Pain of love

Let me tell you the truth;
The state of my heart
Before now was different;
It was my head
That used to ache;
And sometimes ache
So badly, I would rush
To hospital
And have myself treated;
But ever since I met you,
It’s no more headache,
It’s heart ache;
And it aches badly;
I get real sharp pain;
Sharp pain of love.

When love becomes a farce

The four letter word,
Which is called love,
Can easily become a farce,
When it is empty inside;
If you don’t see what’s in it;
If so much talk about love,
But little love to show;
We waste no time in love;
Lest we break our heart;
It always starts sweet,
But sour before you blink;
You get a cold winter bath;
Who’s ready for such love?
Love like our divine Master
taught us to love
Self giving;
Giving and not caring
To receive;
Our love for Christ,
Is that love;
God’s love alone
never fails;
Humans fail you;
They pierce your heart;💘
Tear it in two;💔
They shatter you;👎
And turn love into a farce.

Where is the fidelity?
The unconditional love?
The patience?
The understanding?
The tolerance?
All thrown to the dogs;
So where is the love?
Where is the mutual respect?
Make no parody of love.

We are in love

I have something special,
To tell you;
I want to tell you
My mind;
My true mind;
My raw mind;
Without mincing words;
But wait a minute;
What am I telling you?
Is it my heart,
Or my mind?
Simple answer:
My mind and my heart;
I know you know it already;
You know the content
Of my mind;
What is lodged in my heart;
Ask me how I know;
Of course, I know;
I read from your eyes;
The way you look at me;
The way your eyes glitter;
The writing is clear;
It’s well carved out,
In very bold letters
I read the word LOVE;
Straight message;
Simple and clear:
You love me;
You are telling me,
You love me;
And do you know one thing?
I love you too;
I haven’t had the courage
All along to tell you;
But now I do;
I can’t hide it any more;
My emotions have
Outgrown my heart;
The river has overflown
Its banks;
The truth has come out
In black and white;
For all to see;
Especially for you to see.
You love me;
I love you.
We are in love.

Tell me about your love

Let us talk love today;
Are you in love,
Or out of love?
Do you know
The pleasure of love,
Or the pain of love;
Are you experiencing
The joy of love
Or the grief of love?
Is love embellishing
Your heart with the flowers
Of happiness
Or wrenching it
With the blade of sorrow?

Love can be sweet,
But it can also be bitter;
It can build
But it can also destroy;
It can edify;
It can also debase;
It is a doubled edged sword;
You must know where
And how
You handle it;
Hold it on the sharp blade,
And it tears open your heart,
Leaving you heart broken💔,
With blood oozing out.

From time immemorial,
We know the nature of love;
Sweet when there is intimacy,
Bitter when there is aloofness.
What I want is a sweet love,
A love that is pure and generous;
Not a love that is selfish,
And heartrending;
Tell me about your love.

Talk heart to heart

Can we dialogue
Heart to heart?
Can you tell me
In your heart?
And I tell you
In my heart?
That will be talking
Heart to heart;
You pour out
The content of your heart
To me,
I pour out
The content of my heart
To you;
I open up to you,
You open up to me;
That is real love.
Where there is love,
There is communication
Heart to heart;
Where there is no love,
No communication
Heart to heart.
I want us
To communicate
Heart to heart.
Shall we?
That will show
We are deeply in love.

No faint heart

A faint heart
Will not take you far;
A strong heart
Is what you need,
In today’s
Challenging world;
With many trying times;
To which ever side you turn,
You have challenges to face;
And sure, all alone,
You cannot sail through;
You need support to do so,
And no support
Is more than the one
That comes from God.
Lean on God;
Depend on God;
Rely on God;
He will stand by you.
And never fail you;
That is the great God
That we have.
A God who never fails;
A God you can trust;
An almighty God.
And to put your trust
In God,
Is no easy thing to do;
You need a strong heart;
A heart of courage;
A faint heart
Won’t do you any good.
No faint heart.

How to find what you seek

You can find what you seek;
You can always find
What you seek,
If you go about it rightly.
If you seek God
With all your heart
And might,
Making Him whom you seek
Your Senior Partner
In your seeking,
You will find him;
If you seek success
With all your heart
And might,
Making God
Your Senior Partner
In your effort,
You will find him;
If you seek love
With all your heart
And might,
Making God
Your Senior Partner
In your search,
You will find it;
If you seek gold
With all your heart
And might,
Making God
Your Senior Partner
In your endevour,
You will find it;
Whatever you seek
With all your heart
And might,
Making God
Your Senior Partner,
You will find.