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“Unity in Diversity”

“Unity in diversity” is an old, prominent principle of many religions around the world. __________________________________________ How about joining in on our conversation about Unity in Diversity? Click the link below to go to our new YouTube Channel, Blogging 2 Believers: _________________________________________ “‘A oneness of being’, namely reality is one, and God is the only…

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How long online friendship lasts ?

It’s a 4.5 minute read,if you have patience proceed.. Before we proceed further let us understand ‘friendship’. “Friendship is a best ship which can lead you on world tour”   unknown It takes roughly 200 hours to become best friends with someone,    according to science. Can you sustain it afterwards ? Say 6 months ?…

How long online friendship lasts ?

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2 things to do to be happy

If you are not a happy person, If you are not living a happy life, You don’t have to continue that way. There are two things that will give you happiness. Pay attention to them and you will be happy. These two things are contained in the following words of the Psalmist: “Happy those who…

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“Me, Myself, and I”

A hanging photograph reflects my life, or does it? The sun’s glare creates a haze over the frame of remembrance for it looks a little vague. Faintly in the distance, reflections of my life are reduced now to an eight by ten. Who am I? I think I am nothing but a picture sitting on…

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Spring of my joy

You are the spring Of my joy, O Lord; The spring Of my blessings; My happiness; And my all; The spring from which I draw water To quench my thirst; As long as you flow, And which is Till the world comes To an end, Shall I never lack Fresh water to drink; From you…

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