Right to love

You are right to love;
I believe in love;
My heart beats with love;
I like to love;
You are right to love;
I enjoy being loved;
So too I believe you love;
Who does not like to love?
Who does not like to be loved?
That you may be loved;
You are right to love.


Thank you for your love

I saw your love;
You gave me your shoulder
On which to lean;
Soft gentle words
You said to me;
Your heart’s sole concern
Was so clear to me;
To console me, and from
My deep sorrow lift me;
Darkness had come
Heavy on me;
And none but you knew
How badly I felt;
My pain was deep;
My heart with sorrow bled
And there you were standing by me;
You gave me your shoulder
On which I leaned.
What else could that be but love?
Show me the action;
I will show you the love.
Thank you for your love.

A loving and caring world

Let’s build

A new world

Of love and care.


We’ll educate our minds and hearts

To love and share.

No one

With a mind and heart

Educated to love and share,

Shall like to have

It all alone

While others perish

In misery.

Give us

An education

That makes us feel

For others

And half the world’s problems

Are solved.

With love and compassion,

We shall deal with others;

Regardless of where they come from;

What their race is;

What color they are;

What language they speak,

And what position

They occupy

In society.

We’ll have a loving and caring world.