Happy Birthday to me! #Apr8👏



January Babies

To all those who were born in January, we all join our voices together to say, “Happy Birth Month!”.

We know that you have individual birthdays, some which have passed and many that are still to come.

In this community we have the practice of joining our members on their individual birthdays to celebrate but accept this collective one.

Starting this January, as we are doing now, every month we shall join our voices to wish a Happy Birth Month to all those born were that month. Thereafter, we shall join the celebrants on their individual birthdays.

Many thanks to our beloved Ranjeeta Nath Ghai who has kept the Happy Birth day page in our community going.

May God shower you with his blessings, dear Ranjeeta!

Again, “Happy Birth Month” to all of you who were born in January irrespective of the year.

Love to you all.
SIWO International.


Mending cover

It’s the eve of another year past. Life changes and different anatomical pains arise. I made some new friends this year and reunited with some old acquaintances. There were some I wished well and sent them on their way. But, in a summation, I wish I knew where life would find me.

I’m not sad or alone, decrepit or incapacitated but instead, I feel young and vibrant; blessed with vitality and youthfulness. It makes me wonder, because, at my age, I shouldn’t be going ninety miles per hour. If God is making an example out of me, well… He’s doing a pretty good job! So it’s time to reflect on the past hurricanes ravaging my lingering memories. That’s all left to stand.

I ask God to lead me in an effort to comprehend life’s twists and turns. My future path is anyone’s guess, but I can say He’s made miracles happen which are out of my control. I have to decipher my own handwriting when He fills my head with messages. I only wish I could dial the heavens and share the joy with Mom and Dad.

Materialistically, a loss is a sign of weakness, but spiritually speaking, any catastrophe brings strength in times of adversity. Outside forces controlled my earlier years. But for the second half, I’ll return to the point God first touched me. I’m mending this section and my days left in it. I only ask of my Father to protect me. May joy accompany my life, and friendships blossom, yet praise the “love” who kept searching for me. Mending the past to the present is heaven-sent – this makes sense. I only wish I figured out the signs He was sending me thirty-four years ago for there’s no telling the direction my life would yield. Today, a gravitational pull beacons my spirit as God is now my priority.

I’m older tomorrow by one year, and I wonder how many more God will give me to enjoy? Though I lost my parents when I was young, He watches over my hurts and fills my soul with peace. But, how can “sorry” help if no one ever listened to my hurts? Only forgiveness sends messages to the deceased. To patch my broken years, I would have to fill the voids; however, there’s no home remaining, nor church which captivated my soul – just the first place I came in contact with the Almighty.

Mending a broken past with joyful present memories brings me a craving of jubilation. Jesus knows my heart.

Thank you, Lord, for my life!


God bless you, my sweet husband! Your walk in life is the most inspiring I’ve ever witnessed. You are a joy and inspiration to our family and friends! Each day spent with you brings another smile and blessings bountiful. How can we ever thank you enough for “just being you”!

Thank you, God, for the glorious messenger you brought into all our lives!

Happy Birthday Rising

If you are running an activity on the web that readers love, it will do well. In such a case, it will be a good thing not only to continue it, but to look for ways and means of improving and expanding it so that your readers may enjoy it even more.

For more than two years running, our beloved friend and reputed Indian author Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, has been running Happy Birthday on SIWO.  Ranjeeta has been simply amazing. She has done an excellent job to keep us informed of the birthdays of people in the blogging community. Her commitment is so inspiring.

We are motivated by her selfless dedication to invite more bloggers to enjoy this happy birthday activity. It is in this light that the SIWO Board to step up this enjoyable activity by redoing registration. Do well to register. On your birthday, Ranjeeta  to take off time from her charged schedule to publish a post about it on SIWO; and as usual invite our over 9000 Community to visit and wish you a happy birthday.

We are blessed to have a personality like author Ranjeeta Nath Ghai doing this for us. It shows her love for people and the value she attaches to service to others.

Please, send us this information:

  1. Your name;
  2. Date of birth (leave out the year if you like);
  3. Brief presentation of your blog. (What your blog is called and what you blog about);
  4. The link to your blog (url).

If you like to know more about the marvelous lady behind SIWO’s Happy Birthday Corner,  You will find Ranjeeta all over the web but why not start with Food All Time?

Top of the Elevenses/Brunch #42


All Butter Waffles, Egg Sunny Side up, Fruits and  glass of Warm Water.  CHEERS!!!!!

Celebration time is here and thanks for you’ve made me so very happy again.  I say again  because you have continued to enjoy my 100 posts on Success Inspirers’ World and as I know you read what I write on  Grace in Housekeeping too, you’ve elevated me by the 1337.

As we know a picture speaks a thousand words, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!   I needed this and God answered.



More Colorful birthdays

Have you noticed that we now have more colorful birthdays on this site?

I have really enjoyed the last two birthdays. This is the fruit of the delicate fingers of our sweet Ranjeeta who is now running the Happy Birthday Club. She organized a colorful birthday party for our sweet friend, Tessa Yesterday she did the same thing for Sasha.

Bravo to you, Ranjeeta for the innovative touch! Keep shining!

I hope we have all stopped by to wish Tessa and Sasha Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to you Jackie!

Today is October 4th. One of ours, Jackie Briere, has her birthday today. Come one friends! Let’s give Jackie a shower of birthday messages. If you have a song for Jackie, post it to her. Jackie has a lovely blog, you know!

Jackie’s Forget Me Nots
Jackie Briere
October 4th