Heart of gold

There is beauty
In your thoughts;
Translated in words,
And into actions,
Draws me to you.
You have a pure heart
Of gold.

Champion from birth

I have met people who fear to be the best. They actually say clearly they don’t want to be the best. I ask them, why be afraid to be the best, when you are already the best? If you don’t know, you are a champion from birth. You beat thousands of others at conception to win the gold medal that is you. Why do you want to stop winning gold medals?” Romilia Quotes

Heart of gold

You have
A heart of gold;
I wish
All hearts were
Like yours;
What a wonderful world
We would have!
I urge you
To keep your heart
Of gold;
Keep your heart
Of gold;
It is a rare commodity
In our present world;
A lovely
Heart of gold;
It’s not a heart
Laced with gold,
But a heart
Made purely
Of gold;
A wonderful heart
Of gold.
An admirable heart
Of gold.
A sweet heart
Of gold.
That is your heart.

What is more precious than gold?

What does gold mean to you?
What comes to your mind when you hear the word gold?
Some people consider gold to be the most precious commodity in life. What do you say? Is there anything that is more precious than gold?
If you have time, look up the meaning of gold and say if what you find is what you expected to find.
You may also share how you feel after reading about gold. Are you inspired or not?
Let’s talk about gold.
What is more precious than gold?
I want the gold of life. Who knows how to get it?
Good research may enable you to know that the color gold is a powerful one, much more than many people know.

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There’s gold around you

Do you know there’s gold round you?
There is treasure all around you;
Gold scattered everywhere;
This gold is in the people around you;
You gloss over what they write;
Or you look at it and skip it altogether;
You skip the gold around you;
I discovered there’s gold around me;
As I meet more and more bloggers;
I discover real gold around me;
For months, I wont pay attention;
Then one day I’ll take a look
To discover I had been skipping gold;
Pay attention to the people around you,
They are gold scattered all around you.