When we have a good day

A good day is a good day;
A good day is made by God;
A good day is heaven’s gift;
A good day is above our power;
True, we can contribute
To make a good day;
As fellow workers with God;
But that can only be
A contribution,nothing more;
As all that is good
Comes from God;
So too does a good day.
Let us thank God
When we have a good day.


How was today?

How would you describe
This day?
A good day or a bad day?
I think it was a good day;
You may think it was bad;
For one thing or another,
That did not go well,
But should that be the case?
A few bad things
Should not make a day
A bad one;
And also,
What you may consider bad,
May not really be bad;
A thing may appear bad
But be good instead ;
And a bad thing could be
The key to a great thing.

Deceitful look

It looked so bad;
As if nothing
Could come out of it;
I lost hope;
And felt so sad;
Little did I know;
That what looked bad,
Was, in reality, good;
Something great
In the making;
Fashioning itself;
It was growing inside,
Like a Chinese bamboo,
Bidding its time;
To emerge
At its appointed moment.
So, it happened.
Bad ended in good.

Such is life

How was your day?
Was it a day well spent?
Or a day of regrets
And tears;
My heart goes to you
If your day was filled
By years;
I pray God may comfort you.
And if your day was full
Of joy
Don’t forget those who
Had it hard.
Pray that the rays
of the sun may shine
on them but too;
As they did on you;
By the way,
Not all days can be good.
Some days will be good;
Some days will be bad.
Bad days and good days;
Such is life.

Mind what you accept (Be inspired today 254 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Mind what you accept as good;
For that is what you are,
Or will be;
If you accept injustice as good;
Unjust you are
Or will be;
If you accept stealing as good;
You are a thief
Or will become one;
If you accept fraud as good;
You fraud
Or will fraud;
If you accept killing as good,
I won’t doubt if you kill
Or will eventually kill;
If you accept love as good,
Surely, you love others;
If you accept justice as good,
You are a just person.
You cannot be what you don’t accept as good;
Therefore, you must mind
What you accept as good.

It is too unfair (Be inspired today 163 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It is too unfair,
And sad
To accuse someone
Of a crime
The person has not committed;
It is even worse
To condemn
An innocent person
When you know
The person is innocent;
And sadly this happens
Ever so often;
Criminals are free;
Swaggering on the streets
Throwing and enjoying parties;
Lavishing ill- gotten money,
While innocent ones
Yawn and gnash their teeth
Behind bars.
What an unjust world!
What a cruel world!
Where many hearts have
Been hardened,
Wickedness galore;
Selfkess love,
The most needed commodity
Rare to come by.
If you condem an innocent one,
Do you ever think
How it would look like
If such an innocent victim
Were you?
This old adage is as good
Today as it was yesterday:
Do unto others
As you like others
To do unto you.
If I write about this
Or talk about this,
It is to move us all
To see the wickedness
In false accusations;
False condemnation;
Making innocent people suffer
In place of guilty ones.
I want to inspire you
To put love and justice
At the fore of all
Your actions
So that we can make
This world
An excellent place
For all of us to enjoy.
Are you inspired?