The canker worm we have to eradicate

Hunger is one ill
Consuming the world;
An evil making life
Miserable for millions
Of people
On planet earth;
An ill that ought to
Be eradicated;
In a world of abundance,
Many cannot be living
On crumbs;
Hand outs;
Unable to afford
One good meal
Of their own a day;
Many cannot be begging
To have a bite;
But what makes people
Go hungry?
Because of poverty
They cannot buy food
To eat;
But why poverty
In a world of abundance?
The world has enough
For everybody to be fine;
But why are some so poor?
The greed of others;
The injustice that rocks
The world;
The unfair distribution
Of the world’s resources;
If we wanted
There would be no hunger
In the world;
If we wanted
There would be no poor
In the world;
If we wanted
Nobody would go hungry;
There is enough for all;
All we need is
To remove greed
From our hearts;
To love one another;
To be fair to one another;
To be just to one another,
And everyone will be fine;
Poverty and hunger
Will vamoose from our planet.
Instead of
Being deeply entrenched.
This canker worm
Has to be eradicated.

The Quality of Life

What is the value of your quality of life? Perhaps as Christians, it’s understanding we do not do spontaneous things without putting God first into the equation. Does your quality of life reflect the image of our Holy God? Can we have a good quality of life if we are living in constant sin?

In my childhood years, I thought the quality of life only depended on attending church. We dressed in our finest apparel and polished loafers. Socializing with other members of the church created encouragement and acceptance. But was that ‘quality,’ or was it just an hour of mingling?

Christian living isn’t easy, but challenges and difficulties of life help us grow to have Jesus Christ’s mind and the character of God. He gave us the Bible to teach us the best way to live. However, very few Christians rarely make time to comprehend it. It is a wealth of information on the quality of life because it addresses fruitfulness, success, happiness, joy, purpose, and blessings. So, allow me to highlight some points on today’s topic.

In the New Testament, God relates the quality of life to an assurance of His favor and a sense of doing His will. In some circumstances, material blessings imply much, but the focus is not on physical possessions. Personal greed, lust, and pride are explicitly mentioned as the adversaries of a quality of life, for they create selfishness.

“And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”  Luke 12:15

So, what is a real quality of life for Christians? It is spending our days in the expectation and hope of eternal life in God’s kingdom. We can start by abiding by the Ten Commandments, which is a firm guideline for morals. Let’s add unity, harmony, and peace with the Lord and others into the equation. It is loving all God’s children, and sometimes using ‘tough love’ in His image. We should remain in constant prayer and often praise His Holy name.

I ask, is there peace inside your heart, soul, and mind? It’s about time that all Christians get off the fence and plow their ground. Respect the written Word of God, for your salvation is at risk. Do not attempt to minimize or change the Laws of God to suit your own needs.

Take this moment to ask God to come and enter your body of flesh and heal your spirit. It’s a temple, so dust off your soul, vacuum your spirit, and cleanse the ungodly thoughts. Now you will begin to find the Christian quality of life.

God bless you!

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Let all be one

Let all be one;
Let all the world be one;
We are all one people;
Nothing should divide us;
Color should not;
Language should not;
Neither should culture;
Nor Geography;
Nor social status;
Weather we are rich
Or poor,
That should not divide us;
We are all humans;
Children of one Father,
Created by one God;
With the same needs,
And basic aspirations;
We have no reason
To be divided;
And to be quarrelling
And fighting;
And killing one another;
We fight over resources;
We each want to be superior;
To be calling the shots;
What good is that?
All that is vanity;
The resources of the world
Are enough for all;
If shared equitably;
And we can do so
If we leave out greed;
And love one another;
What is difficult in that?
Let us make all the world
One world;
One people;
Working together
In love and peace;
For a world enjoyable to all.

Where are we headed to?

Who is wondering like me?
Where are we headed to?
What is the destiny of humanity?
I find a lot of things worrisome in this world;
And wonder why we can’t do something about them;
Can’t we ward off
The impending disaster?
It’s right at our threshold;
And do you know why?
We are moving in the wrong direction;
We have failed to pay heed
To what our Creator requires of us.
Haven’t we been comnanded to love one another?
And be each other’s keeper?
But what do we do?
We hate one another;
And want one another sitting in mud;
If we loved one another,
We wouldn’t be cheating others,
There wouldn’t be injustice;
We wouldn’t be quarrelling;
We wouldn’t be fighting;
We wouldn’t be killing one another;
Where we are now,
We are heading to disaster;
Trouble never before seen;
We may destroy this most precious possession:
The world.
Which means we will destroy one another;
Is that fair?
It’s quite stupid of us;
And the work of greed.
No! we must save the world.
We cannot destroy ourselves


Today’s society is bombarded with many slogans that portray us to be “deserving” of something. Such self-focused messages are:

            “You deserve a break today…” used by McDonald’s

            “You owe it to yourself…” used by cruise lines

            “Treat yourself to take the break you deserve” used by Hilton HHonors

In the dynamics of families and relationships, how many times have you graciously gave a gift and never received a “thank you” of any kind? How often have you heard the stories of parents passing away, and the children fought over the estate and money? If a sibling or parent is near their deathbed, do they deserve to be treated with respect if they never reciprocated love to family members in a state of healthiness? What if a husband and wife purchase a home with their hard-earned money – should their children feel entitled to the parent’s assets?

Within the business world, employees arrive late and perform their duties with little ambition. They demand pay raises and better benefits. Are they really deserving of it? Or, a parent scrapes and works hard to grow a business, and their grown children now believe they’re entitled to run it when the parent is deceased.

Churches also run into the same dilemmas when the congregation feels entitled to receive answers from their pastors or to hold positions within the house of worship. And, while I walk down the path of religious connotations, many believers feel deserving of God’s blessings. Speaking of this, do you know why much of humanity walks away from God and stops believing in Him? They prayed for an answer they wanted to hear and didn’t receive it. He was a means to get what they felt entitled to in life! Ironically, I believe our church leaders are responsible for this incorrect train of thought. They stand on the pulpit and preach God will meet all our needs and give them their desires if they pledge their soul to Jesus. The fact is our sin separates us from the Lord.

Entitlement is a dangerous walk in life – it’s Godlessness. Let me be frank here – God, parents, and employers owe us nothing. God blesses us with things because He wants to – an unconditional love of grace. A selfish demand for His generosity will reap no benefits. It’s that simple!

Jesus’ ministry spoke of loving others with a grateful heart. This includes treating each other with respect, even amidst our differences. The well-being of gratitude promotes healthy relationships, both in our walk with the Lord and relationships with others.

In the subject of parenting, fewer children today respect their elders. They ignore the recognition parents deserve for years of hard work and dedication to their families because they live in the “gimme, gimme” world. These generations are gifted with their heart’s desires, and they expect it from the parents. Thus, the slogans I mentioned at the beginning of the message above, come into play. As the children grow older, they feel entitled to life. Little do we know, it promotes laziness, ungratefulness, and the subject of this blog – entitlement. What are we teaching our children and others?

So, how can we live a life feeling less entitled to things and people?

•          Humbly give thanks to God for all we receive. “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18

•          Remember the grace of God, for Jesus died on the cross for our sins. We do not deserve to be treated with graciousness for our sinful attitudes, but the Lord’s love and grace reaches out to us, anyway. “At one time we too were foolish, disobedient, deceived and enslaved by all kinds of passions and pleasures. We lived in malice and envy, being hated and hating one another. But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.” Titus 3:3-5

•          Set your mind on eternity with the Lord and not on this world. Money and physical possessions mean nothing, for they cannot be taken with you to heaven. “But, as it is written, what no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined, what God has prepared for those who love him…” 1 Corinthians 2:9

•          Continuously pray for discernment of entitlement. Why do I feel entitled, and how can I change this train of thought?

In summary of today’s message, expect little, receive with a grateful heart, and always give thanks. Give God the glory for your unexpected blessings!

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor and Marketing of Bicks Books LLC

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Stop this greed and pride

Greed and pride,
Two evils
That place the world
On a danger list;
Greed and pride
Eating deep
Into human hearts;
The desire
To have the best
For themselves,
To enjoy the best,
Caring nothing
About the rest;
The desire
To be honoured;
If not adored
By fellow humans;
The vaulting ambition
To be great;
To enter the annals of history;
That all is vanity;
Nothing but vanity;
Empty air
That soon melts
Like snow
At sun rise.
Vanity of vanity.
Let us be honest;
Let us stop
This greed and pride.