What you mean to me

You mean a lot to me;
I need you;
I cannot do without you;
You are so precious;
Thank God for you;
He did well
To create you;
If he had not done so,
There would have been
A big vacuum
In my humble life;
If I smile so broadly,
It is because of you;
You are sunshine
In my life;
You are my happiness
And my joy;
You are God’s gift to me.


You are special (Be inspired today 335 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You are special
You have a golden touch;
God made you special;
This golden touch
He gave you;
And that is not given
To all;
What you touch
Turns into gold;
It is a great blessing
He has given you;
You have to thank him
From the bottom
Of your heart,
For a gift so wonderful.
You are special;
You are so special.

The gift Of Friendship

The gift of friendship

It’s 3.3 minute read.

Don’t you agree with me that True friendship is difficult since finding a true friend is the hardest.

” A friend is some one who understands your past,believe in your future….accepts you to-day the way you are “. Unknown

We may not realize the value of friendship until the time it is given when it is badly needed,so we have to cultivate and cherish the friendship .

Make aware to your friends how much they mean to you and how well they contribute to your happiness from your routine boring life.

Don’t ask me how to pick up a true friend or how to know,that the other person can be a good and even a true friend.

This is a difficult subject and can be discussed on another day.

The following quote is my feeling ,whenever I interact with my true friends.

Friendship is a treasured gift,and every time I talk with you I feel as if I’m getting richer and richer “. Unknown

Friends can even become Besties.

True friendship is ‘Magical’ !!

“Friendship is not about whom you have known the longest,it’s about who walked into your life and said “I’m here for you” and proved it.  Unknown

The true friend helps me being a counselor in times of distress ,

Can be my confidant when the situation demands,most importantly gives all the strength I need when I am the weakest at some point of time of my life.

Now you will ask me…What is the secret of sustaining this friendship ??

Certain things come to my mind,which can further the bond.

1. Be frank.Accept the drawbacks or short fall either of you may possess.
No body is perfect in this world and everybody has some story to tell and as a true friend you are willing to listen.Provide the much-needed leaning shoulder.Respect the individuality.Even if situation demands call spade a spade and explain the realities.Never thrust your opinions.When you tell the truth let the other person accept this rather than doubting and vice versa.

2. Develop the principle of ‘forget and forgive’ since we know we are never free of committing the mistakes and it’s human to do mistakes.

3.Try to recollect the fun moments or joyous moments you both had while spending time together or enjoying the jokes during your chat times.

4.Share the happiness together.

The happiness ,one can feel only when one is able to share with the other.

Remember you can never enjoy happiness all alone.

Thank you my friends for patiently reading.

Now please share your personal experience on ‘Gift of Friendship’ be on-line or off-line.

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


Today is the greatest blessing

Today, you may take for granted;
Are you aware of your doing?
A great error it is;
Today is your greatest blessing;
Imagine you were refused today!
Would you be here?
Not at all;
Having today is having life;
Had God not given you today,
You would be in the next world;
Today is a gift to be valued,
And well utilized;
So easy it is for this gift
To be refused anyone;
Many are those who were here
With you Yesterday,
But do not have today;
And here you are my friend,
Freely enjoying this gift;
It’s a priceless gift;
Thank the author of your life,
The one who controls
The heaven and the earth,
The Almighty, all powerful God,
For the wonderful gift of today.
The greatest blessing
We all have everyday.

The gift of helping others is a blessing

Helping people is a gift. There are some people who possess this gift in great abundance and others who don’t. Those who possess it help with ease. They easily find situations where they can help and do not waste time to help.

The gift of helping is a good gift to have. What is good, it can be cultivated. To cultivate this gift, start to look for opportunities to help in everyday life. When you find them, use them to help.

Do not help to be rewarded. Do not help to be recognized. Do not help to be praised. Help only to use the gift of helping that God has blessed you with. Help as a service to God; for when you help a fellow human being, you are, indeed serving God.

Although your motivation for helping should not be to be rewarded, you usually end up being rewarded; and the reward is always more than you could ever imagine. No help goes unrewarded. If you are not rewarded at once, you are rewarded eventually; and always in a big way.

If you are not naturally blessed with the gift of helping, cultivating it is a worthwhile exercise.

Wonderfully amazing people

These wonderfully amazing people 
You have given me O Lord,
Are my golden gift beyond compare;
These sweet souls
You have put on my path,
Are my best blessing from your throne;
You did not randomely choose them;
You took your time,
And made a careful selection of sweet souls;
Excellent hearts and minds;
For lofty is the work
You have put us together to do;
How can I ever thank you enough
For a gift so great as this?
You so kindly put in our hands! 
See how nice they are!
Irresistible human beings;
You are an amazing One;
To you be all the glory now and forever.

There’s a wonderful gift I wish for you do you know?

There's a wonderful gift I wish for you;
Do you know?
Can you guess what this will be?
The gift of people, the gift of friends;
If you are blessed with the gift of people,
You are blessed indeed;
There's no gift greater than the gift
Of good people in your life;
Silver and gold may perish,
But good people in your life will be there
When there is sun and when there is rain;
They will be there to laugh with you;
And there also to wipe your tears
Whenever tears come as they must;
They will be there;
A great blessing indeed,
The gift of fellow human beings
With sweet lovely hearts;
Filled with love and trust;
Thank the Lord for your lovely friends,
Pray for them and wish them the best;
And do to them what you like others
To do to you.
What a wonderful gift the gift of friends!
The gift of good people in your life!