How to thank God for today

How marvelous it is O Lord!
That you have offered me another day! Teach me how to thank you.
Before I get out of bed,
Let me thank you fo blessing me with another day;
More blessings, surely,
You have in your abundant store house.
How many of such blessings will I have today?
If I start to count them one by one,
I will never finish;
Who will help me do the counting?
You have kept me alive;
You have given me good health;
Protected me from danger;
Prepared food for me today;
Provided a roof over my head;
You have kept me water to drink;
You have breakfast waiting for me;
You have given me a family;
You have given me neighbours;
Given me a community;
Given me a head;
Given me hands;
You have given me a bed to lie on:
You have equipped me with a thinking cap. How do I thank you?
You didn’t call me to yourself
This night as you have done many.
Have I asked why you left me here?
I can’t take it for granted;
You didn’t do it for nothing;
You kept me for a purpose;
You found me good
To accomplish that purpose for you;
I must thank you, O Lord;
For choosing unworthy me.
Here I am, down on my knees;
My eyes lifted up to you;
My hands raised;
Give me a voice to shout it out to you;
To praise you, O Lord!
To glorify you, Lord of Lords;
King of kings;
King of the universe;
Almighty God,
Creator of heaven and earth;
You are almighty;
You have all the power;
You can do anything
And all things; and everything;
You can do whatever you want;
I come to you on bended knees, mighty living God;
To thank you for your great glory;
Your are love and kindness;
You who are so merciful;
You, whose ways are not our ways;
I thank you!
And pray you!
Make me strong in my faith
In you this day;
Grant me
And my loved ones,
My friends,
My neighbours,
My colleagues,
And my entire community,
My Parish,
My Diocese,
The grace
To love you as we should;
To be faithful to you;
And put you before everything;
May all who do not know you be converted this day;
And may they be strong in their faith in you;
Bless all those in leadership;
Both in the Church and in politics,
Enlighten them to lead as Jesus Christ led,
Not attached to earthly power and glory,
But to do your will;
Make peace reign in the world;
That peace may replace
The violence and wars tearing us apart;
Make us united;
Help us to love one another,
In accordance with our Master’s command;
Be our guide;
Our provider and protector
This day;
May all that we do
Be good in your eyes,
And bring great glory to your holy name;
This, we pray, through Christ our Lord, Amen!


Reason to celebrate

We have reason to celebrate;
Everyday, we have reason
To celebrate;
We have good reason to celebrate and sing praise
To God;
And express gratitude
To the Almighty;
The creator of heaven
And earth, and our maker;
Aren’t we alive?
And isn’t that a big reason
To celebrate?
Think of the people
Who are gone ahead of us!
Some, marked with the sign
Of faith,
Some are not;
Many are good people;
Hard working people;
Many had the finances
To enjoy this world;
Many lived holy lives;
Yet, see they are gone;
And who’s keeping us here?
God, in his infinite wisdom
Has decided we remain;
He alone knows why;
Don’t you see our reason
To celebrate?
To praise his holy name;
Yes, we shall praise him;
We shall hail his name,
In the day and in the night;
He is the king of kings;
The king of the universe;
The king of glory.
We have reason to celebrate.

Life Is a Sherbet Sky

In our hurried day, we rarely capture the time to examine life. We have appointments to keep, bills to pay… a constant hustling from dawn to dusk. But I love to watch a campfire glowing as evening arrives over the treetops. The dark of night glows a sherbet sky. The silhouette of the trees makes a perfect outline against the impending darkness.

I thank God for my beautiful life, though sometimes it’s been tough. Having scuffles with Satan trying to alter my direction, I always seem to return to my point of center. I wish everyone knew God is the center of life.

Every day it seems a calamity of things needs changing in our world. In my prayerful mind, I know God reigns control of events. Life remains so viable… a splendorous touch between myself and the Holy Spirit. Some say it’s paranormal, but being one with my Maker is a resounding joy. I cherish the majestic evenings when I can sit outside and enjoy the fruits of my endeavors!

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.  Matthew 6:33

We often take life for granted until God teaches us its worth. Within a kiss, a hug, or maybe a sherbet sky, lie those precious, irreplaceable moments. All those family members who we wish were closer, or still, with us, are times gone forever. We’ve paved our road to the heavenly Father.

Life… what beautiful memories and a wonderful dream! The sherbet sky fills the imagination as God gives all mankind the right to survive in His name. Our almighty Lord and Creator is life. Never doubt or deny His existence, for, without Him, life on earth would be a black hole.

Praise God on this day for the sun rises, shining on our daily dreams. As sure as He exists, it will set tonight, and the heavens will look like the break of dawn. Life is a beautiful sherbet sky when the Lord and I can share it with you.

We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know him who is true. And we are in him who is true by being in his Son Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life. 1 John 5:20 (NIV)

God bless all our readers, followers, and friends!

God’s Glorious Creation

Women are God’s glorious creation who fit perfectly into His grand plan. She expands His temple by giving birth and training her family to live adult, productive lives. How incredibly valuable mothers are to the Lord! But this nurturing reality didn’t exist for women in biblical times.

When God created Adam and Eve, he gave them equal reign of the earth. But as the forbidden fruit was eaten, so too, was the woman’s rights to help dominate the land. As the Judaism religion developed, they overplayed this scene – women had no rights. Their primary purpose in life was to give birth, raise children in the Jewish faith, and attend to all the needs within the home and for her husband. She was never to be seen outside socializing with others, nor within the temple walls.

However, under Mosaic Law, Israeli women enjoyed an honorable status, and men recognized their rights. Though husbands were head of the household, the wife could freely express her religion and work a job.

So, who made the world change their view of women? Jesus loved the female genus, and He highly respected them. He healed their ailments, allowed them to travel with Him, and made disciples of a few. To express their importance to Jesus, He even chose a woman to bear witness to his resurrection (Mary Magdalene).

Proverbs 31: 25-30 expresses God’s deep love for mothers:

God also gave guidelines to husbands and children:

“Honor your marriage; keep it pure by remaining true to your wife in every way.” Hebrews 13:4

“Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect…” 1 Peter 3:7

“My son, keep your father’s commandment, and forsake not your mother’s teaching.” Proverbs 6:20

Mothers mold their offspring with love and integrity. In moments of illness, strife, or despair, their children remain foremost in their thoughts. They adorn their families with our lasting memories. Mothers, the Lord chose YOU to rear His creations and to love them as you love His Word. You are truly a gift.

To all the mothers who grow God’s kingdom, may you have a blessed and Happy Mother’s Day! Know you are so special and loved!

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Are you proud of what is yours?

A lot of people in this world who would have been happy are not happy.

Do you know why?

They waste precious time rejecting or disliking what God has given them instead of embracing, liking and making the most of it.

Here, I am thinking of people who hate their skin colour and wish they had a different colour.

It worries and even angers them that they have the skin colour they have.

There are people who hate their height especially if they are short. They wish they had been tall.

Since they are not tall, they are ashamed and get angry with anyone whom they think is looking down on them because of their height.

Some children hate their parents or feel ashamed of their parents. It may be because they are peasants, are not literate or are poor.

Some parents hate some of their children because they are disabled or not brilliant in school or not hard working.

Some people hate or feel ashamed of their spouses perhaps, because they are poor, not literate, old etc.

Those who do this miss a very important point in life. The people you have in your Life are not your choice, but God’s choice for you.

Your skin colour is chosen by God for you. Same goes for your height, your appearance, the type of eyes you have, the shape of your mouth, your nose, your ears.

Your children are chosen by God for you.

Your parents are made your parents by God not by you.

You may think you are the one who has chosen your wife or your husband, and may be blaming yourself for making a wrong choice.

Let me tell you. You are not the one who took the final decision. It’s God who did it for you. It’s God who has given you the one you call your husband or your wife.

You may ask where then is man’s freedom to choose. Yes! We are free to choose but God accepts or rejects our choice if we decide with him.

If we decide with God, our decision will always be the best because it will have his visa; and having his visa is the same as giving the final go ahead; or actually taking the decision.

It’s God who has given you the job you have; your colleagues; your leaders; your followers. It’s God!

When you spend time hating, disliking, rejecting these people in your life, you do yourself a great disservice. You create unnecessary stress in you. You work against God’s plan for your life.

God has a plan for you. And puts people in your life to help you succeed.

In your limitation of understanding of God’s divine ways, you instead take the wrong direction by hating what he has given you.

To reject what someone has given you is to reject the giver. Thus you reject God when you hate your skin colour, your family, a friend, your spouse, your colleague, your leaders, your country etc.

Instead of hating what God has given you, such as your parents, your children, your husband or your wife, your country, be proud of them and thank God for them.

Take note that if you are proud of your skin colour, others will respect your skin colour. If you hate your own skin colour, others will take advantage of it and look down on you because of your skin colour.

I have seen a man with a wife who has a serious physical disability but he is so proud of her that she has come to be highly respected by his friends and neighbours.

I also know a young woman with a doctorate degree who is married to a taxi driver but is very proud of him and they are a very happy couple. The man is highly respected among his friends. In fact, he has become a big business man.

It is not the level of education or position that defines a person. It is character. A man with creativity who is hard working and ready to go out and do things but is limited by learning or finances may be better than a highly learned person who lacks initiative, creativity and willingness to try out things.

I know if you get married to someone below your educational level and are weak minded you will easily fall victim to people who try to make fun of you, but that will be a big mistake on your side. Be proud of the one God has given you. Help to build him or her. If you do it well, soon the people who were laughing at you because of him or her will be the very same people who will admire you because of him or her.

Do not hate what God has given you. Do not be ashamed of what God has given you. Look deeply and you will see something in what God has given you to be proud of.

You are definitely more blessed by what God has given you than you are aware.

I thank God for your parents whether rich or poor.

I thank God for your skin colour. That is the best skin colour God could have given you.

I thank God for your country whether rich or poor. God knows why he chose that country for you.

I thank God for your spouse, handsome or ugly, old or young, working or not working; that is the best person in this world for you.

I thank God for your height, and your physical appearance. That is what God has given you and his works are all excellent.

Love what is yours and be proud of it.

Thanks a million times

Father in heaven,
Thank you a million times;
Thank you for blessing me!
You have blessed me
With another day
In this world;
It is a difficult world;
But I am happy to be
A part of it;
I pray you, O High God,
To grant me wisdom
To live as you want;
Provide my needs;
I cannot help myself;
I depend on you;
And trust you will help me;
You always help
Those who put their trust
In you.
I put my trust in you;
I will put again and again;
Thank you a million times.

House of Prayer

The bobbing little heads are so thankful to see me this morning. They’re grateful for the seed I throw their way. It is amazing they know it’s safe to fly out of the trees and eat, so long as I am there. Perhaps I am… a house of prayer for all my feathered fowl.

In my house of prayer, my humbled heart guides my conscience. I cannot list the blessed gifts God sent my wife and me in our short few years of marriage. But many people are not so fortunate…

Some families lost their finances, especially over the past few weeks. Others gambled their money, and even life savings, instead of reading the laws of God. In a Christian’s house of prayer, the Bible dictates this distinction:

Many abodes are filled with “prized possessions” from floor to ceiling. We can witness this sad condition on TV, such as “Hoarding: Buried Alive” and even “American Pickers.” Or, shoppers fill their carts with unnecessary items after each paycheck to fill a void in their heart. I must ask, “How can you love two Gods if you are a true Christian?” This ill-fated, psychological condition promotes money and the love of physical items. In this house of prayer, the Bible states:

We can easily find the standard salary of clergymen on the internet. It is far below the national average income. But some televangelists, who I call “false prophets,” steal from the poor to live in their dynasty. They build multi-million dollar lifestyles, believing they can buy into heaven’s gates. In their masonry house of prayer, the frigid winds blow through the cracks and crevices.

So, what kind of house of prayer is your residence? Is your home blessed, or does Satan appear to send signals of acceptable sin? If Jesus walked in your house today, would He feel the warmth of love and graciousness? Could He easily place His hands on your Bible?

Just like the little feeding birds, they eat only enough to fill their bodies. They, too, come to me for comfort. We should turn to God for life’s blessings. Share your bread, for it is His will you are supplied with His love, including the little birds that feed in your backyard.

I pray your life and home is a sanctuary, filled with God’s blessings and love. Be content with your basic needs being met and avoid materialism. It is only the flesh that yearns for the security of money. Our wealth belongs to God – and it’s a gift. Make Him first in your life. Only faith, prayer, and your walk in the light of God will bring you to His house of prayer.

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You have not disappointed me

Many thanks to you,
My people;
You have not disappointed me;
You could have failed me;
You have not failed me;
At first, it appeared
You were failing me;
My support came
From outside my continent:
From across the oceans;
America, India, what have you?
And I asked myself;
“Where are my own people?”
I felt disappointed;
Though I did not give up;
I felt you had not discovered
What your own was doing;
I continuef to have faith
In you;
Hence, I kept on digging
And hoping;
And I was right;
As expected,
The time has come;
This is that time;
You have discovered,
What your own is doing;
And this is your weight
All behind me;
And it is so clear
For all to see;
Silently eloquent;
Thank you and thank you
And thank you, my people;
Great, indeed, you are;
Greater than anyone can imagine;
Greatness I find in you!
Great people support their own,
To take greater strides;
To run and not fall;
And when they fall,
They hold their hand
And lift them up;
To continue
Their hard, sinuous journey.
Thank God
You have not disappointed me.

Today’s daily prayer for our new Chief Shepherd 67

Mighty is your name O Lord,
Great are your works;
We have reason to praise your name;
And express gratitude to you;
Thank you for our New Chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Bishop Andrew Fuanya Nkea,
Who, in your wisdom,
It has pleased you
To give us;
To take possession of our Archdiocese in accordance with your plan;
A good reason to honour you;
To adore you;
To glorify your name;
No one is mightier than you;
You keep us happy;
Even when we are sad,
When our tears are rolling down as now in this land,
You know how to wipe them;
We will, forever, praise you;
You are worthy of praise,
And all the honour
That you get,
No honour and praise
Can be too much for you;
Ever this day O Lord
In your mightiness,
You stand on our side
You put smiles on our faces;
Those sweet smiles
Like honey,
That come only from you;
Mighty gift, you have given us;
A new chief Shepherd;
Our new Archbishop;
Archbishop Andrew Nkea;
A gift so special to us;
We put back in your hands o Lord,
You best know to take care;
Bless him;
Protect him;
Care for him;
Equip him;
Grant him all the graces
To deliver the goods in your vineyard,
As in your divine plan,
So that your name shall ever be glorified;
This prayer, we make,
Through Christ our Lord,

Today’s daily prayer 66

O Loving Father,
Great is your holy name;
O Mighty God,
I give you all the glory,
I praise your name,
I honour you;
I am happy and thankful
To you;
Thank you for keeping me
Under your protection,
I am committing this day
Into your hands
As all my other days;
I bow before your throne,
And pray you to turn your eye
On me;
Today, many of your children will travel on dangerous roads,
Protect them, O Mighty Father,
There are many people
who are not safe at home,
They need your protection;
Protect them, Father;
Send your angels to protect them,
We all have our heart’s desires;
And on our own we cannot achieve them,
But with you, difficulties
Become easy;
Great God, great Master,
You have great plans for us;
You have a plan
To make us victorious;
You are caring and faithful;
Thank you!
May all the workd hail your,
Now and forever!