Do you know what awaits you?

Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your journey?
Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your day?
Do you know
What awaits you
At the end
Of your life?
Your golden crown;
That is
If you do
Your best;
That is
If you persevere;
That is
If you persist;
That is
If you are courageous enough
To keep on going
Even when the going
Is tough;
And others give up.
Your golden crown
Awaits you.


Your golden crown

If you want to win
A golden crown,
The rules of the game
You must learn;
And once you have them
In your palms,
To obey them
In the best way that you can;
The main rule always
To be on top,
Is never to turn back
Without the crown;
To persist until you win;
No matter how weary
Your legs may be,
Perseverance is the word;
Crawl like a baby
To the finishing line;
This encouragement
I give to you,
That you may claim
Your golden crown.
If not for the victory,
That you will win,
For the courage
You have displayed.
Now, you go and bring
Your golden crown.

Not tomorrow, now

If you are still young,

A great opportunity
Lies in your palms;
You have two options
Open to you:
Exploit the opportunity,
Or waste it;
One option
Will make you happy
And proud
All your life;
The other option
Will make you
The opportunity
In your hands is
To take a decision
To become somebody
To reckon with;
And to do
What you can
For this dream
To come true.
Will you exploit
Or waste
This opportunity?
It is a
Golden opportunity.
I want you to be
Happy tomorrow
Not sad;
I want you to be
Successful and proud.
Take the right decision
Not tomorrow, now;
To become exactly who
You were created to be.

Why go for bronze?

I want to strike gold!
I want to strike high,
How am I going to do it?
I am still figuring out;
Give me time to think;
Or tell me if you know;
I want to strike really high;
I want to hit the ceiling;
Or call it the jackpot;
I dream big;
I don’t dream small;
And why should I?
I was not born for small dreams;
I was born for big things;
You too were born for big things;
But if you choose to go for small,
That’s your problem;
I am for no small thing but for big;
My eyes are on a golden crown;
And I want to assure you,
I will wear it.
I recommend that too for you.
Don’t go for silver;
Not even for bronze;
Go straight for gold!
That one fits you best;
And make sure, today or tomorrow,
That you wear it.

To wear a golden crown…

If you want to wear
A golden crown,
It’s not an impossibility;
But you must work for it;
Go get it;
It’ll not fly on its own
And land on your head;
If a simple crown is hard
To get;
What of a golden crown?
You need to work;
Not only to work;
To fight for it;
And if you fight hard enough,
And smartly enough,
And wisely enough,
You will win it;
The price of a golden crown
Is very high;
But at your reach;
And a golden crown will fit
I want to see one on your head;
Promise you will make it happen.

Want the golden touch

I want to have the golden touch;
Where from comes the golden touch?
Do you know where?
That touch that turns things into gold.
A few have it;
But many do not;
This, I want to have;
The golden touch;
And nothing but the golden touch;
Can you tell me?
What do I do?
Let me have the golden touch;
It’s thrilling you know;
What you touch turns into gold;
It’s great, the golden touch;
And that’s what I want to have;
I want to have the golden touch;
And since this is my heart’s desire,
I see it coming;
I will have the golden touch;
Come join me;
To have the golden touch.

Golden jubilee celebration: 1965-2015

DSCN0759 Sunday, 27 September, we had our golden jubilee celebration. I count myself lucky to be part of that event. Fifty years ago, seventy two little boys, one of whom I was, set their feet for the first time on the grounds of one of the best, if not the best secondary schools in my country, Sacred Heart College, Mankon. Our friends admired us; and we felt on top of the world.

Some, like me, did not make it to the end, because our parents could not afford our fees. But our names had gone into the golden book – the register of the school; and is there for ever.

Sunday 27 September, we all got back to that institution to thank God for the opportunity he offered us to be part of it, and for his so many blessings ever since.

About fourteen among us have gone ahead to the world beyond. For the repose of their souls, we prayed.

Many of us have made and continue to make worthy contributions to the building of our communities; and for that we thank God.

The occasion offered us the opportunity to encourage the current students to keep the light of the institution ever shining. To share our blessings with them, we donated seven computers to enable them get in touch with the world.

We were blessed to be supported at this occasion by our spouses.

We cannot thank our parents enough for the an enormous sacrifice they made to give us quality education.Many thanks to the wonderful principal, teachers, administrative and kitchen staff for their contributions to our education.

Many thanks to all our friends and well wishers.

May God continuously bless you.DSCN0709

Qualified for a golden crown

golden cownIf you’re wise enough to see
The opportunities of today
As they roll by;
Smart enough to tap
The opportunities of today
Before they disappear
Into thin air;
Courageous enough to dash for
The opportunities of today
Before fear and discouragement grip you;
Qualified enough you shall be
For a golden crown to wear;
And reason enough shall not be found
Not to award it to you.