Thank you sincerely!

Thank you sincerely!
Thank you from my heart;
Thank you for your
support to me;
Which has placed me
Where I am;
I could not have done
it by myself;
How could it have been
Without you;
You’ve played a big part;
You are precious to me;
And your support,
I so greatly appreciate.
Thanks a million times;
For your generosity;
May the good God
Who knows
How to reward people,
Abundantly reward you!
May he shine your star
So bright,
May all the darkness
around you vanish!
May your road be smooth!
May you have reason
To laugh from jaw to jaw!
Thank you sincerely
From your heart.

Give to receive

Why expect to receive
When you know not
How to give?
Give that you may yourself
Be given;
But if you give nothing,
Expect nothing;
For only when you stretch
Your hand,
Can something be put
Into it;
Mind you also that
A fist is for the boxing ring;
Nothing to do with the ring
Of life;
And you are in no ring
To exchange blows;
The arena of life
Calls for love;
A giving and taking of love;
Letting love flow forward
And backwards
Like water in an ocean.
Soaking the human heart
From head to toes.

What we do to others

Do you care about others?
How much do you care
About others?
What we do to others,
We do to ourselves;
What we do to others,
Others will do to us;
I know some people
Whose caring hearts amaze me;
They think not only
Of themselves,
They think also of others;
They want to see others happy;
And spare no effort
To support others,
And otherwise;
Such people, I admire,
And like to be like them;
And what I have found,
When you are for others,
Supporting and helping others,
So richly are you blessed.
Therefore, friends,
Let’s think not only of ourselves,
Let’s think also of others,
What we wish that others do to us,
Let us do to others.
It will come back to us.

Ways to be generous without spending money

When we hear of generosity, what often comes to mind is money. We think to be generous we have to spend money. This is not always true. We can be generous without spending a mite. Here are some ways:

  1. Generous with your words. Say kind words to another.
  2. Generous with your smiles. Smile to others and brighten their day.
  3. Generous with your time. Spend time with others; visit the sick; visit a friend; receive people at home etc.
  4. Generous with prayers. Pray for those who ask you to pray for them and also for those who do not.
  5. Generous with knowledge. You can share knowledge that will help others grow.

Can you think of other ways. Also, how can we be generous with our money?

Love and care

Whoever you meet today in the world,
As you go about the day’s activities,
Show them you love and care;
Such, they do need from you;
We all need others to show us
They love and care;
From others we receive love and care,
We must with others share;
That it may go round and round,
As far as it can,
Until all the world it tours;
And all the world is filled
By love and care.

A letter to all generous people

Dear loving friends,

I write to thank you for your generosity.

Thank you for sharing your blessings with those who do not have. Your generosity is doing so much good in the world no matter how small it may be.

It will not surprise me if it has saved the lives of lots of people.The world needs more men and women with generous and compassionate hearts like yours.

There are people everywhere who are perishing in poverty and misery. They have absolutely nothing. Their survival depends on people who are generous like you.

You may not always receive gratitude from those who benefit from your generosity. Some may even be against you and openly attack you. Do not mind it. Continue to be kind. Continue to be generous. You are doing it for the God who has blessed you. May He find a way to reward you!

May He also continue to bless you with his abundance so that you may keep on sharing with those who are less fortunate than you!

With love,