My love’s birthday

I celebrate my love’s birthday
With joy in my heart;
I celebrate my love’s birth day
With love;
I celebrate my love’s birthday
With pomp;
I celebrate my love’s birthday
With this pomp for good reason;
The day my love was born
Is my best day;
My love’s birth is the best
Thing that ever happened to me;
My love has brought me more love
Than anyone else;
My love has brought me happiness;
My love has given me a sense
Of self-worth;
Thus, the birthday of my love
is the best day for me.
Thank God for the day
My love was born.


The secret of our love

Since I discovered
The secret of our love,
We have been on top;
Since I stopped blaming you
For whatever went wrong
In our marriage;
Your smiles have multiplied;
Since I refrained from
Hurting you willfully
As often I did before;
Your face has been shining
Since I desisted from
Putting you second,
And started putting you first;
Your face has been sparking
More and more with joy.

Hence, I have no reason
To let our love go on the rocks;
Or go to sleep again.
I will do what I can,
To keep our love on top.
What of you?
Shall you do like me?
To make our love a bliss?

How could I have known?

How could I have known

You would turn out

To be such a difficult husband?

How could I have known

You would

Become a drunk?

How could I have known

You would become

Such an irresponsible husband?

How could I have known

You would

Not have time for me and the children?

How could I have known

You would

Be battering me every night?

You were so good when I first met you.

You looked like and angel;

And behaved like one.

How could I have known

I was dealing with

A lion in sheepskin?

My dream has come true

My dream

Has come true.

Come celebrate with me.

My heart is full of joy.

My dream has come true.

I can’t believe it but it is true.

My dream has come true.

Can you see the joy in my heart?

My heart is almost bursting with joy.

My dream has truly come true.

It looked too big to ever come true.

 Now it has come true.

My heart is singing and dancing with joy.

Come sing with me.

Shall you sing and dance with me?

Shall we celebrate this miracle that has occurred in my life?

My God is wide awake;

Taking care while I sleep;

That is why my dream has come true

I never knew it would ever do.

Come celebrate with me.

Come laugh with me.

Come let’s laugh from jaw to jaw

For my dream has come true

And tears of joy are pouring from my eyes.

There is no way I cannot celebrate.

I have never been happier in my life

Thank God

My dream has come true.

Everything in my life has changed

God is alive

God lives

My dream has come true.

A letter to father No. 1


DSC_0000183Dear Father,

Permit me to air my views to you on a pertinent issue concerning Picture 056our family. You and mother are not living well.  I wonder if you really love yourselves. Tell me father, do you love my mother?

Both of you are not living as husband and wife should. You are not walking hand in hand as the Creator wants you to. Instead, you are going in different directions; working against each other; standing on each other’s way; fighting each other; undercutting each other; and making life a hell instead of a heaven for both of you and our family.  What a pity Father!

This worries me. I plead with you to do something, father, so that you and mother can be happy; and make us happy too.

Thank you very much!

I love you,

Your son, Letiva.