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“Be careful not to sow the seeds of hatred in the hearts of people. They could germinate and grow into iroko trees of hatred.” Romilia Quotes


What is your advice?

Your advice or opinion will be highly appreciated.

1. There are many people who are not getting married because they are scared of marriage. What advice do you have for such people?

2. I see serious friction and outright hatred between many step mothers and step sons and daughters. Why so? What can be done to avoid such friction or hatred?

You may answer one or both.

The world has to change

The world has changed;
The world continues to change;
I am not against the world changing;
Nobody can stop the world from changing;
But let it change for the better;
Let it change from what we don’t want
To what we want;
Not from what we want to what we don’t want;
That’s not what we want;
We don’t want what we are seeing all over;
We don’t want shootings and killings;
We don’t want violence;
We don’t want hatred and enmity;
That’s not the new world we want.
We want a new world of love and understanding;
A new world of solidarity.
So we have to change our thoughts;
And change our ways;
If we do, the world will change.

Love turned to hatred

Have you ever seen
Love that turned into hatred?
The word fierce is not enough;
But, for lack of a better word,
That’s what I’ll use.
Push not the love
That burns in your love’s heart
To turn into hatred;
It can cause disaster.
If you have seen a hurricane;
That’s how it can be;
Fierce and destructive.

A serious reason to worry

There is something we should all worry about.Pa$ Ma Ngobs


Can you guess?


The high rate of love in the world turning into hatred is something to worry about.

Why does love in many marriages turn into hatred?

When two young people meet and agree to get married and spend their lives together, you will find love burning between them. You will hear them  say they will die if they do not get married. They will be passionate about each other. They will want to stay with each other all day. They will hate to be disturbed.

The day they get married will be the best day in their lives. You will find them smiling and smiling from jaw to jaw.

Yet after marriage, in very many cases, it will not take long before they start to quarrel; and the love will turn into hatred.  The marriage will end on the rocks.

What goes wrong?wedding

Why would a boy and a girl love themselves so madly before marriage but after marriage they begin to hate each other to the point of not DSC_0106wanting to see each other and end up in divorce?

What can be done to prevent love in marriage turning into hatred?

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