I am traveling;
I am in a bus
Heading to a different city;
Long is the journey;
And what is worse,
It’s a most tiring one;
Potholes everywhere,
Bumps here and there;
This is the fate
God’s creation has;
Because of greed
That fills many hearts;
Take away greed
The world will be fine;
But how do we do that?
The golden question.


Weren’t We Warned?

Today is the day to exploit my messages from God. I think it is important to summarize and discuss the last three week’s blogs – The Stars Are Lining Up, The Ides of Suspicion, and What If Christ Came to Rule the White House. Every single person, most of all Americans, need to understand these words because readers may have missed the point. My thoughts are strong on the severe condition of this world and the End Times nearing, so I must expand upon my words of hope and faith. 


It doesn’t take a scholar to read the Book of Revelations and comprehend the forecasts within it are Bible predictions. History does and will repeat itself again. I began this mini-series with the Ides of Suspicion because Julius Caesar laid the groundwork for the first-ever democratic nation. He thought it was the only fair way to protect the middle and lower-class people. A coup of his envious and stubborn Roman senators, however, killed him. Their belief was a dictatorship could financially harm them and give Caesar too much power over the Roman empire. Why is Caesar’s death important to the United States? Our country, also was established on democracy. We have the freedom to elect our own President and practice social equality. But, today, we are witnessing a shift of events, repeating history. Our government and its citizens are in conflict. Senators are stubborn and deeply rooted in ungodly practices. Many Americans turn their back on the Declaration of Independence, religion, and the symbols which formed this great nation. It is a sure sign America will not be long before it implodes for this country was based on Christianity – not atheism or agnosticism. A civil war, just as the Roman empire suffered after Caesar’s death, cannot be denied as a future event by US citizens.


My blog, The Stars Are Lining Up, addresses bible prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes. The breaking of the seven seals (Revelations 6-8) possibly marks our beginning era of the Great Tribulation. Countries, including the US, are seeing a significant increase in war, natural disasters, economic troubles, starvation, and genocide. The Laws of God are severely broken, and it marks the beginning of the end for mankind. As I mentioned earlier, history repeats itself through the Bible. Our Lord is merciful and loving but is also vengeful and fierce when we do not live and abide in His word. Do you remember the story of the Canaanites in the Old Testament? God ordered the Israelites to “save alive nothing that breathes” in Canaan because of their filthy life. They worshipped other gods and practiced sexual inappropriateness; they sacrificed children and boasted of their evil practices. God obliterated a whole nation for their failure to heed His words. As we study this story, one must ask, could God be sending us an angry message today? Forest fires are wiping out entire towns, earthquakes are causing mass destruction, and tidal waves and record-breaking rainfalls are obliterating whole towns. How many more signs of His fury can we see around us?


Let’s visit the most powerful nation on earth and founded on Christian morals and the Bible. I’m sure many do not believe this to be true, but again, Satan works wonders in a foolish mind. I wrote the blog, What If Christ Came to Rule the White House because it is time for US citizens to realize their life, as they know it, is walking a fine line. Our government is in turmoil, just as the days of Julius Caesar. Laws pass approving abortion, talks of socialism is an everyday discussion, and our highest officials practice shady dealings. US citizens lack respect for the leader of our country, dwelling only on past indiscretions. Even the voting system is faulty. All countries have corruption, but our founding fathers built the United States to be a leader of the world. Today, it hopelessly flounders in front of our future generations because of greed, lack of belief in God, and poor morals. What does it take for people to see without God, there is no existence?

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption: for of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage. 2 Peter 2:19

The Roman Empire was once the greatest and most influential nation in the world. Its demise was the corruption because man was not created to rule himself; only by the word of God. History, once again, is staring down the neck of the United States. Our country, the most powerful and barbaric on earth, is about to have a close encounter with God, our Maker. Lucifer has lounged here for thousands of years, in the lap of luxury, but not much longer.


Once upon a time, God placed His only son, Jesus Christ, on earth to teach the truth of His kingdom and to save lost mankind. But, in this cruel world, even Jesus was a hunted man. When Augustus Caesar took over Rome, he knew a Savior was coming, and he elected the Three Wisemen to go find this great Messiah. He even placed a tax levy to force the pregnant mother, Mary, to come forward. But, God intervened and redirected Joseph to take Mary, and the baby Jesus, to the only country which Rome did not rule – Egypt. The lesson to learn is God always protects the innocent from harm. He is the great Overseer of our nations, governments, and life; His son, Jesus, was crucified to save our sins.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:17)

So, as God sees His beloved people failing to flourish, once again, He will gather His army into battle for one last time. Christians, this is a war we can win with faith and prayer! As God takes His fury out on the corrupt nations of this world, He promises to protect His anointed children – it requires the belief in Him. Live by the Laws of God and turn away from evil. Fight for God’s word because even in the face of death, we will be winners.

As for those who are not believers, Christians will pray for your salvation because – weren’t we warned?


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Ego Avenue

The giant oaks turned golden in the fall, shading the avenue of homes trimmed of gold. The walkways of washed aggregate and stained concrete floors in the garage smell of money. An oriental rug lies squarely beneath the oil plug of the minister’s Rolls and Bentleys. It’s a lovely life – a weekend cabin in the foothills of the Castiles, a yacht swaying at the dock of their favorite country club. Their lifestyles are of the rich and famous. Do I need to tag them with names for you or the descriptions of these church leaders who appear on TV and radio, bearing witness?

Have you ever tried to contact these evangelists personally even if you are a member of their congregation? Several of these ministers started following my blog last year. I tried to respond to some of their emails, but a computer-generated nonresponse system returned it. One such minister put an email address at the bottom of his correspondence with an enticing note to always feel free to connect with him. Are you kidding me? This is a man who is a public servant of God, and he lies about his contact information on his website and newsletters! It makes me wonder…

I used to collect mail from a rather sizeable religious outfit who films daily television and documentary shows. I’d call it a church, but it was all about money. I never met the soft-spoken old man who read from the pulpit, though he wasn’t there when I entered the building. He hides behind the silver screen while anointing his son to be the Senior Pastor.

Another younger notoriety wears his sacred cross, but is more concerned of the welfare of his structures, which he owns, than of those whose dollars helped to build it. An example of his personal greediness was during a hurricane which hit his area two years ago. Homeless people, seeking comfort from the storm, stood outside in nature’s wrath because he wouldn’t open his church doors. Perhaps he was afraid of damages incurred – a chunk out of his own pocket which might affect the mortgage payment on his $10.5 million home.

I could continue with my tirade, but Christians are smart enough to observe who indeed professes to do the Lord’s work. There was only one minister I knew who was genuine and a spiritual adviser to many Presidents. His money filtered through to the crusades he conducted in 185 countries on six continents. He passed away last year and now works for Christ in a different capacity.

I see the actions of these Bible scholars, who can’t live what they preach in front of millions. Most believers are aware clergy are the amongst the lowest-paid occupations. So, how are they living in mega mansions and in the lap of luxury? Do they ever use their personal income from TV appearances and other sources to give back to their communities? Or is preaching the Word of God just a business designed to make them a millionaire?

As I look down Ego Avenue and observe its evilness, I thank God for my health and my wife who keeps me in check. A simple Christian writer and life, I am blessed by the Holy Spirit, and I have peace in my soul. A few friends asked me if I was afraid of giving out my cell phone number which is written on my business cards. My honest reply was why? I’m no better than the mentoring I try to give to others. I meet many wonderful people from around the world – some famous, but most are common folk. I treat everyone the same. Spiritual leaders should be receptive and have personal contact with believers, especially with individuals they follow on social media.

To those who live on Ego Avenue and read my blogs, are you better than our Lord? After all, Jesus was a dirt poor man, and he was always reachable in desperate times. He laid the foundation for your obligations as a clergy member – to provide spiritual, moral guidance, and assistance to believers. If I’m wrong, then please correct me.

My examples of hypocrites and false witnesses, in the name of our Lord, only touch the surface of the United States. I’m sure dozens more exists in countries worldwide. Some may say security issues are dilemmas facing the famous religious leaders, but I highly doubt this. Too many other upstanding clergy submerge themselves in others’ lives unharmed. I think the root of the problem is simple – the love of money. Perhaps it should be explained as “delivering God’s word in order to become a millionaire.” Call it greed or narcissism; either way, God will place a harsher judgment on them. As someone once said, “Knowledge is a dangerous thing!”

Are there any “amens” to my point of view?

14 reasons to share your blessings as opposed to hoarding

There are people who are good at sharing their blessings. Such people are blessed. They benefit from the blessings that sharing brings.

They also bless others.

There are others who do not share regardless of what they get. They accumulate for themselves. Such people suffer from two ills that are killing so many around the world.

There are 14 reasons you must learn to share your blessings.

  1. Sharing pleases God.
  2. Sharing makes people happy.
  3. When you share, you enrich others
  4. When you are blessed you are expected to share with those who are not .
  5. What you share multiplies.When you share you receive more.
  6. When you share, you help God answer some one’s prayer.
  7. The Bible instructs us to share.
  8. At times it is only when someone shares that some people are able to meet certain needs.
  9. Sharing strengths friendship ties.
  10. Sharing helps to create a relationship of trust.
  11. Sharing knowledge helps build people and the one who shares
  12. Sharing reduces lack and suffering.
  13. Sharing is an act of generosity.
  14. Sharing is caring.

You can see from the aforementioned that sharing brings many blessings. The wonderful blessings of sharing. Do not hesitate to share so that you can benefit from these blessings.

You are encouraged to share. Do not be greedy. Do not hoard the blessings of the world. Share! Let them reach others especially the less privileged.

There is no use stock piling earthly treasures which you will leave behind when the bell rings for you.

Sharing blesses you. Greed may lead to your destruction. There is the story of Greedy Mouse that found a basket full of corn. He made a small hole on the basket and got in. He ate and ate, but when he wanted to come out he found that he had become too fat to pass through the hole.

He started to cry desperately for help. Along came Rabbit. When he asked Mouse explained his plight.

Rabbit laughed and went his way. By morning Mouse’s stomach had gone down and he could have easily slipped out through his tiny hole but greed pushed him to want more corn. So he started eating again. Before long he was again full and unable to go. Again he cried out for help. Thus time around it was Cat who came around.

Before long Cat was having a sumptuous meal of a healthy mouse.

Often, this is where greed takes the people it takes captive.

Sharing, on the other hand, many people believe, causes a multiplication of what is shared. As someone has said, no one has ever become poorer because they shared their blessings. Instead, when you share, you grow because new doors easily open to you. When you share, you win more friends and more good feeling towards you. They will give you their support if the need arises.

Do not forget that the shoes or clothes you might not have won for a year will make another feel like a king at an upcoming wedding or celebration.

Do you know what you can share?

  1. Food
  2. Clothing
  3. Shelter
  4. Water
  5. Money
  6. Time

Sharing is an act of kindness that the Bible and the Koran, the two greatest books encourage.

2 Ills that are killing many people in the world

Are you aware that you are sick?

Are you aware that you may 
Be a patient?
Are you aware that you may
Be sick?
You may be sick of two ills
That are killing many people
All over the world - greed and pride;
Both of them are terminal diseases;
These two diseases have gripped 
Many hearts and are eating them up;
If you are one of them,
They are eating you up slowly;
And will destroy you,
Unless you stop them.
You have a swollen bank account;
Yet, you continue to exploit your workers
And other people in your community,
So as to grow richer and richer;
Why are you accumulating money
Which you do not need?
What is that money doing in the banks?
Many are perishing in misery
All around you;
Meager salaries, you pay your workers!
Yet, they are the ones who do all the work
For you to earn all your money.
See people dying of hunger,
Yet, you throw away food;
See people dying of sickness
For lack of money for medical treatment;
Yet, you have millions and millions
Wasting away in your bank account;
Greed and pride, isn't it?
You want to be feared and adored;
You want to be the richest person
In your community,
And then in your country;
And maybe in the world.
In what way will that help you?
That mere vanity;
Vanity of vanities;
Which does no one any good;
If God blesses you, you bless others;
You don't exploit others;
You don't trample on others;
You don't cheat others.
You don't accumulate wealth you don't need;
You don't need mansions here and there;
A fleet of cars;
God is not a greedy God;
And does not smile at greed;
Instead, he frowns at greed;
He smiles at generosity;
He loves people who share their blessings;
He calls on you to share your blessings
With those less fortunate than you;
Sharing your blessings will give you joy;
Sharing your blessings will extend
God's love to some people in need;
Sharing your blessings, you help God
Answer someone's prayers.
You shall be abundantly blessed, my friend;
You shall be blessed just like the receiver.
Don't exploit anyone;
As for accumulating wealth,
Amass no wealth beyond what you need;
Excess wealth you don't need;
A swollen bank account won't help you;
Court not adulation from fellow humans;
Pride we know, goes before a fall.
Humility is the key;
The humblest are the greatest;
The greatest are the humblest.

This is a message from SIWO International.
Our missions is the promotion of a world
Where love , peace and joy prevail, 
Supplanting hate, wickedness, wars
And the killings destroying the world.
If you subscribe to this dream,
Lend your support by sharing
This message and, or related messages.

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Our problem is greed

Can we not love one another,
Instead of hate one another
In this world?
Can we not live in harmony
Instead of living in disharmony
In this world?
Can we not stop fighting one another
And live together in peace
In this world?
Instead of being at war always?
What makes it so hard
To live with others in peace?
Can we not share the fruits
Of the garden fairly among ourselves?
Why do some people want to grab
Everything only for themselves?
Some people want the Lion’s share;
But why such greed?
Because that is where the problem lies.
The day we remove greed
From our hearts,
And replace it with generosity,
And think of others
When dishing the food,
So that each one has an equal share,
Peace will start to reign
Among us in this world.
Our trouble comes from greed. We want to eat alone.