Who can predict?

Who can predict?
Who can say who will win?
Will it be Trump?
Or will it be Hillary?
Will it still be a man?
Or a woman will have
A chance this time?
It’s just hours away:
Tell me what you think;
Tell me what you foresee;
Tell me who you think will win:
And if you cannot guess,
Tell me who you like to win.
Should women have a chance
To show what they can do?
Or men should continue
To dominate
While the world sings
Gender equality?


Male chauvinism

Have you ever come face to face
With male chauvinism?
Does male chauvinism still exist?
Will male chauvinism ever end?
What is your take on male chauvinism?
What do you think about male chauvinists?
A male enters a room with male and female
And will only greet the males;
At a meeting some males insist
The males sit on the better seats;
The women sit any where;
How do you feel about this?

I am a girl

Lovely African girl

Lovely African girl

I am a girl;
But I don’t see what any boy can do
That I cannot do;
What any boy can do, I can also do;
And if a woman cannot do it,
It cannot be done;
I am a girl,
But that does not mean
I’ll do all the work at home alone
While my brothers fold their arms
And loiter around;
It won’t work that way.
I am a girl
But I have a right to education
Like my brothers;
I am a girl;
But look forward to a great future too,
Like my brothers.
Why do you want me to think differently
Because I am a girl?
Why do you want me to sell myself short
Because I am a girl?
That is not correct and I want you
To get it clearly.

Why I fight for women

I fight for women;
I fight very much for women;
Not that women need me to fight for them;
Not that women cannot fight for themselves;
But that I have seen what women can do;
I see what women are doing;
I know what women are capable of doing
If they have the chance;
Also I know what the world will be
If man and woman have equal chances
And are working together;
Combining their efforts;
Combining their energies;
Combining their talents;
I fight for women;
I shall fight for women;
I shall not relent my effort;
Fighting for women is fighting for my mother;
Fighting for women is fighting for my spouse;
Fighting for women is fighting for my daughter;
Fighting for women is fighting for a better world;
That is why I shall continue to fight for women.

American reporting: gender bias?

This question of whether the US media are gender bias has been ruminating in my mind. It’s a serious one.

I have been following the US Presidential election primaries from campaigns, debates, voting and results; and this is the impression I get away with.

I am tempted to conclude that there are some key persons in the the US Press who do not want Hillary to win even though she seems unstoppable; and they have succeeded very subtly to spread their way of seeing things to the rest of the media.

Why do I say this?

Most of the reporting on Hillary is negative. See how long it took to hammer on Benghazi and Emails. This thing was exaggerated.

The front-runner on the Republican side seems to be given more coverage and exposure than Hillary who is also the forerunner on her side. Trump seems to enjoy twice as much publicity as Hillary Clinton. Watch the news or read the papers just for a day.

Look at the way their pictures are presented. Trump and Sanders are presented to look presidential; not Hillary.
See the way Clinton’s victories are announced. Compare to the way those of Sanders and Trump are announced – with pomp; but she only “Ekes out A Win’ in Ohio.” The Sander Michigan victory has been spoken of for more than a week; and read the way it is presented.

A lot of times when Clinton and Trump are reported on at the same time, as in “Big night for Trump and Clinton”, it is usually Trump who is mentioned first. This is a subtle advantage given to Trump.

All that I have seen leaves me with no doubt that there is a subtle desire and attempt by the media to break Hillary. But why? Is it because she is a woman in favor of Trump and Sanders because they are men? Is there gender bias in American reporting?

I wish this issue would be taken up for debate. One of the founding ideals of the American nation is equal opportunity for success for everybody without discrimination. It is true that America has never really succeeded to treat its women equally but if this country wants to continue to be the leader of the world, the lofty ideals on which she was founded must be translated into action.

Everyone ought to be treated equally and fairly even when it comes to reporting on elections.

Any attempt to discriminate or favor some candidates is sickening even when it is subtly done.

The real leaders of the world

I am Commander-in-Chief;
I am not kidding;
I call the shots;
Not only in the home,
But everywhere;
In the entire world;
Though you think another does;
How mistaken!
I take all the decisions;
I determine how the country is run;
Actually I determine how the world is run;
I am the perfect influencer;
Yet, some call me
Only a woman;
Am I only a woman?
Not at all;
I am a woman;
But not only a woman;
I am the leader;
The one leading the world;
We of my kind are
The real leaders
Of the world.

Guess who; try just for fun

Soon I will be publishing  a guest interview on this site. I like us to do something just for fun. My interviewee shall be a popular blogger. Can you make a good guess? Tell me whether this guest shall be a man or a woman?

Secondly, you’ve certainly met many of the bloggers I interact with most on this site. Can you guess who the person is? Give a name.

Try just for fun.

If these questions do not inspire you, you may like this: If I asked you to recommend a blogger so that I may interview for this site, who would you recommend?

Rural woman

Rural woman!
How great you are!
Ever busy;
Going to bed last,
And getting up first;
You till the soil;
Plant the crops;
And harvest the food
When it’s ready;
What would the world have been
Without you!
Yet, after all that you’ve put in,
Instead of appreciation,
You are slapped, kicked, and insulted
By the very man
Who says he loves you;
Be strong, rural woman;
You are great!

Gendar sensitive language

Have you noticed that I hardly use he or she on my site? I was reminded by my daughter that in modern times we have to be gender conscious and speak gender friendly language. Or is it gender sensitive language?

Instead of saying for instance, “Anyone who likes could come for his or her own” you simply say “Anyone who likes could come for their own.” When I started writing I found it difficult. It sounded wrong to me; but I have become used to it.

When most people talk about a Doctor they always talk of ‘he’. Or people talk of a policeman not a policewoman.

Is there anything you can say to enlighten us more on gender sensitive language? By the way do you subscribe to it?