Many go hungry

So much food
The soil can produce;
So much food
The land contains;
And ready to offer
For human consumption;
Yet not enough to eat;
Many go hungry;
What irony!
What must be the matter;
Enough can be produced;
But many are starving
And do starve to death;
What thing is all this?
Where are the farmers?
Or what is the matter?
Can’t we make the food
To get to the people?
Can’t we allow the people
To get the food they need?
Let the people eat;
Food is meant for that;
Let them get to the food;
Let the food get to them;
Food and consumers;
Consumers and food;
They are meant to unite;
Not being world’s apart.
God’s people are dying;
Perishing from hunger;
Whereas there’s food;
Some in the farms;
Some in the soil
Waiting to be cultivated.
Waiting to be harvested;
Waiting to be conveyed
From farm to home;
From farm to market;
Let the people not starve.
When God made provision.

Reaping a good harvest

There is satisfaction
In reaping
A good harvest
At the end
Of the farming season;
There is dissatisfaction
In reaping
A poor harvest
At the end
Of the farming season,
After working hard
And putting in your best.
A good harvest
Never comes by accident;
It never just comes;
It never falls from the sky;
Usually, it is
The result of
Right decisions;
Right actions
And hard work;
When you plant good seeds,
Apply enough fertilizer
Weed and mulch in time,
Your harvest, unarguably
Becomes good.
What holds good
For your farm,
Holds good
For other projects;
It holds good
For your business;
For the business
Of your life.

The spoilers

Many are those, in our world,
Who are idlers and loafers;
Shamelessly dushonest people;
And who like to reap
Where they did not sow;
They wait for others to sow,
Then they rush in to reap;
When the crops are ripe for harvest;
Either they are lazy,
Or do not know how to sow,
And instead of being honest,
And humble enough to learn
From those who know,
So they can do their own sowing
And reap from it in due time;
They sit idly by,
And wait for harvest time;
When they did not sow;
How do you wait for harvest time when you did not sow?
How do you see such people?
To me, they are spoilers;
We must shun them;
They are enemies to progress.
Their hearts are full of jealousy;
They want to succeed,
But don’t want others to succeed.
In this world,
instead of bei.g a spoiker,
Be a fixer.
If you see another shining,
Help them to shine brighter;
By so doing,
You shine in turn;
You always must know this;
If you lift someone today,
Someone will lift you tomorrow.
If you pull someoone.down,
Someone will pull you down;
If you stand on someone’s way,
Someone will stand on your way.
If you are a barrier
To someone today,
Someone will be a barrier
To you tomorrow.

Plant good seeds

If you are planting seeds;
Select the good ones to plant;
Not the bad ones;
There are seeds
And there are seeds;
There are good seeds,
And there are bad seeds;
Plant your good seeds
On good soil;
And on the soil,
Still apply manure
In appropriate quantities;
To augment soil fertility;
Thus, you can be sure
To reap a good harvest;
Your plant may grow
Into a mighty tree
And bear good fruit,
Good yields come
When the necessary is done;
You may not labour again
Except to harvest the fruit.
Planting is investing.
Investing well
is like planting good seeds
on fertile soil.

Bountifully rewarded

What great joy in success!
When your effort pays off;
You fight for a thing
And reap the fruit;
You struggle not in vain;
But for a harvest
That fills your basket;
Surely, it thrills.
You must fight
For your place in the world;
Not to kill fellow humans,
But to kill failure;
Why eliminate your like?
Made in the image
And likeness of God;
When you labour for success,
God is happy;
And favours you;
He favours those who
Put in their best.
As long as you are doing
What you have to do,
And do your best in it,
Be happy;
Your effort will not go
In vain;
You will be blessed.
Bountifully rewarded.
You harvest basket will
be full to the brim.

Today’s morning prayer 53 for you

Father. Lord,
You like it when we start everything in you name;
And end it likewise;
Which means we start
With a prayer;
And end with a prayer;
That is why I am starting
This day with this prayer;
I pray for every person
Who is reading this now;
And will read this afterwards;
I pray for everyone
In this forum,
And in every forum
To which I belong;
I prsy for all my friends
And readers on the web,
Free their way,
Remove all obstacles
From their path,
So that they may travel smoothly for what they want;
For those of them living
In dangerous situations,
I pray for your protection;
Be their armour and their shield;
Guide and guard every step
They take;
And bless their work
And make their harvest plentiful.
May all the glory come to you!

Good Planning

Let me
A sure road to success;
It is called good planning;
When you plan well,
You are more likely
To execute well;
And no one can doubt
The quality
Of the fruits you will reap.
It is like planning
Your farming season,
You take time and plan;
Plant at the right time,
And take good care
Of the crops,
You will surely reap
A good harvest.
Don’t do anything
However small,
Without planning.
Always plan;
And plan well.
That is a sure road
To success.

Dip deep

The fishermen called;
Were so called by the Lord,
To his vineyard he called them;
Having been fishing
All day long;
Nothing did they catch;
They lacked knowledge
Of a primary fact;
Fish is found in water,
Not on water;
They wasted all day
Fishing in the wrong place:
The surface.
And so, nothing did they catch;
When Christ came on board,
Knowledge came as well;
And deep,
They cast their nets;
The rest of the story,
You so well know;
If you let Christ in,
Abundant your harvest;
For thus, you dip deep
Your net;
And plenty then your catch.

Brilliant performance (Be inspired today 406 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Really not surprised at all;
Rather, I am impressed;
And overjoyed;
Your performance
Has been brilliant;
Exactly what we want;
When you work and sweat,
And harvest abundant crops,
That calls for feasting;
That is what I want us
To do;
When it’s time to work,
We work;
When its time to feast
And celebrate our work,
We have to do so.
This is the time to feast,
And celebrate our work.
We have worked;
And made it.
Our performance is brilliant.

Unchangeable law (be inspired today 344 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

If you say I am wrong,
I won’t mind it;
But to be honest with you,
This is what I believe;
And I do so with all my heart;
It is an unchangeable law:
Every dollar or coin
That you earn honestly
Is the fruit of your sowing;
If you sow a good seed
On fertile ground,
At a good planting time,
And you tend to the crops,
You will reap;
They must bear fruit;
It is not a joke
When we say
We reap what we sow;
We mean it;
If you get a good goal,
And you give it time,
Work on it,
Do all you can,
You will get the results
You want.
This is my believe;
Choose a good goal,
As you select good seeds
To plant;
Plant your goal by working on it;
Fertilize and tender it
By bringing your skill,
creativity, resourcefulness
Into it;
As you patiently wait for your crops to grow,
Be patient and persist
If desired results don’t come.
With effort, and time,
They will come.