Thanking God for the journey

At the start of this journey
Almighty God and father,
We begged you
To help us have a safe journey;
Here we are at the end
Of our journey,
It’s been safe;
And I thank you O God,
For your kindness;
Many people who set out
To travel like me
At the same time,
Have not arrived;
We have not done anything
To merit your favour;
But you have been so kind
To us.
Thank you, O God!
Thank you a million times.
May your name be glorified!


A debt to pay

I owe a debt of thanks
To the Lord,
He has let me so much;
Bringing me
Into the world;
Keeping me
In the world;
P the world;
Does this not show
He loves me?
So dearly, he does;
Imagine that all I have
Is not by my power;
But by his grace!
All as a loan;
And the cost to pay,
Gratitude only;
A debt I am very ready
To pay.

If you are reading this

If you are reading this,
You owe God
Immense gratitude;
If you are reading this,
It’s because you are alive;
And that is not by your power;
It’s by God’s divine power;
Not because you merit it;
But by the grace of God;
Your life is a gift from God,
Freely offered to you.
You ought to be thankful
For it;
Most thankful for it;
You ought to be profuse in your gratitude.

We will always fall short

Don’t fall short
In thanking God;
Or in prayer;
We ought to pray
As we breathe;
And thank God
All day long;
Every blessed time
We take in air,
Or send out air,
We ought to say a word
To Almighty God.
It’s simple to understand;
Every single second
We have in this world,
Is a gift;
Freely offered to us
From heaven above;
By no other than Him;
We do not earn it;
If he doesn’t want it,
We do not have it;
Not even a split second;
He is such a loving
And generous God;
He gives
Without being asked,
We can never
Thank Him enough;
We will always fall
Far short.
Even if we spent a full day
Chanting words of thanks!


Hello friends! I have been out of network for more than a week. You know what that means to the prolific blogger that I am. My country continues to have problems. We keep on praying that things normalize, but that seems quite far off.

Thanks to those of you who have remained faithful to our site. There is nothing I love more than a faithful friend. Continue to be faithful. May God reward you abundantly!

My widow’s mite

Can I be grateful enough
To you?
I am not sure;
What you have done for me,
Mere words cannot express
How grateful I am;
If I am what I am today,
It’s not my doing alone;
Your contribution has been immense;
And though words cannot express
My appreciation and joy,
That is all I have.
Take them, then, sweet one,
That is my widow’s mite;
Which comes from my💟heart.

Called into God’s vineyard

With gratitude to God
I have answered His call
To serve in his vineyard
As the Chair
Of the Pastoral Council
Of my Parish;
I am fully aware
Of the enormous challenges;
I am not equipped for the job
But I am willing,
And sure and certain
He will equip me
For it.
The Patron Saint of my
Small Christian Community
St. John Mary Vianney SCC
Was not equipped
But was willing
And God equipped him,
God will do same for me;
I place my mandate
Under the banner of
Prayerfuness, confidence and boldness
In professing the Gospel.
If you are prayerful,
And put God first
And at the center
Of your life,
You will be a bold and confident Christian.
All time belongs to God,
Give him as much as you can;
He gave it all to you;
Give much of it back to him freely and with love;
All the money belongs to him;
He is the giver of your success,
Give back to him generously
And see how pleased
He will be with you.
I thank my fellow Christians
Who accepted that God
Should pass through them
To call me
And my team to his vineyard.
May God bless and reward tbem!