Give and receive

If you know true love
Count yourself lucky;
For it is not an easy
thing to find;
Fake love is everywhere;
But true, genuine love
Hardly anywhere;
It is so scarce;
But not impossible;
However, a real possibility;
If you want it;
You can find it;
But you must start
By giving it to someone;
What you give
Is what you receive;
What you don’t give
You don’t receive.
Give true love
And receive true love.

Genuine? Fake tears?

Which tears fill your eyes
My love?
Genuine or fake tears?
Are you sincerely crying
Or pretending to be crying?
Do you want to have your way by faking tears?
If those tears are fake,
You may pay dearly for them;
If the truth is uncovered;
Your hypocrisy will be exposed;
A penalty, you will pay.
Tears may flow,
But let them be genuine tears;
Not fake tears;
Let them flow from the heart;
Having nothing fake about them;
Don’t shed tears as a public show
To get what you want;
Such would be fake tears;
Which is unacceptable.
In marriage, no fake tears,
My love.
Always shed genuine tears.

Beware of fake deceitful smiles!

As lots of fake smiles
We find around,
There are also genuine smiles;
As lots of deceitful smiles
We have around,
There are also honest smiles;
But to know the difference
Is where the trouble lies;
You must read between the lines,
When a charming smile is flashed at you;
And anyone that has no genuine smile
And all they have is the fake type,
Let them keep their smile to themselves;
Than darken the day and a life
With a fake
Deceitful smile;
Beware of fake, deceitful smiles;
Spread all over the place.