Think again

Think again;
No hasty decision;
Especially centered on pride;
What does it pay?
Think again;
It pays to be humble;
By the way,
The great are humble;
Think again;
Decisions taken in anger
Don’t often go well;
I know what I am talking about;
Anger will make you
Pride will make you
That is a fact;
Think again;
In all humility.
After all, all is vanity;
Whether we are tough
Or soft,
All is vanity;
Whether we are the first
Or the last,
All is vanity.
Relationship is gold
To those who know;
And never dismiss anyone.
You never can say;
Even if you are self-sufficient;
Value the additional blessings
Even if they are nothing
To write home about.
Please, my friend, stop
And think again;
Yes, I urge you,
Have a cool head;
No rush to act without careful thought;
Think again.