The world is round

Round, round goes the world;
The things we hate today,
May be our favourite tomorrow;
And what we love today,
We may hate tomorrow;
Today’s little Kids,
Tomorrow’s adults;
Children today,
Parents tomorrow;
Today we start
Tomorrow we end;
Nothing stands on the spot;
Everything on the move;
Going forward,
Going upward,
Going downwards;
When the sun rises
Early in the morning,
We know in the evening
It will set.
When young, you’re energetic;
Remember old age will come;
With it will go all energy;
The tides rise,
And the tides fall;
In a circle life goes.
That is why we say
The world is round.
Round, round goes the world.

Learn something amazing

You can learn something amazing today if you want to.

That is what you should actually do.

Ask me why and how?

You need to grow in knowledge and opportunities for this to happen abound.

Did I tell you I had returned to the classroom?

If I didn’t, I do so now. Age is no handicap to me. Sure, it is a setback, but I won’t let it stop me.

I definitely cannot compete with the younger, sharper minds in my class; but I stay much longer after class, while they relax, or kill time, to catch up.

There is an adage in my village which says there are many ways of catching a rat without first cutting it’s tail. Do you know what this means? That there are different ways of getting to the other side of the mountain.

In my class today, I learned something amazing.

It was simple, but transformative, indeed.

After this class, I don’t foresee life being the same for me.

I am convinced we can all do amazing things if only we have someone to teach us the skills we need; and if we have the interest, humility and patience to learn.

Wisdom demands that we take time to learn how to do what we want to do if we want to excel in it.

It is not by magic that excellence is attained. Far from it.

It is by learning how to do what we want to do and working hard to do it that we become excellent in it.

I don’t think it is wrong to say learning is the key to success. It’s an axiom.

It may not be the only key, but it is an important one; an indispensable one, indeed.

Once you learn and know how to do something, you are in a better position to do it, and do it faster, with more confidence and better; because you are sure of yourself.

When it comes to learning, you may either do it on your own or you learn from a teacher.

I enjoy self tuition. Much of our knowledge is acquired through self tuition. But although it is good, my experience is that it is still better when a teacher or coach teaches you. This makes you grow better in confidence and performance.

I do not spare any opportunity to learn and acquire new knowledge and new skills from a teacher.

And we must take note that, as many great minds have articulated so aptly, everybody we meet can teach us something. The personality who comes most to my mind each time these words jump to my eyes is Mahatma Gandhi, the universally revered non violent resistance Indian leader.

The world is advancing terrifically; and technology is growing at neck breaking speed. You have to be smart and fast to keep pace; otherwise you are tossed ashore by the roaring waves of the ocean of knowledge afloat.

Sadly, many of us are actually swept off our feet because we cannot cope. That is where courage, willpower and determination come aboard.

What is the long and short of what I have been saying? What am I driving at? That we should never stop learning. That is the bottom line of my discourse.

Learning is a life long process. And teaching even goes beyond life. Your life should continue to teach beyond your human existence.

The teacher in you should outlive you. This means, let your life be a series of lessons that will continue to nourish hearts and minds beyond your earthly existence.

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

How to SAVE your money in 2020!

Hi everyone I hope you are well, wherever you are in the world.

I am very aware that I haven’t blogged in a while. The true reason is because I have been very busy with work and other things within my life. I hope that is OK.

So in my blog coming back… I thought I would give my tips and advice about how to save money in 2020, as I know in the few months coming into the new year a lot of people don’t have much money if at all.

SO lets get on with it:

So my first way to save money in 2020 is too..


What I mean by this is to have a look at all of your bank statements and highlight all of your income and expenditure to identify what is going and coming into your bank each month. BECAUSE once you know this then it will be easier because you will know about the areas that you could cut down spending money in & that money that you could potentially save could go into your SAVINGS!

My second way is too..


This is a crucial way to understand and identify where your money is going each month because YOU can categorize the elements of your spending such as SHOPPING & FOOD and you can give yourself an amount that you wish to spend on that certain thing such as allocating £50 a month for clothes shopping for example. & that is the great thing about creating a budget because you are then able to manage your money more effectively so then you will have potentially more money left over to SAVE!

& So on..


This is a great way to gain more income so then you can ultimately SAVE more money because selling any old clothing is not only good for you financially but it is also good for the environment because you are reusing and recycling! Win win. You can sell on EBAY & DEPOP to name a couple. ( I am sorry but I don’t know any selling sites for other countries)


This is also a great way of how you can save some money each month. BECAUSE the standing order acts like a direct debit for other bills. & because of that it means that you can save without even thinking about doing!

I hope this has helped!


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Lauren Rogers

Now is the Time to Grow

A battle between love and pride
My soul remains restless inside
I thought my heart grew wider
But it only worked as a divider

A meadow only grows annuals in spring
But is growth everything?
Death and decay is a graveyard site
Does six feet under make things alright?

But dirt is decay and growth
But you don’t want both
Your ego is on the line
But remember perennials need sunshine

(C) Carly Wiggins 2019


An area where we have experienced growth in our marriage

An area where we have experienced growth in our marriage is in the way we talk to each other.

Before our wedding, we usually said loving things to each other and in loving ways.

After marriage, that went for sometime and began to change. Before we could know it, we were speaking and responding to each other in rather unfriendly ways. At times, instead of talking with love, it was shouting or retorting. This affected our relationship. We found it difficult to use endearing words to each other as before.

Through dialogue we were able to identify lack of love and cordiality in speaking to each other as a source of stress in our relationship. We then took a responsible decision to mind what we said to each other and how we said it.

We have done our best to respect our engagement. The result has been more love between us and greater joy for both of us.

The mouth is a powerful instrument for communication given to us by our creator for our good; but it can also be very dangerous if not used to good purpose.

It is important to mind the way we talk to each other in marriage. We need to use endearing words not antagonistic language.

We are thankful to God for helping us discover in good time that the way we communicate to each other can make or mar our marriage.

Have you experienced problems in your marriage because of the way you talk to your spouse or the way your spouse talks to you? If so, have you done any thing about it? What responsible decision are you ready to take about how to talk to your spouse?

We love you!

Many new things

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Let’s Teach Girls to Be Somebodies

Lessons in life tend to have the nasty little habit of tiptoeing up to you and gut punching you out of nowhere. I liken it to a bit of a realization brick aimed straight for your noggin, (…to put it gently, of course). I’ve recently had the pleasure of testing out that hypothesis of mine, and spoiler alert: I was totally right.

I wasn’t looking for a lesson on society that fateful Monday. But that Monday I got one anyway, and it came in the form of a conversation with my  seven-year-old niece a few months ago that really got me thinking…And not in the way I was happy about.

That Monday, I came down from school, my niece and my dad waiting for me by the car. She was bouncing up and down, in her little first grader way, smiling ear to ear. She proudly displayed to me her newest artistic endeavor of a rocket ship hurdling through space. “You can have it, Hannie! Do you want it?”

“I would LOVE it! It’s beautiful…” I smiled at her and got into the car, being sure to dote on it even more, in my typical proud-aunt nature.

While driving down the road, we fell into our normal discussions. You know, how our days were, what new things she was learning at school… when, all of the sudden she proceeds to tell me about the newest developments in first grader gossip- a little boy in her class liked her! I giggled and made sure to remind her she was far too young to have a boyfriend. Wait until you’re older!

“Like when I’m sixteen?” She asked, inquisitively.


“How old are you, again, Hannie?”

I inwardly cringed, knowing exactly where this conversation was heading. “I’m 18.”

“Well, then why don’t YOU have a boyfriend? You’re 18, you should have one.”

“You have to wait for the right person,” I replied to her. “I haven’t found the right person yet.”

“Well, why don’t you? You’re 18.”

This persistent question, after all was said and answered, struck me the wrong way. This is a seven-year-old little girl that seemed absolutely bamboozled, not even being able to grasp why someone wouldn’t have a boyfriend at any given time. We kept talking and it seemed she could not fathom the idea of being older and not having a boyfriend.

As the conversation progressed, it seemed this little seven-year-old had already bought into the dreaded lie that many of us women tend to fall into: That we *gasp* need a guy in order to make us happy or complete. If you don’t see that as a societal issue, then it’s okay. We’ll work on that.

By my niece asking this seemingly innocent (yet quite intrusive) question, it revealed something very alarming. A worldview forming already, filled to the brim with all-too-serious implications.

If these young girls continue to believe what society, and perhaps the people around them are teaching them, this will not bode well. The belief that we are not anybody unless we have somebody is a destructive lie being circulated around the populace. A majority of growing up and becoming comfortable with who we are as a person comes from times where we are single. In all honesty, in order to have a healthy steady relationship later on, we must know ourselves and be independent in who we are.

I want to challenge head-on this belief of always needing somebody.

I believe instead of indoctrinating girls that the end-all in life is to settle for quantity of guys and not for quality, we need to tell girls to wait for someone that is worth their time. Knowing yourself and your value is the only way a relationship will really work in the end.

Your sole focus should be on being a somebody, not on being somebody’s. (That’s how the quote goes, right)? I love it.

Many times we love to blame society as a whole, instead of recognizing society is made up of us- everyday people. This means we must make a stand and do whatever we can do to help girls around us, and better ourselves, with the right beliefs.

All those who consist within society (news flash: that’s everyone) need to take a good look at the consequences of what we teach to our youth. Now, I’m only 18, but it’s taken years to realize some of these things for myself, realizing I can be completely content at whatever phase in life.

If we pressure girls to simply be in a relationship for the sole sake of being in a relationship, then we are more often than not pressuring them to settle for people who do not treat them right, and do not care for the greater good of them as individuals.

OR, on the other hand, it pressures girls that every friendship with a guy needs to be, or become, something more.

Not so. I’m a firm believer you need some brothers to have your back. No matter who makes fun of you for it…because, believe it or not, people can be pretty cruel about that, too.

So, how do we teach girls to be somebodies? Or better yet, how do we re-teach ourselves, after years of continually finding our value in a relationship status (or lack thereof)?

Well, first off…

We are responsible for our own happiness

Yes, you will find your person that you instantly just click with! BUT- at the end of the day- YOU alone are the person that can make or break you. YOU are responsible for your happy. Do not base it off of anything or anyone you can lose. And do not base your happiness off of whether you are in a relationship or not.  That will only lead to disappointment.

Know Your Worth

If nobody has ever told you before, you have value. And our value has nothing to do with how great we are at things, or how pretty we are, or the fact that we can juggle ten oranges at one time. (Good thing, because I can’t even juggle a schedule).

Our worth is completely independent from us. So, what does that mean? It means we have worth because we are humans, beautifully and wonderfully made. That’s apart from anything foolish you’ve ever done, or said, or thought. It’s easy to say that…but to act it and remind ourselves that?

Hm. That’s when things get tricky.

You are your own person

You may think this one is a no-brainer, but a lot rides on the full understanding of this belief.

We are individuals responsible for our own happiness, growth, and feelings of being fulfilled in life. If you are looking to find your identity in someone else, that’s not going to do you well. (Oops, I spilled the beans). Yes, our significant others should be people we feel happy around, and that encourage us to be better than we were yesterday. BUT- there is a distinct difference of finding someone that make you happy, and finding your happiness in people.

If we look for a relationship like this, what happens when the hard times come? We run away…because aren’t relationships supposed to be sunshine and roses? Nope. The ones worth it, are the ones worth fighting for.

Before getting to know anyone else, you should know YOURSELF

Before going into a relationship, we should always have a firm grasp on who we are, our values, our beliefs, our intentions…all of it. If you don’t have a good grasp on any of these things, you’re more than likely walking into a relationship blind as a bat.


Remember what I said about earlier- the whole pressure from outside sources thing? Well, guess what. IT’S A HUGE DEAL. So, don’t let yourself get pushed around into going along with something for the sake of obligation, or pressure. You’re in charge of your own life, dear. Remember, never go along with something just out of the feeling that you “need a boyfriend”.

Patience is key. And hey- guess what! I’m learning this, too! College is coming up, and I’m going to have to take my own advice. So, you’re not alone if you’re reteaching yourself that you’re a somebody without a somebody.

Quality over quantity.

I hope this post got you thinking and that we can spread this message to all you beautiful souls! (Hey, guess what, fellas)? Honestly, this message that I just said…not gender specific. I recommend it to all humans! Just felt that it was on my heart to write this.



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How To Capitalize on Your Strengths

It is Monday morning lovely SIWO readers. Another day, another dawn. Sit back and enjoy this article on how you can capitalize on your already known strengths in order to get to where you want to be…

But first, let’s get our tea in…today we’ll be drinking   Lipton Premium Black Tea. 

I think the item speaks for itself. 


To be able to enjoy all the benefits of your strengths, you need to…

  1. Know your area of excellence. 

    It sounds fairly simple right? You may be shocked to learn that many of us never really master our areas or expertise. We underlook these abilities. Each person, as a result of experiences and learning has some area of expertise that make them different from others; What is yours?

  2. Choose the right field

    Don’t go excitedly into a field just because you have heard that people are making it down that road. By now you should be familiar with the saying “choose what you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Well, its the simple truth.

  3. Courage is Essential

    Courage is the most important quality you can find, if you want to be happy and self-confident in life. Every thing great takes courage. It is not that people don’t know what to do, it is that they are afraid.

  4. Differentiate yourself

    Each company or service usually has to develope a unique selling proposition right? In the same way you need to make yourself stand-out from the rest. Embrace your unique qualities fully.

For more awesome tips on CAPITALIZING ON YOUR STRENGTHS? get this book immediatly.

  The Power of Self-Confidence: Become Unstoppable, Irresistible, and Unafraid in Every Area of Your Life

Several interesting topics are handled in a very simple manner. You cannot finish this book and stay the same. I have read it so much, I can practically recite some words, and of course, it has helped me cope better with growth and change.

Let’s go!

If You’re Passing through the Waters…

I don’t know why I had the urge to write this tonight. It kind of washed over me, like something I knew I had to do. I mean- I haven’t written a blog post in months, but tonight…it’s something I’m doing.

I hope this blog post meets you right where you’re at. Maybe you’re feeling great- I’m glad! Maybe you’re not feeling anything in particular. Maybe you’re feeling the whole world crash around you, and you don’t know why…or you know exactly why.

The thing is, I don’t know you’re situation. All I know is that when we go through heartbreaking moments, moments when we have little to no peace, moments when we are being challenged in all we are and all we stand for, we often feel like the pain will never end, that we’ll just be stuck in it forever. We feel like we are alone in our suffering, and that no one understands. How wrong we are, my friend.

The truth is, there are many of us who feel the same way, we just never speak up. We feel that people won’t look at us the same way when they see us in our struggling moments. Maybe that is the case, but I want to tell you something…nothing in your life happens on accident. I don’t know your worldview, what you believe, what you put your hope in. But I trust that God has an infinitely bigger plan for you than you do yourself right now.

And because nothing happens on accident, as I stated earlier…your story, however unique and tough that may be, was meant to happen just the way it did. Maybe to grow you as an individual, maybe so that you can be challenged in your beliefs, maybe so you can use your pain and lessons to help other people who are going through similar, maybe we won’t completely know why! But-we can take comfort that nothing is going to go to waste!

These waves that are tossing you about tonight, they aren’t meant to drown you, my friend. They’re meant to make you a better swimmer.

So, no. You aren’t alone tonight if you feel like you’re barely getting by. You’re not alone in all those tough moments that no one else sees, and all the pain no one else knows you endure. You’re only being made stronger by the trials that you are going through, and while each wave takes us, we can have full confidence that we will be growing through it all.

Isaiah 43:1-2 says,

“…Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
    I have called you by name, you are mine.
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
    and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you;
when you walk through fire you shall not be burned,
    and the flame shall not consume you.”

When we place our trust not in ourselves, but onto the God who formed us and takes care of us, we are made that much stronger by His power. The chains that once kept us from being free are released, and we can live happier, more joyful lives, trusting the Lord with all our cares. He promises you won’t drown. He will lift you up through it all.

Your trusty blogger (who seriously needs to find time to blog more),



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