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Quote ( life)

“Your life is a precious gift from God; and it’s God alone who can offer this gift. It cannot be renewed. If it is not well preserved it will be lost. And once it is lost, it is lost. Some people are careless with the gift if their lives as if they don’t know its…

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Wonderfully amazing people

These wonderfully amazing people You have given me O Lord,Are my golden gift beyond compare;These sweet soulsYou have put on my path,Are my best blessing from your throne;You did not randomely choose them;You took your time,And made a careful selection of sweet souls;Excellent hearts and minds;For lofty is the workYou have put us together to…

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New Year gift to new bloggers

Hello everyone! Hope 2019 is promising to you. We are upbeat at SIWO International. The future is bright. As our new year gift to new bloggers, it is our joy to announce to you that we are offering the opportunity to 10 bloggers this January who apply, to publish their works at their convenience for…

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