Tag: gratitude

Letter to you

Hello friends! If you were able to get into my heart, you would be happy for me. Why? You would find that I am very happy. Why happy? Because you have made me happy with your comments on SIWO. You have responded to my request for more interaction. You have been kind to me. So…

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Thank you, Sydney Greer!

Is there a difficult task in your hands which scares you and you are wondering how you will ever get through it? Don’t worry. You will get through. Draw inspiration from How will I get through this? a sweet post by Sydney Greer. I wonder if there’s a single soul that has not experienced what…

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Helping a stranger

Hi friends, When I started my blog, I used to write about the small acts of goodness done by people around me. These acts inspired me to do good as well. They also motivated me to pat my back when I did something good for others as well. Today I decided to share one such…

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