Make this day happy

Make this day a happy one;
That is within your reach;
And I daresay worthwhile;
Don’t wait to first succeed;
That predicates happiness
On success as many do;
Many succeed but stay sad;
Many are down but happy;
It is a state of the mind;
Fully within your powers;
You make yourself happy;
No one does it for you.
You get the point, friend?
Make this day a happy one.

The right attitude

I am going to bed tonight
With a happy heart;
Isn’t that marvelous?
Many are going to bed
With heavy hearts;
Many weird things
Have happened to them;
But that’s not it any way;
Happiness is not contingent
On what happens to us;
If you make your happiness
To what happens to you,
I am afraid,
It will not be easy for you.
You may be miserable a lot;
It is a matter of attitude;
You adopt a positive attitude
To all occurrences;
Whether good or bad;
The strongest people
Of the world, are resolute;
They look for good
In all circumstances.
If I am going to bed happy,
It’s for the same reason;
The good things of my life
Outweigh the negative;
And that elates me
As I go to bed;
But it’s attitude,
Nothing more;
If you get the right attitude,
You get everything.

Happy Week Friends!

Happy week to you, friends!
I wish you a happy week;
May the gates of heaven open,
And let blessings pour on you
Like heavy rain from the sky;
May smiles shine on your face
Like rays of the sunshine
On a bright sun-filled day;
This is the week I wish you;
A week full of sweetness;
Devoid of bitterness;
A week without darkness;
But full of bright sunshine,
Moon light, glittering stars.
This is the week I wish you.

30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy

These are 30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy:

  1. Give money to your wife.
  2. Buy for her clothes and shoes and jewelry.
  3. Tell her you love her.
  4. Show her you love her.
  5. Be faithful to her. Have no other woman and don’t cheat on her.
  6. Give her tender, loving touches often.
  7. Appreciate her work in the house.
  8. Appreciate her cooking after every meal.
  9. Appreciate her in public and raise her in front of others.
  10. Encourage her.
  11. Support her.
  12. Call her names of endearment.
  13. Take her out from time to time for enjoyment and quality time.
  14. Don’t gossip about her.
  15. Don’t run her down especially in public.
  16. When you have a misunderstanding, be careful and avoid damaging and hurtful words.
  17. Don’t embarrass her.
  18. Don’t threaten her.
  19. Don’t blame her for every thing that goes wrong in the house or with the children.
  20. Respect her.
  21. Do not bypass her and go and tell your plans to your friends and other women.
  22. Don’t pretend.
  23. Show an interest in her work.
  24. Make her know that you are proud of her.
  25. Make her feel needed, desired.
  26. Make her know that she satisfies you sexually.
  27. Don’t put you family members ahead of her.
  28. Don’t take orders from your mother and give her.
  29. Don’t spend money. carelessly on drinking while the family suffers from financial hard ship.
  30. Don’t ignore her when she is angry.

You probably have something to add. Please, do.

If you have a comment to make, you are welcome.

The next post will be on what every women needs to do to keep her husband happy.

Happy night

I wish everyone here
A happy night;
A night with no trouble;
A night of peaceful,
And sound sleep;
With good dreams;
May nothing disturb you
While you sleep!
May angels be your guards
Throughout the night;
Standing in every corner
Of every room;
With a heavenly melody
Drizzling down on you
With angelic beauty.
Happy night to you, dear
Loving friends!

The best day ever

Today is the best day ever;
And that for many reasons;
Can you guess the reasons?
May be hard for you to guess.
But it is the best day ever;
And I am so happy about it;
If you see me laughing;
It is because of the joy
I have in my heart;
Not everything is going
The way I want,
But I am satisfied
As never before
The way many things
Are going.
Thank God today’s what it is:
The best day of my life.

The last

Last day of 2019;
We thank God;
But who can thank God enough,
For bringing us this far;
You are mighty O God;
You have made us see
This day;
We had a full dose of 2019;
We experienced the ups
And the downs of 2019.
The sweet taste
And the bitter taste;
And are starting another year,
A new beginning;
Come good 2020!
Come good New Year;
Come with many blessings;
Come with more joy than sorrow;
Come with more answers
Than questions.
You are highly welcome.

10 reasons I am happy today

  1. I am happy because I am alive.
  2. I am happy because it is Christmas.
  3. I am happy because I am loved.
  4. I am happy because I love;
  5. I am happy because I have faith in God.
  6. I am happy because I am divinely protected.
  7. I am happy because the Lord always provides for me.
  8. I am happy because I am happy.
  9. I am happy because I am a child of God.
  10. I am happy because God has promised always to stand by me.