What if we reconcile?

What if we reconcile, my dear friend?
Isn't it the right thing to do?
Aren't we tired of this stressful relationship
That is making us see stars?
What if we reconcile?
Aren't you ready for this noble act?
It will be as good for you as for me;
Disharmony between us is no good;
We need peace;
In reconciliation, we are both winners;
Friends and family win as well;
Recnciliation is a demonstration
Of humility;
An indication that pride has
Been defeated.
Reconciliation is of noble hearts.
Brothers and sisters, let us reconcile.
The time is now, the day is today.


A full day of joy

What a colourful
And beautiful day!
That promises to be
A day of joy;
Isn’t this the lovely day
The Lord
Has planned for us?
May we make it
A day of peace
And joy for all;
That all of us may
Enjoy the sweet
Taste of peace
And tranquility!
That the torchlight
Of a broad smile
May shine brightly
On every face!
A full day of joy
And harmony
So much missed.

A great obstacle to marital harmony

We all like to have harmony in our marriage, don’t we? I guess we all do.

Unfortunately, harmony is a far cry for many couples. There are many reasons. I will talk about one: blaming.

I have seen how blaming has turned a very happy marriage around into a sad one. My own marriage runs into difficulties from time to time with blaming. Luckily, we have become aware of this evil and are working on eliminating it.

If you blame your spouse for every thing under the sun that is not working well in your marriage, you are not helping your relationship.

If your spouse blames you for everything that does not work out well, I can bet you do not have happiness in your marriage.

Blame makes the blamed one feel responsible for whatever does not go well. And usually people do not like to be seen as being the cause of what goes wrong.

Blaming generates bitterness. And bitterness in many cases leads to squabbles and fights.

Instead of blaming your spouse and creating stress or violence in your relationship, start to praise and appreciate.

Your spouse is making an enormous contribution to the well being of your family and expects this to be greeted with praise and appreciation not blame and condemnation.

If blaming and condemning your spouse is your stock-in- trade, do something about it. Each time you feel the urge to blame your spouse for anything, make a deliberate effort to turn it around or transform it into praise and appreciation.


Can you think of a day when blame and condemnation spoiled your day? What happened? And how did you handle it?

Keep love up and running

When was the last time
You thought of your wife
And brought her home
A gift?
When was the last time
You thought of your husband
And brought him home
A gift?
There’s magic in gifts;
To fire up love
In your spouse’s heart;
When was the last time
You called your spouse
Your darling?
When was the last time
You gave your spouse
A tender, loving touch?
Once you start to neglect
Those things,
You start to sow the seeds
Of disharmony
In your relationship;
Fan the flame of love
In your relationship
To keep it burning;
To keep it alive;
To keep it up and running.

Love truly conquers

You heard it said;
Love conquers;
I agree;
Love truly conquers;
Love opens all doors;
Love is the master key;
Where there is love,
Anger disappears;
When your love tank
Is full,
Joy fills your heart;
Where there is love,
Hate disappears;
And when hate goes,
Conflict and war go.
Let us plant love,
And more love
In the garden of our
To grow and bear
Abundant fruit.
That will be peace,
unity, harmony and joy.

A prayer for marriage

O God, our Heavenly Father,
You instituted marriage
And decreed
That man and woman
Shall leave their parents
And come together,
Bound by love
To live happily
For the rest of their lives;
It is not always easy, O God;
Help all couples,
To be happy;
Many are not happy;
Help couples to enjoy peace
And harmony
Instead of quarreling
And fighting on a daily basis.
Fill all husbands and wives
With the spirit of Love
And respect of you law
For marriage.
Grant them the wisdom
To find peaceful solutions
To their problems;
And be shining examples
In their various communities;
This is our humble prayer
Which we submit to you; Amen!

Don’t leave your family

You may quarrel,

Even if you fight,

Don’t leave your family;

It’s your family;


And I don’t even like

All this quarreling

In the family;

What’s the fighting for;

That’s not the reason for family;

Or purpose of family;

Family is meant to be a haven

Of love;

Of joy;

Of happiness;

Of harmony;

Of everything good;

Stop making your family

The devil’s workshop!

That is not correct;

And not fair;

If you have left your family,

I say go back to your family;

If you want to leave

Your family,

I say stop it;

Stay in your family;

And other family members,

Stop promoting hatred

In your family;

Stop causing division

In your family;

Stop being greedy;

Greed kills family unity;

Stop selling family land

And other family property

And mismanaging the money;

What belongs to the family

No one should take alone;

That brings trouble;

Let all these squabbles stop

In the family.

Let love, unity and peace

Enjoy their place

In your family.

War betide you if you cause

Division to come into

Your family;

War betide you if you are

A catalyst of hatred

In your family.

You should be an agent of

Family love;

Family unity;

Family understanding,;

Family peace and harmony;

Let it not be heard that

Your family is in shambles

Because of you.

Instead, you should be hailed

As your family unifier.

And abundantly, God will bless you.

Still to understand marriage

I am still to understand marriage;
What makes marriage so difficult?
Husband and wife have different
And it’s normal to see things
But does that stop them
From living in peace?

Must there be stress always?

Must there be squabbles?

Must they fight?

Must the home turn into a boxing ring?

Do they have to make as people
In opposing camps
Instead of being people
In the same team?
I think many couples exaggerate;
They spend their time competing;
Over what?
For what?
And why?
You see a man and a woman
Who have lived for 3 decades
Quarreling and even fighting;
What a shame!
You see a grand pa
And a grand ma exchanging nasty
What a double shame!
Truly, it is hard to understand;
But I think couples can live
In peace;
They can live in harmony;
They can understand each other;
Bypass differences;
And enjoy life together.
Let us stop exaggerating;
Let us stop giving marriage
Such a bad name;
Marriage is not a bad thing,
Marriage is a sweet thing created
By Almighty God himself
To enable us enjoy together as
Husband and wife.
If you are a husband or a wife
Reading this, pledge that you will
Do your best to live happily and in Harmony with your spouse.

by Romilia

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Instrumental ‘Peace & Light Theme’ by Michel Montecrossa

Listen here to the instrumental ‘Peace & Light Theme’ by Michel Montecrossa, taken from his ‘Peace & Light’ Cybersymphony & Song Concert’ Symphonic Wellness Concert that you can read about here and download here from iTunes (Part 1 and Part 2)

More symphonic and modern classical music by michel Montecrossa you find here:

‘Peace & Light’ is Michel Montecrossa’s eleventh concert of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany as two parts on two double Audio and DVD boxes presenting 30 cybersymphonic instrumentals and poetic songs by Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra.
Performed at the Toskana Therme Bad Sulza, Germany it is together with the inspiring Bonus-DVDs a highly artistic meditation event and masterpiece of wellness-music including the ‘Peace and Light Song & Overture’, the ‘Peace & Light Theme’ and the touching version of ‘Believe In Your Dream’ as the finale song.
Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute heart songs and symphonic instrumentals like ‘Sweetest Bliss’, ‘Planet Ocean’, ‘Timeless Flight’ and ‘Endless Love’.

About ‘Peace & Light’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Peace and Light go hand in hand. They are the kind heart and wisdom of love. Power-Peace they are and bright hope.
Light is energy and energy brings peace. It ends all energy-wars.
Inner light heals trouble, gives peace of soul. Peace and Light change confusion and conflicts into harmony of the all.
Harmony is good for planet earth. Peace and Light heal the climate of the world and its beings everywhere.”

Michel Montecrossa Homepage: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Explore Michel Montecrossa’s art, music, movies, quotes and more on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Montecrossa and on his facebook page