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Quote ( greed/ego)

“Ask me to name the two worst enemies of the world and without hesitation, I will name greed and ego. The world has no enemies worse than these two. They are destroying the world at lightening speed. It’s tragic that we don’t seem to be aware.” (Romilia quotes) Advertisements

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Ego Avenue

The giant oaks turned golden in the fall, shading the avenue of homes trimmed of gold. The walkways of washed aggregate and stained concrete floors in the garage smell of money. An oriental rug lies squarely beneath the oil plug of the minister’s Rolls and Bentleys. It’s a lovely life – a weekend cabin in…

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Our problem is greed

Can we not love one another, Instead of hate one another In this world? Can we not live in harmony Instead of living in disharmony In this world? Can we not stop fighting one another And live together in peace In this world? Instead of being at war always? What makes it so hard To…

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