Good night love

I cannot go to bed
Without saying
Good night
To someone so dear
Like you;
Good night, my love;
Good night, my sweetheart;
Good night, my honey;
Sleep well;
And have sweet dreams
Of our love.
First thing
When you wake up
Tomorrow morning,
Think of me;
First thing
When I wake up
Tomorrow morning,
I will think of you.


I wish you a good night

I do fully understand
It may not be night for you
When you read this,
But I write it all the same,
Hoping you will have
A good night anytime
Night comes;
May the angels of God
Be your guards throughout
The night!
May you sleep soundly
And peacefully!
And may you get up
In the morning
In best spirits!
Ready for the thrills
And challenges of the day.