the severity of what is a delusional disorder is evident. In this way, the Leftist ‘science’ community could grant ‘scientific’ credence to the notion that transgender ‘rights’ advocates represent a group of people being ‘victimized’ by the predominant culture.

Which leads to the second step to be completed for the transgender ‘rights’ advocates to be successful. That is the step of playing the victim card.

Playing the ‘Victim’ Card

In the culture war, the victim ‘card’ is the favorite choice of the Left. This card has been successfully played numerous times in the past.

The pattern of play is similar in each case. First, a group must be identified which could be characterized as ‘victims’ of some terrible abuse.

2580363763_b709cda150_qNext, the group must be canvassed somehow to isolate individuals within it who could be used to showcase their ‘victimhood’ publically. It has become all too familiar to see such an individual or even a small group in front of the cameras and microphones speaking about their tragic ‘victimization’ at the hands of evil people who are also not-so-coincidentally conservative.

This strategy accomplishes two things. It demonizes the evil conservative ‘oppressors’ while garnering pity and synthetic ‘outrage’ on behalf of the perceived ‘victim.’

Whether or not the offense against this poor ‘victim’ is true is irrelevant to the Left. There are many examples both recent and decades-old of this phenomenon.

Most recently there is the example of the hoax hate-crime orchestrated by Jussie Smollett in Chicago. The purpose here was to demonize Trump supporters while increasing Smollett’s value as a Leftist extremist and thus enriching him as an actor.

The fact that this was carried out so carelessly almost immediately revealed it was a hoax. But for the Leftmedia, that was only a slight inconvenience as they immediately labeled it a “hate crime,” with a little apology when they were proved wrong.

Smollett himself is facing some very serious charges that could result in severe punishment from the courts. He is facing 16 felony counts in Chicago as of today.

However, the penalties which are inflicted upon children in the transgender ‘rights’ cause are far more severe than Smollett’s because of the lifelong damage that could ultimately result. It is indeed tragic that children, some whose ages register in the single digits will become the true victims of adult manipulation, in the name of illusionary rights.

It is also tragic that adult transgenders cannot see their own delusion. A delusion so pervasive that it warps biological reality, and causes its adherents to lash out with tyrannical demands for all of society.

Turning Tragedy into Tyranny

transgender agendaIt is unequivocally a tragedy that for the sake of creating a phantom human ‘right’ people will not only mutilate themselves, via having body parts cut off and others sowed on, but will insist that others change their own lives to accommodate the delusion. Those who desire to live in reality are now expected to alter their speech, i.e. no unapproved pronouns allowed.

Moreover, society as a whole must now deny the exclusiveness of male and female bathrooms, lockers or dressing rooms in public areas and schools, according to trans-activists. This insanity is seeking the force of law to turn a tragic condition into a normal one.

The Leftmedia, whether on social media outlets or through the airwaves, engages in the third step which is pushing the narrative. A narrative that is dangerous to adults, and extremely dangerous for children.

Thus, the Leftmedia is less likely to report about the enabling of pedophiles through the transgender ‘rights’ movement. However, there are cases of adult male predators ‘identifying’ as female and accosting young girls in public bathrooms.

In Scotland, an 18-year-old male who identifies as a woman was given a slap on the wrist by authorities earlier this month after assaulting a 10-year-old girl in the restroom. According to The Courier, the suspect, who goes by the name Katie Dolatowski, sexually assaulted the unidentified little girl in a supermarket restroom on March 4, 2018, reportedly grabbing “the terrified youngster by the face, shov[ing] her into the cubicle and order[ing] her to remove her trousers.”

The penalty for this individual should have been some lengthy prison sentence. Instead, he was

banned from having contact with children and given community service and electronic tagging.

How can the parents of this child be assured this predator will not strike again under the guise of identifying as a female? How has the legal system not only in Scotland but in many other countries turned to favor the transgender agenda?

The short answer to that last question is twofold. One reason is the cultural acceptance of transgenderism for adults, as seen especially in the instance of Caitlyn [formerly Bruce] Jenner’s relatively recent popularity.

Secondly, trans-activists have been ‘teaching’ and promoting their cause as ‘experts’ both in the medical community and at legal conferences in various states. These disturbed ‘health’ professionals have also gained the support of the American Academy of Pediatricians in a recent statement affirming ‘transitioning’ for children.

Dr. James Cantor explained in his detailed analysis of the AAP policy statement, “almost all clinics and professional associations in the world use what’s called the watchful waiting approach to helping GD children, [but] the AAP statement rejected that consensus, endorsing only gender affirmation.

Trans-Activists Are Targeting Children

It is alarming is that trans-activists are pushing their sex-change agenda on pre-pubescent children and threatening the parents if they object. Their pernicious influence has reached even the level of state government in South Dakota.

[Last month] the Health and Human Services committee of the South Dakota House killed a bill that would have protected the right of parents to refuse to consent to medical or psychological treatment for a child suffering from gender dysphoria if the treatment “would induce, confirm, or promote the child’s belief that the child’s sex or gender identity is different from the child’s sex presented at birth.”


This is tyranny at a level so fierce that it promotes children not just acting against their parents’ wishes, but advocates punishing the parents with the force of law if they object. In South Dakota’s case, this means that children would not be afforded counseling unless that counseling affirmed the “child’s belief” they were somehow trapped in the wrong biological sex.


There are also some in America specifically targeting children as young as 4 years old. This tactic began to surface about 3 years ago in custody battles during divorce proceedings.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. …“…first began hearing from distraught parents in this situation in 2016 and in 2017, I heard from seven families in as many different states in this situation. In all but one case the child was a 15 year-old girl who never had any sexual identity confusion prior to her parent’s divorce,” Cretella said. “The other case involved 4-year-old triplet boys whose mother desperately wanted a girl. The mother was a psychologist herself and had cross-dressed one of the boys for two years, insisting that it was his idea. In each of the seven cases the guardian ad litems and judges removed the right to medical consent and/or custody from the parent who objected to transition with puberty blockers and hormones.”

Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are not well-studied and thus the harmful side effects are also not well-known. The physical damage of these potent and potentially dangerous drugs was not considered by the judges or the mother in this case.

The state of California has decided to tyrannically bypass the concern of parents and the judgment of the courts. This was accomplished by passing an insidious law affirming transgendered treatment for children as young as 12 in foster care without the caregiver’s knowledge.

[In California] you only need to be 12 years old to privately seek and consent to treatment for gender transitioning.

However, California decided to go even further by also requiring the taxpayers to foot the bill for this absurdity, whether they like it or not. In one section the new law states,

All children in foster care, as well as former foster youth up to 26 years of age, are entitled to Medi-Cal coverage without cost share or income or resource limits. The Medi-Cal program provides transition-related health care services when those services are determined to be medically necessary.

As has been chronicled in this journal and in many others, such ‘transition-related’ treatments, I will not call this ‘health care,’ are never necessary for children. Many studies have shown that 75-95% of children and adolescents lose these feelings of gender confusion when they become adults.

Once a person is an adult, the choice to poison and mutilate themselves because they deny reality is their own individual, if unwise, choice. That is, provided that choice does not make unreasonable demands on others to also deny biological reality with their speech and with public accommodations.

However, there is no right of choice allowing adults to manipulate children who have not yet matured mentally into life-altering and dangerous gender “affirming” actions. Nor should the law uphold and force such tyrannical nonsense upon society while endangering children in the process.

See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels always see the face of my Father who is in heaven. Matthew 18:10 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

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All other sources linked or cited in the text.

Originally published in TIL Journal

International women’s day, the way forward. 12 things every man can do

A lot of things have been said and will be said about women on international women’s day. Much has been achieved; and that should be celebrated. Then what next? What is the way forward? What can you do to help in the effort to empower the woman?

Many things. Here are 12 things every man can do or refrain from doing to enhance the empowerment of women:

  1. Do not take your wife for granted.
  2. Do not suppress your wife.
  3. Do not treat your wife with condescension.
  4. Do not exploit your wife.
  5. Do not take advantage of your wife.
  6. Do not turn your wife into house help.
  7. Help your wife.
  8. Encourage your wife.
  9. Support your wife
  10. Give your wife the opportunity to develop and exploit her talents.
  11. Appreciate your wife.
  12. In your own way contribute to the campaign for the empowerment of women wherever you find yourself.

Women of the world by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Women of the world;
Wherever you are;
Love and peace to you
International women’s
Rights day;
Hold your head high
As you celebrate this day;
Be proud to be a woman;
A mother to men and women,
A wife to a man,
A daughter to parents,
A sister to a brother,
A friend to a friend,
Your challenges are enormous,
So too your opportunities;
You are up to every task;
May woman stop being victims
Of domestic violence!
May gender equality hurry
To become reality
Everywhere in the world!
It is not by mistake
That you are a woman;
It is by divine design;
Crafted to be the flower of
The human spirit;
The source of beauty
Of the human heart;
The sun
That gives light
To a dark world;
Honey to sweeten the tea of life;
You are moving gold;
And incomparable
Together with men,
You mould tiny creatures
Body, mind and soul
From birth to vibrant men
And women;
Kings and queens;
Great warriors;
Great peace makers;
Of the world.
In pain you are there;
In sorrow, you are there,
In moments of joy,
You are a joy;
Happy women’s day to you.

Meet tough crusader

Hello Community! I invite you to meet SNEHA from INDIA, who runs the blog:
Sneha's Expression
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Do you feel that instead of teaching our daughters to wear "decent" clothes, we should teach our sons to not objectify women and stare at them?
Tired of Patriarchy and sexist comments? Looking forward to a World where women are treated with respect and not just objectified? Look no more. This blog deals with Feminism & Self-acceptance.
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Does being a girl or a woman make you a slave or a house help in your home?

 Listen to this conversation and answer this question: Does being a girl or a woman qualify someone to play the role of the slave of the family? Or the house help? 

TABA: Who sweeps the floor in your house?
MAMA: My girl or I.
TABA: What of your boy and your husband?
MAMA: They pocket their hands and do nothing.
TABA: Who dry-cleans and mobs the floor?
MAMA: I do it or my girl does it.
TABA: What about your husband and your boy?
MAMA: They do nothing
TABA: Who does the cooking in your house?
MAMA: I do it or my girl does it.
TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They do nothing.TABA: Who fetches firewood from the forest? MAMA: If I don’t , my girl does it.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They do nothing.TABA: Who fetches water from the well?MAMA: My girl does it or I do it.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They do nothing.TABA: Who bathes and dresses the baby in your house?MAMA: My girl does it or I do it.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They do nothing.TABA: Who feeds the baby?MAMA: I do it or my girl does it.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They don’t do anything.TABA: Who carries the baby on the back?MAMA: I do it or my girl does it.TABA: What about your boy or your husband?MAMA: They don’t do anything.TABA: Who cajoles the baby to sleep?MAMA: I do it or my girl does it.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They do nothing.TABA: Who runs the risk of not going to school in your house?
MAMA: My daughter.
TABA: What about your boy?
MAMA: He is a man. We will do everything for him to go to school.TABA: Who is likely to be forced to marry at an early age?MAMA: My girlTABA: What about your boy?MAMA: He is a man. He will marry when he likes.TABA: Who is likely to drop out of school for one reason or the other?MAMA: My girl.TABA: What about your boy?MAMA:  We do everything to make sure he goes to school.
TABA: Who goes to  the farm to till or harvest food?MAMA: My girl and I.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?
MAMA: They don’t do such dirty work. It is for us women.TABA: Who goes to the kitchen to cook?MAMA: My girl and I.TABA: What about your boy and your husband?MAMA: They are too important to go into the kitchen to cook.TABA:  That is not fair. You and your girl do all the work in your house.MAMA: Yes.TABA: What about the men?MAMA: They relax. Watch television or browse.TABA: Do you find that normal? Is it just?MAMA: That is the way it is in my country. The women do all the work. The men relax.TABA: But that is unacceptable. It is discrimination and social injustice. Things must change.MAMA:  Hahahah! We are used to. We like it.TABA: The work must be shared. You women must  do some; and the men must do some.Women cannot continue to be victims of such discrimination.  It is a shame! Women are not slaves. To be a woman is not equal to being a slave.

Gender issues – I have an idea

I have been reading a lot of literature on gender issues. I hear so much in the media also. All the efforts in this regard are lauded.

I have an idea of a how we can contribute in this community to the effort of gender balance. This is what I am proposing to you. This idea follows my post A quote by a woman.

It just occurred to me that searching and highlighting quotes by women can be a great milestone in the gender balance effort.

What do you think?

This means that everyday, we create a post which gives us the opportunity to publish in the comment box as many quotes as possible by women.

By the same token, we encourage the use of quotes by women in our speech, and writing.

We don’t only have wise men. We also have wise women every where who are enriching thought, wisdom and expression with their wise words.

The world cannot continue to operate as if only one sex had wise people.

Kindly let me have your take on this, please. Positive or negative, it will be welcomed and treated with respect.

We will just title the new series “Quotes by Women”

Visit A quote by a woman.

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We grow you grow (Challenge no. 3)

Day 3: We Grow You Grow Challenge

You are heartily welcome! What a thrilling challenge!

Thank you all for embracing this challenge. That means a lot to us at SIWO.

By participating in this challenge, you are doing what wise people do: investing in what you are sure will bear fruits.

Quote 1:

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”

Colin Powel

What is your understanding of this quote? Does it inspire you? In line with this quote, tell us what you are ready to do for a better future.

Quote 2:

“What a man does for others….”  To get and comment on full quote,  visit: Daniel Webster.

Quote 3:

I have said this many times, that there seems to be enough room in the world for mediocre men, but not …” To get and comment on full quote, visit Madeleine Albright.

As a reward to you for your participation in this challenge, for each comment that you make, we will visit your site, read, like and comment on one of your posts.

We Grow You Grow Challenge


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Men and women together

How do you think the world would have been if more women than men had been in leadership positions? Would the world have been better or worse?

Some people hold that the world would have been better; at least not as chaotic as it is at the moment. Some say it would have been worse.

This is mere speculation. The reality is that the world today is a men’s world, controlled by men; dominated by men; ruled by men. Yes! Men call the shots; and women do not have enough possibilities to make their own contribution to build or shape the world.

This is definitely not correct. Humanity gets it wrong when women are pushed behind or put aside. This deprives the world of a significant fraction of its potential and strength.

God created man and woman to work together for their welfare and that of the world. Why then should women not have the chance to make their own contribution as they are capable of?

We owe the duty to make the world a place where men and women work together as equal partners. When husband and wife work together as equal partners in love for their welfare and the welfare of the family, they are happy and achieve much more for the family. Compare this with families where the woman has no voice.

Women should have a voice. We had hoped that a woman, in the person of Hillary Clinton, would occupy the most powerful elected post in the world as the president of the United States of America and the mindset that places men on top and women below would be broken. It did not happen. Yet, nothing is lost. The best is still ahead.

What is your take? 3

What is your take on the quotes that follow? Do you agree or disagree? Do you like or hate it?

“Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human right’s violation. As long as it continues, we cannot claim to be making real progress towards equality, development and peace.” Koffi Annan when he was Secretary-General of the United Nations.”

According to Mr. Annan, “each of us must accept responsibility for stamping out gender based violence.”

He writes: “Ultimately,it is up to all of us – in our homes, our communities, our nations, our global community – to create a world that is safe for women and girls in which all women have full enjoyment of all human rights.”

What do these words of Mr. Annan mean to you?