God rewards

If you open your heart
To God
God will open his heart
To you;
If you open your hands
To God;
God will open his hands
To you;
You are serving
A living God;
Who is generous
Of heart;
A God of plenty;
In his abundance
He rewards
All those who are
Generous to him.

Give and receive

How much have you given
To God today?
How much have you given
To others today?
How much have you given
To nature today?
If you have give nothing,
You will receive nothing;
If you have given small,
You will receive small;
If you have given moderate, you will receive moderate;
If you have given big,
You will receive big.
It is by giving that we receive;
Just like planting and harvesting;
How can anyone expect to harvest when they have not planted?
Always, we reap what we sow;
And by giving, we are sowing;
Sow now and get ready to reap.

Give to receive

Why expect to receive
When you know not
How to give?
Give that you may yourself
Be given;
But if you give nothing,
Expect nothing;
For only when you stretch
Your hand,
Can something be put
Into it;
Mind you also that
A fist is for the boxing ring;
Nothing to do with the ring
Of life;
And you are in no ring
To exchange blows;
The arena of life
Calls for love;
A giving and taking of love;
Letting love flow forward
And backwards
Like water in an ocean.
Soaking the human heart
From head to toes.

Give back to God

Where do you place God
In your life?
Do you place God first?
Or somewhere
Along the line?
What do you give
To God?
The best
Of what you have?
Or just anything?
What do you do
About obeying
God’s commands?
Do you obey?
Or you never bother?
God is watching;
The best gift is
The one you give to God;
Give back to God
A good part of what
He has given to you.

Word of the day: giving

Today’s word of the day is giving.
What is giving?
How should we give?
Do you give generously?
The prayer for peace says
“It is in giving that we receive.”
What does that mean?
I encourage you to make giving part of you today. Reflect on the word from different perspectives;
And why not take concrete action to give.
Give time to the things that are important in your life.
Give your services;
Give love;
Give help.
“It is in giving that we receive.”

Thank you for watching over us!

Hi friends,

How are you all doing? I am doing good as well. 

Last week India faced a terror attack in which we lost 40 of our CRPF Jawans.  It was a sad day for us (as a nation) and for the families of those Jawans.  

Thanks for watching over us!

As civilians we cannot even comprehend what the families of those Jawans go through.  Though they have a lot of courage to have a family member join the military forces, still losing them would be the most difficult thing to face.

Just as we take care of our individual families, they take care of us (the one big family – our nation) without worrying about their own individual families.

As I read about the attacks my thoughts went deeper.  I realized that we all lead a peaceful life because of our Military forces who struggled (struggled because they have to be ready for any unforeseen situations, they have to fight the tough weather conditions, they have to be away from their families, they have to be ready for any kind of attacks, etc…) at the Border to keep us safe.

I realized that as a civilian I could only do a few things for them: 

  1. Pray for the safety of our Military people. Stand by them and support them in the decisions they take for the safety of our nation.
  2. Pray for every Military person who lost his life for the nation. Pray and support the families of those, who lost their lives fighting for the country. Their contribution is equally important.
  3. Thank each one of the Military personnel for the selfless act done by them.  They are the reason that we feel safe and lead a normal life.  
  4. Pray for the spread of peace and love throughout the world.  If we all collectively pray and spread love, it will be very powerful and effective.
  5. Bring up responsible world citizens who believe in peace, humanity, love and collective progress.

I just want to express my gratitude to every Military person (the world over) for the sacrifices they make for their beloved country.  

I hope and pray for a world full of peace and love, for that is the only kind of world that can survive and thrive.



p.s. image created using Canva.

Your reward will be equivalent

You are asking for
Many things today;
How many things
Have you given
To others today?
You want someone
To smile to you
To how many people
Have you
Smiled today?
You are expecting
Many acts of kindness
From others today,
How many acts of kindness
Have you given out to
Others today?
Take note:
What you want given you,
Give it to others;
That is how life operates;
You are only given
The equivalent of
What you give;
As you put in time
Energy and attitude working,
Your reward will be

Your giving will please the Lord

Giving is the way forward for the world;
Through fair sharing, we will make it;
Do you know the joy of sharing
When you selflessly share your blessings,
You experience the joy of sharing;
Christmas is a time of sharing;
A time when the generous heart
Extends a hand of fellowship;
We are called to share always, though,
But Christmas is a secial time for sharing;
When we celebrate the special moment;
A special occasion;
The birth of the Saviour of the World.
When love flows from our heart to others;
And enjoy the wonderful blessing of sharing.
Keep it not all for yourself;
Else greed takes an upper hand,
When your fellow humans are perishing in need;
Many in destitute;
Misery rocks the world,
In the mist of plenty;
Let your heart be touched to share,
That through you God may answer
Someone's prayer;
That other lives like yours may be blessed.
When you give,
Please, give from your heart;
Your giving will please the Lord.

Give from your heart

When you give, do so cheerfully;
Give from your heart;
Don’t give from your hands alone;
Let your heart be
In what you give;
Give with love;
Give selflessly,
Without a desire to be seen
Praised, or rewarded
For your generosity.
Let charity be your sole motivation;
You shall be abundantly rewarded,
For God loves a cheerful giver.

Give generously to the one who gives generously to you

Where does everything that you have come from? I mean your life, your children, your health, your money, and your property such as your home, your car, your furniture etc. Who is the author of these blessings?
The answer is clear: God. God is the source of your life, your family, and all your possessions.

God is the source of all your intelligence, wisdom, and talents.
God has blessed you wonderfully in so many ways. You may be having worries, and difficulties, and and be tempted to jump to the conclusion that you are not blessed.

You are blessed. You have more blessings than you know; more than difficulties or misfortunes. If you make an inventory of your blessings, you will be happily surprised by what you have. Your blessings outweigh your troubles.

A good question would be: do we appreciate our wonderful blessings? How much gratitude do we show God for our many blessings?

There is no doubt that many of us thank God in our prayers for all the good things he does to and for us. But as we know, action speaks louder than words. What do we do for God beyond words?

An excellent way to thank God is to give him back some of what he has blessed us with. God loves a cheerful giver. God loves a generous giver; and shows the example of generous giving by blessing us with all that we have. Of course, he does not drop manna from heaven into our hands as he did in biblical times. But he gives us wisdom, good health, a job, or a business to enable us acquire the things which he wants to bless us with.

In thanksgiving therefore, we are expected to give back to him some of our blessings. As God is kind and generous to those he loves, and as we are usually kind and generous to those we love, we must be kind and generous to God whom we love and who so generously gives us.

Many people do not know anything about thanksgiving. Many people are not warm about thanksgiving. Such people need to give it a second thought.

In many Churches, thanksgiving is organized at the end of the year to offer the faithful an opportunity to say “Thank you” in action to the one who has blessed them so abundantly.

Thanksgiving is not for us to celebrate at home by dining and wining with family and friends, but more to thank God.

Make sure you use this moment to show gratitude to God. God loves a cheerful giver.

You can also give to God by giving generously to a needy fellow human being. There are many people who need. They cannot afford anything. They lack food to eat, clothes to wear, medication when they are ill. They live in misery. To reach out to them is to reach out to God.

And God blesses the generous giver. Give generously to God who generously gives to you and you will receive generously from a generous God who generously gives.