Work hard to make a great day (Be inspired today 324 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

It is my bet that you know the importance of hard work.

If you work hard to make your day a great day, chances are good you will have a great day.

If you do nothing to make your day a great day Chance will determine how your day turns out.

Your day will more likely be a lousy day.

Your day will be everything but a great day unless you work hard to make it a great day.

Do not leave your day in the hands of chance. You may not like the fruits of the work of Chance’s hands.


2 steps to a great name

If you want a great
Who says it is not
Your right.
Rack your brains;
Stretch your arms;
Go the extra mile;
No great name
Is made overnight;
No great name
On easy terms;
If you aren’t ready
To toil and sweat,
Be contented
With mediocre
Or at best
Average performance;
The best things
Of the world
Go to those who
Fight for them
Through hard work.
Work hard then;
Let the sweat
Stream from your brows;
Down your cheeks;
God knows how to reward
Those who toil and sweat;
While empty handed
The lazy ones go home.
Toil and sweat;
One of two steps
To a great name;
Toil and sweat
Your way to the top;
Toil and sweat,
Your way to a great name;
But that is not all;
You make the plan;
God Almighty executes
The plan,
If you ask him to do so;
Yes, he’s meant to be
Your Senior Partner
In the game of life.
Bring him in
Through prayer
To play his role.
Take these two steps;
You will get
To the ivory tower.
And live like a Lord.

Is success easy?

Who tells you success is easy? And who says success is hard? Success is both easy and hard; Success is not easy, not hard; That is exactly what success is; To some people, success is easy; To some people, success is hard; Once you know the formula, For success, it becomes very easy; Once you don’t know the formula, It becomes very hard, and stays so; If you are to succeed in anything Find the formula, and follow it; If you want to fail do not bother? Run after success haphazardly.

You will fail most woefully.

Quote (Key)

A lot of people say hard work is the key to success. I don’t disagree. We may even call that the rule. But there are exceptions. Many times you will work hard but will not succeed to get the desired results. My advice, with regard to that is don’t be discouraged. It happens. The next time you may succeed.” (Romilia Quotes)

Don’t work like a fool

Work hard, very hard;
And use your brains;
To get your work to
Produce results;
Hard work without
Is a waste of precious time;
It is foolish work;
And you cannot hope
To harvest the fruits;
Hard work you need,
But do not work hard
Like a fool;
Know where you are going,
Know how to get there;
And follow that plan;
That is the way to go;
To get to where you want
To go;
The fruits of your labour
You will reap
When harvest time comes.

I will do all to find you

Why are you so hard to come?
I am talking to you, Success;
I have been seeking you
For such a long time,
Yet, I have not found you;
Why are you so slippery?
So difficult to find;
Why are you like this?
What am I to do?
Do I keep searching for you?
Or I call it quits?
To call it quits means
To say I have failed;
I am not ready for that;
I am not going to fail;
I will find you;
You are hard to find,
But I will find you;
I will not stop searching
Till I find you.
That is my resolution.
I will do all to find you.

Let no face deceive you

What goes on inside somebody,
Is often hard to know;
You may look at someone’s face
And think you know what’s inside
That individual’s heart;
But that will not be true;
What someone thinks, maybe the exact
Opposite of what is buried within.
You may think someone is a hard rock
When the fellow is a soft sponge.
You may think someone is soft
When the fellow is a hard rock.
The face and the heart often are
Two worlds very far apart;
Judge no one’s heart from the face;
And let no face deceive you
About the content of the heart.

Relaxed and hard authority

There are moments when you have to relax authority;
There are moments when you have to be hard;
If you relax authority all the times, you will be seen as weak;
If you are hard all the times, you will be seen as a dictator.

Whether at home, in the workplace, wherever you lead,
You have to find a middle course; hard and relaxed;
Relaxed when the need arises and hard when the need arises;
Then you shall stand out as a great leader.