Fear not when you hear God’s call

If God decides to make you the chief architect of an edifice he wants to construct, nobody can stop him.

And if he chooses you, that should not surprise anybody.

He chooses freely those he wants to work in his vineyard. And he does not discriminate because of where you come from, the colour of your skin, the language you speak, the level of your intelligence or your social status. These are not the factors he looks at. What he looks at is the content of your heart and an indication of your readiness to obey the instructions he will give you.

If you have a ready and obedient heart, he is ready for you.

We win God’s favor not by how much time we spend in prayer, how much money we give to the Church, not even the number of corporal works of mercy we carry out, but by obedience of God’s command.

As long as you are willing to obey God’s command and follow his directives, he can assign you to any task regardless of its immensity.

Do not fear to be selected on grounds that you are not equipped and will not be up to the task.

You will be up to the task because He who has chosen you will equip you. As we well know, He does not call the equipped, he equips those he calls.

If he calls you to build a road, he will equip you with the know-how of road building. If he wants you to teach his word, he will equip you with the know-how to teach his word. If he wants you to feed the hungry, he will equip you with the know-how to do so.

Therefore, fear not when you hear God’s call. Answer! Say yes. He will do the rest.


Quote (God’s call)

“If you hear God’s call, don’t hesitate. Pick up your bag and go to where you are called to go. God calls many but they do not hear. That is unfortunate. And many who hear fail to answer. What they don’t know is the way to make the most of your life is to listen to, hear and answer God’s call. Nothing is better than to do what God wants you to do.” (Romilia Quotes)

Answer God’s call

The words below can give a good melody. Do you have a talent for music. If you do, take this poem and turn it into a song and let’s see what it comes to. The title is ANSWER GOD’S CALL.

Why not answer God’s call;
When Mary answered God’s call,
He raised her so high;
When Paul answered God’s call,
He raised him so high;
When the apostles answered God’s call,
He raised them so high;
If you answer God’s call,
He will raise you so high;
All the world,
Answer God’s call,
He will raise the world so high;
Don’t you see, my friend?
If you answer God’s call,
He will raise you so high.

What if God calls you?

What will you do if God calls you in a special way to do something for Him or for another or for others? It would be great wouldn’t it? You have no option but to say yes. Those whom God calls to serve Him in a special way are always great.

There is just no one whom God has called and who has answered the call who has not become great. See them in the bible: Mary, Joseph, Paul, Abraham, Moses, etc.

Therefore, if you hear God’silent voice calling you for anything, answer it; and do what He commands you to do.

You will be amazed by what He will do for you.