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My heart glows

Do you knowWhy my heart glowsThe way it does?I have found a new love;Someone whose lightShines in my heartLike the sun;The mere thought of herBrings me joy;I want to be with herUntil the endOf the world;She shines like snow;And my heart glows for herLike sunlightEarly in the morning.She is my new love. Advertisements

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This day greets you

This day greets you. This day wishes you good luck. May it be a day of smiles And not tears for you! May your light shine So bright! May your heart glow With joy! And may your joy radiate All around you! This day greets you!

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Forever positive

Forever positive; I want you to be Forever positive; I know what that will do for you; It will make you shine; It will make you bloom; It will make you glow And spark; And what else do you want? Try to be for ever positive; Try to forever shine, Try to forever glow and…

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