Truly a great figure

He was a great figure
From head to toes;
Truly a great figure;
Looking at him,
You saw a great man
Who towered above all
Around him;
The way he walked;
The way he carried his body,
And comported himself,
And talked
Bore the airs
Of a great man;
And indeed,
He was in and out
A great man.
By all standards
A great man of our times;
A truly great figure, he was.


Quote ( Greatness)

“Greatness is not the preserve of a few people only. The greatest men and women in the world started life like you and I; as babies. They crawled before they walked; and walking preceded running. They knew nothing before they learned something. They had worries and doubts just like you and I. But because they wanted it strongly enough, were determined and did what it took, they made it to prominence. This is not unique to them. Anybody can rise from oblivion to stardom. This includes you. But you must want it strongly enough; and work hard enough.” (Romilia Quotes)

Once great remain

How do you see yourself?
Do you see yourself
As a great person?
An average person?
Or a common person?
Surely, you want to be
A great person;
The way you see yourself
If you see yourself
As a great person,
And believe your are
A great person,
Chances are high
You are a great person;
If not, eventually you will be;
Don’t fail to recognize
Your own greatness;
As a great person,
You are challenged
To do more and be more;
To be an example
For others to follow;
Many shall long to follow
Your footsteps;
Continue to do what will make them admire you;
Make them continue to hold you in high esteem;
And strive to be like you;
Continue to be a role-model;
Once great,
You have to remaim great.

Don’t end in oblivion (Be inspired today 365 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Not all great men are
Born great.
Only some are;
Many are common people
Who become great
Through the sweat
Of their brow;
They decide to,
And do what it takes
To become great;
And when they do,
Greatness becomes theirs;
Yes, not all men are
Born great,
But all men have
The potential
To become great;
Yet, only a few
Exploit it;
And those who do it
To the full,
Become great;
Those who exploit it
Only averagely,
Become averagely great,
And those who allow it
To lie dormant,
Never become great;
They end in oblivion.
Don’t end in oblivion,
Since you have
The potential to be great.

Servant is master (Be inspired today 45) by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

The servant is the master;
The master is the servant;
Are you aware?
Who says otherwise?
Through service you become
A master;
No service no greatness;
Know service, know greatness;
Serve and grow;
Serve and win;
Grow through service;
Grow by serving.
Service, the key to the door
Of greatness.

Who wants to be great?

Who wants to be great?
Do you?
And do you know what to do?
I will tell you
If you don’t;
And if you want to listen, of course;
Be ready to dare;
Did you hear that?
Leave that comfort zone;
Know your destination;
Where you want to go;
And make that your life;
No to many destinations
At the same time;
You will disperse your effort;
Be determined;
Be committed;
And work your ass off.
Don’t hurry;
Be patient;
Challenges must come;
Storms will hit you;
You will meet obstacles;
But persist;
And find your way.
Time is precious;
And whatever you do,
Takes you away from
The success you seek;
Think positive;
Act positive;
React positive;
And when the roadblocks
Are put on your path,
Don’t stumble on them;
Else you fall;
Step on them and move on.
Believe you can do it;
Believe you were born
For great things;
Be crazy
And aim for the stars;
You will reach.
That is how to make your way
To the top;
That is the greatness you seek;
Which is your right.

Greatness from humility

It is humility that gives greatness;
Greatness comes from humility;
The humble best recognize the awesomness
Of the Almighty Creator;
And give him the glory he is due,
Reaping, therefrom, abundant rewards;
The haughty believe in their power alone
To achieve the success they desire;
The humble know
There is a God so mighty they are insignificant
In relation to him; 
The humble do not boast of their possessions,
They know everything they have 
Comes from an awesome Lord;
"What have you that you did  not receive?
If then you received it, why do you boast
As if it were not a gift?" (Cor. 4:7)
You were humble Mother Mary, the hand maid
Of the Lord,
And you were raised to become the mother
Of the Saviour of the World;
You were humble O Saint Joseph,
And you were made great,
Becoming the custodian of the Son of the Almighty;
Moses, the humble one was honoured
To be given the Ten Commandments;
Jesus Christ, God himself was humble
And came down on earth
Passing through the womb of a mere woman. 
Heed ye the words of Saint James,
"Humble yourself before the Lord 
And he will exalt you" ( James 4.10).

To build a mansion life

To build a mansion
Is not an easy thing;
To build a mansion
Takes time
And demand courage;
To build a mansion
Requires much money;
You need much material,
To build a mansion
Requires planning;
To build a mansion
Calls for hard work;
To build a mansion
Calls for patience
And perseverance.
A great life
Is like a mansion;
It is a mansion life.
It takes a lot to build;
And you must exercise
Courage and patience.

Continue to do your best

Don’t stop doing great;
Keep offering the best
Of yourself;
If your contemporaries
Don’t recognize your work,
Don’t feel discouraged;
Don’t take that to mean
You are not doing great:
You may be fantastic;
But your contemporaries
May not have eyes to see;
And may only have them
When you have departed
From this world;
Hence, don’t take failure
To recognize your work
To be a verdict;
And a reason to give up;
Continue to do your best.
Many great persons
Have passed through that;
Never recognized
By their fellow humans;
And only recognized
After their life time.
If you believe in what you
Are doing, go ahead;
Give time the chance
To do its work.
Sometimes time is fast;
Sometimes it takes its time.