Hero for all times (Be inspired today 374 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

I never, for one moment, knew,
You were such a Goliath;
Who, unlike David’s victim,
Emerged victorious
From your dwell of giants;
Turning a gigantic edifice
Into a huge heap of mud;
Your enemy for ever crushed;
Never will he ever
Raise his ugly head again.
Your praises shall be sung
Through all the land;
Great giant of our day;
Hero of today and tomorrow;
Hero for all times.


The Minor victories

The minor victories of life,
Are a treasure to be valued;
If you do not celebrate them,
You miss a point so great;
These small victories,
Are the stepping-stones
To greater ones;
The building blocks
Of the great
Edifice of achievement;
So when God puts them
On your path, celebrate them;
Before you keep on working
For more.
As you go to bed everyday,
Celebrate the successes
Of that day;
And thank God
For he is so good to you.
He is really so good to you.
Each minor success,
Each small victory,
Is a savings in your success bank;
The more of them you deposit,
The more your account swells,
Till you become a financial giant;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A billionaire;
Coin by coin, shall you become
A financial giant.
Small victory by small victory
You grow into a great achiever.

Big lessons indeed

You night gave read the thought I shared on the story of David and Goliath. It’s a big lesson, indeed. It says it is looking for and beating a giant that will give you fame not crushing a fly. This is exact.

The story of David and Goliath is a rich story with many lessons.

It also teaches other lessons:

  1. Size is not what matters in life. A small person can defeat a fat one;
  2. A young person can do better than an older one.
  3. What looks impossible may actually be possible;
  4. You don’t win a fight, a competition or a war before you ahead of it but after.
  5. Don’t boast, you may he disgraced;
  6. When God is fighting on your side, victory is guaranteed; nobody can defeat you;
  7. With God many things that look impossible are possible;
  8. You never can know what you can do until you try;
  9. Don’t fear to risk.
  10. Have the courage to dare.
  11. The race is not for the sweet
  12. Pride goes before a fall.
  13. Your challenge maybe your opportunity.
  14. These are definitely not all the lessons that this story teaches.

Can you think of another lesson or other lessons?

Which lesson means most to you?

Be what you are meant to be.

You have no right,
Absolutely no right,
To keep that lion in you
Under lock and key;
Lions are not meant for that.
You have no right;
Absolutely no right;
To keep that giant in you asleep;
That is not why you are made a giant.
You are a lion;
Be a lion in the true sense of it;
You are a king;
Be a king as a king should be;
You are a giant;
Do the things that giants do.
Act like a giant.
Be what you are meant to be.

Success Inspirer’s World

How comfortable are you
In Success Inspirer’s World?
We want you to feel at home;
Relax and get yourself inspired.
I know what you can do
If you are properly motivated;
Properly inspired;
And properly encouraged;
That is where we want to get you.
We want the spring of inspiration
To ceaselessly flow from here
To you;
To stir that giant
Sleeping quietly in you,
To get him up to make kingly rounds
In the forest instead of sleeping;
And assert his kingship;
He is king.
Feel at home in
Success Inspirer’s World.