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Quote (missile)

” Look at yourself as a missile and your goal as a target that the missile is set to hit. Accuracy is a prerequisite for the missile to hit its target. In the pursuit of your goal accuracy is equally important. Know your goal and then take aim, and be as accurate as possible. The…

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Goals (quote)

If you are floating aimlessly in life like a ball thrown on the sea, you better stop. If you don’t, you will be tossed to any direction and you cannot say where you will end. You may end exactly where you do not like to end. In life, you must know where you want to…

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You will carry it

Once you decide What your destination is, Decide the means of Getting there; Then set out With full determination To get there. Any obstacle you find On your way, Do well to remove it; Go prudently, But do not sleep while You are on the steering; If you keep going, Resting when you need to,…

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Stop groping in the dark!

In this world, stop groping In the dark; That does not speak well Of a learned one like you; Know what you want; Know where you want to go; That means, know your destination; Know what you want to achieve; Why you want to achieve it; And how you want to achieve it. You may…

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