Enemy #1: Miseo

The most massive resistance to Christianity encompasses all the thoughts of evildoers. It’s black or white –  you either love or do not love. A lack of love carries traits of bitterness, jealousy, rejection, and envy. How sad we instigate not loving another human being! So I ask, can you truly love if there is an ounce of hate in your heart? There was only one word which described Christ’s mission and it was the word “love.” Jesus, the son of God, surrounded His ministry with this word. It gave birth to Christianity.

Miseo, the Greek word to love someone else less than you love the Lord, is found 173 times in the New Testament. It’s a viral unrest in the world which extends back as far as time permits. Why I wonder, do some hate so much, especially if they claim to be a Christ-follower? I ask my Father in heaven, why can’t we denounce hatred and share the benefits of having You in our life? How can I word this emotion best?

I can begin by explaining Satan’s evil ways. Though he runs rampant in the world, Satan will be short-lived because God has bigger plans for his demise. Hatred is a dominating force where prevailing winds howl – a lack of compassion. Wikipedia defines it well though as “a prejudice-motivated crime.” It’s a fear of things different from us and a lack of empathy. Did you know to hate others is also to hate yourself and God? This is an emotion the Lord never created humans to endure.

If anyone says, “I love God,” yet hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen. And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.”

— 1 John 4:20-21

I’ve often read and was told Jesus “hated” throughout his life. Let me start by saying the Bible was translated hundreds of times from its original script. Certain words, which could not be interpreted accurately, entered the scriptures we read today, and “hate” or “miseo” is one such example. Our Lord is not a God of hate, but true, righteous, and holy. “Hate” in the Bible only describes the intense feelings of anger God has toward sin and persistent sinners. It also implies, “to feel less love”. If Jesus hated people, He would not forgive sin nor the sinner.

Hate is a state of mind and as barbaric as the animals in the wild. It is an unwanted gift conceived by the principals of a demonic character. Where there is hatred, there is no love. It’s impossible to speak of love (and mean it) from one side of the lips yet spew out verbs to imply hatred from the other side of the mouth.

I have a Sunday series currently posted about Paul the Apostle. This was a man who fought the hatred of Christianity every place he traveled in his missionary trips. It caused riots, his brutal beatings, imprisonment, and even his ultimate demise… and for what? Christianity is still alive. Paul stood up, dusted himself off, and walked back into their cities filled with love for the nation who despised him! What was the purpose of the Jews hating what Paul stood for when he always had God on his side? Hate’s negative energy doesn’t serve a purpose except to the sinner committing the crime.

If you pay close attention to your TV or even your children’s electronic games, evil hatred is broadcast, subtly agitating the subconscious of the brain. Enemy #1 becomes a deadly virus waiting to encompass someone’s life. Spiritual warfare is more pronounced today as Satan’s time is nearing the end. Fight to avoid falling into his pit of fire for it goes against the grain of our heavenly Father. God will, as always, prevail in your times of disasters and feelings of anger. Fill your ark with prayers for “Enemy #1: Miseo” to go away. A Christian must uphold God’s commandment to love one another.



All will never (Be inspired today 92 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Jangolo, he’s fondly called;
A man to some so dear;
But while they can die for him,
Some don’t want to catch
Site of him;
To them he’s nothing short
Of a devil;
The opposite of those
That say he’s an angel;
Why is the world
So like this?
Hard to make sense of it.
Can’t please everybody can we?
Some you will please,
Some you will hurt;
Some will like you;
Some will hate you;
Some will wish you dead;
Some will pray you live long;
If we know this
What next?
Live the best you can;
And know all will
Never love you;
All will never be for you.

Inspiring love (Be inspired today 66 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

There are people who are leaving no stone unturned to push for a love world. We need many more such people. I got really Inspired reading about Love instead of hate community and the amazing campaign they are carrying out to promote love and push back hate.

It is worth reading about what they are doing because it is something to emulate and encourage.

Love instead of hate.

Are there only good people on the blogosphere?

I am still intrigued by the love, the kindness, the friendship, the understanding, the tolerance that I find on the blogosphere.

If everyone had been like the people I meet here, the world would have been an excellent place and all would have been enjoying the world.

But you know there is so much hatred, and so much evil in the world. We have on this earthly surface people who kill without blinking.

What a pity!

How can we transfer the love on the Blogosphere to the outside world?

If people hate you

If you find people
Who hate you,
And you don’t know why,
Don’t despair;
Don’t even be angry with them;
Don’t be indifferent either;
Find out why they hate you;
It must be for some reason:
If those who hate you
Are not evil,you are evil;
Or both of you are;
Pray for them
And for yourself;
That good may supplant evil
In their hearts and yours;
Then do your best
To do nothing but good;
And in thanksgiving to God,
Go about your life
As best you can.
Do not hate
Anyone who hates you;
For that hatred will hurt you.
Instead, if you are hated,
Love and pray
For those who hate you;
And with your prayer,
Melt their hatred for you.

Only love will kill hate

Hate stinks;
Hate is consuming the world;
Hate is devastating the world;
Making it unlivable for many;
We don't want a hate world;
We want a love world;
But hating hate
Will not give us a love world;
Hating hate
Will not eliminate hate
Hating hate
Will instead empower hate;
We shall eliminate hate
By love;
Loving love
Will nourish love;
And loving those who hate,
Will starve hate
Of what feeds hate - hate;
Thus starving hate to death.

The world must change

We need to change the world;
Who says the world cannot change?
The world will change;
The world must change;
But the world will not change
By itself,;
We will be the ones
To change the world;
And we will do it;
We, the people of the world.
Have the responsibility
To play our part
To take the world some steps
To what it is meant to be.
Either we change the world
And save it,
Or we allow it
To continue as it is going,
And  end up hitting a mighty rock
And shattering to pieces.
Either we stop the world
From moving on the path
Of evil to its doom,
Or we allow it to do so.
We need to change
The world;
We need to change it from
An evil world to a good world.
Good must replace evil;
Love must take control
Of the world not hate;
Kind people must rule the world,
Not wicked people,
The blessings of the world
Must be enjoyed by all
Not just a few;
Justice must prevail
Not injustice.
We must join forces and change
The world;
And save it from perdition.

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