A sunny day

The sun is not shining;
But I call this a sunny day;
Guess why?
Nice things happening;
More on the way;
God is in control;lk
My spirits are high
As bright as the rays
Of the sun.
Thus it’s a sunny day;


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The most sought-after thing in the world

I have been reflecting on the most sought-after things in the world? What is it that most people fight to get? Let me propose a few things: love, money, success, stardom, popularity, happiness, power, fame.

Please, give the first three in order  – first, second, third.

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Make someone happy

Have you made anyone happy today?
How many people have you made happy?
We cry about evil in our world;
We pray for a better world;
We want a more peaceful world;
Such a world is possible;
But our contribution is needed;
The sum of good done by all of us
Is what will make our world a peaceful
And happy place.
Therefore, the good you do matters;
It does not matter how small it is;
If you make someone happy today,
You contribute to make the world happy.
A mere visit to another’s blog
Can make the person happy;
A like and a comment
Can make someone very happy;
I therefore pray you,
Make someone in this community happy;
Visit a fellow blogger;
Like their work;
Comment if you can;
That will make them and also me happy.
And if some makes you happy,
Return the gift;
Make them happy too;
In addition,, share your joy;
Make others happy also.
This is what our world needs;
It is not being worried or angry
That the world is full of evil deeds.
Play your little part;
And let me play mine.
We will have the world we like.

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Happy or sad in love

Do you know someone
Who is happy in love?
I know people
Who are happy in love;
They are happy
Not sad in love;
They love and are loved;
They met the love
Of their life;
And are happy in love;
Who does this?
Is it God or human?
Some people are sad in love;
They met someone they call love;
But throughout it’s sadness
Not happiness;
I don’t want to be sad in love;
I want to be happy in love.
O God, make us happy in love!

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Make yourself happy

Make yourself happy;
Wait for no one else
To do it for you;
No one will;
You are responsible
For your own happiness;
Others will contribute;
But the main person is you;
Take a decision to be happy;
It’s not what happens to you
That makes you happy;
It’s not what happens to you
That makes you sad;
It’s how you take it;
Happiness is a decision;
Take the decision to be happy;
Here and now, be happy;
Regardless of what happens,
Be happy;.
Defy the odds and be happy.

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Making people happy

I like making people happy;
Making people happy
Makes me happy;
A lot of people are not happy;
Worries keep people unhappy;
Anxieties keep people unhappy;
Fears and doubts;
Poverty and hunger;
Illness and unemployment
Keep people unhappy;
My heart is pierced to see
People unhappy;
People should be happy;
That is why I like to make
People happy.
If you are not happy
Come to this site;
You will find one thing
To make you happy;
And if you like to make people Happy,
Join me to make many people

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