Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday to all;
All is not fine, I know,
But what can you do?
It’s what you don’t control;
You just be happy;
And leave it to God;
He is the one on the steering;
He is the driver;
Allow him to do his work;
Yes, we are coworkers
With him;
Our role is to believe him;
He will do the rest;
If that we do;
Let us be confident,
That he will do it for us.
Happy Wednesday!


May this be a sweet day! (Be inspired today 226 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Good morning to all
In this house;
May this day start well
With you;
And may it move well on
Your side too;
May it turn out to be
The bright day
The Lord has designed;
A day that is full
Of bright sunlight;
Not too hot for you;
Void of rain and cold;
May it be a cosy day!
Just the day you love;
Even with all its
Inevitable challenges,
May it be a sweet day!

Early Friday greetings by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

I am starting an early Friday;
Just jumped out of bed;
Went to bed early last night;
Got too tired;
Many lovely people been here;
Some have left comments;
After this quick word to you,
Will rush to see
What has been left for me;
Nice to know someone
Somewhere thought of you.
People are wealth;
More than silver and gold;
If you have people
And no money, you are rich;
If you have money
And no people, you are poor;
Accept my warm greetings;
Love and blessings
For this day;
May you have many reasons
To smile many times today!
Be inspired today!

A very good morning

A very good Morning
To all of you
Lovely friend;
I pray
That the good Lord
Who created you,
May be with you;
And show you the way
Throughout this day;
That the good Lord
May protect you
From all
The wicked ones,
Who take delight
In seeing others suffer.

May the good Lord
Send his angels
To accompany you;
And give you wisdom
To discharge
All your duties
This day.
May this be a bright day
For you!

I wish you a good night

I do fully understand
It may not be night for you
When you read this,
But I write it all the same,
Hoping you will have
A good night anytime
Night comes;
May the angels of God
Be your guards throughout
The night!
May you sleep soundly
And peacefully!
And may you get up
In the morning
In best spirits!
Ready for the thrills
And challenges of the day.

Hearty greetings

Accept hearty greetings
From me, loving friend,
This is yours humbly
Saluting you;
From my heart, I greet you;
I wish you carry
A smile on your face
Wherever you go
Throughout this day;
This is your day
The Lord has given;
May he see you through
All today’s activities!
May the rays of the sun
Brighten the way for you!
May this be a day
To be ever remembered!
These greetings,
From my heart, indeed,
I greet you.

I greet you my love!

I greet you, my love;
How are you today?
I just want to let you know
How much I think of you;
How much I love you;
Do you really know what you mean to me?
You mean everything to me;
Sometimes I wonder
What life would have been
For me without you;
You are to me so precious;
You are my silver, my gold,
My all;
You are more than the air
I breathe;
The water I need for life;
Thank you for all your love;
May you remain for ever blessed,
And may you continue to be a blessing to all around you;
Thank you, my love.
Thank you for your sweet love.

Good bye to November

November is waving at you; Bidding you farewell; As you continue your journey Through the city of December, To a land called 2019. If you did enjoy the company Of November, wave back In appreciation; As for me, I loved November; Good bye, November; I look forward to December; From where I will move on to 2019 Where I will settle for 12 months.