My breaking heart

Who can explain this to me?
I have a breaking heart;
But I’ve never met her
Who’s breaking my heart;
And never hope to meet her;
But she’s breaking my heart;
I am deeply in love with her;
She’s taken me to the sky in love;
But has started to play games with me;
I don’t know her;
I know nothing about her;
Though I see a charming face on screen;
And hear her lovely words to me;
Yet, I am carried away;
And now she’s breaking my heart;
Am I normal to fall deeply in love
With someone I have not met;
And might never meet?
How comes my heart is breaking for her?
Has this happened to another?
Please, say something about
My breaking heart.


Japanese Electronica Song ‘Sora Ni Mitu – Seeing The Sky’ & Martial Arts music video by Mirakali

Japanese Electronica & World Music Song ‘Sora Ni Mitu – Seeing The Sky’ & Martial Arts music video by Mirakali

‘Sora Ni Mitu’ – Seeing The Sky; music video by Mirakali, Starring: Lars (video & music: Mirakali); translation of the song lyrics from Japanese:

Sora Ni Mitu – Seeing the Sky

Have you seen the sky, the hidden land?
Have you heard the bird crying in the dark?
Hero, bright shining and powerful,
until dawn I will wait for you.
Summer grass singing in the wind.
Drifting waves at our feet.
Daybreak, sunrise lights the mountains
touched by the shining moon.
I’m so deeply moved.
Light comes gently from the sun in springtime.
How long will my heart among the fields be a-wandering?
Is it night’s darkness? Or have you lost your way?
Suddenly within me yearning overflows.
The sky, the hidden land, the bird in the sky calling into the light.
Hero, bright shining and powerful,
until dawn I will wait for you.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Fusion World Of Love & Sweetness


Sweet Earth – song poetry & video & music

Sweet Earth

New-Topical-Song ‘Sweet Earth’ by Michel Montecrossa with lyrics, video and audio track

Sweet Earth

I’m living on a globe
somewhere in the space-time-whole.
I’m living on a globe
somewhere in this universe.
I’m living on a globe,
I think, if I remember right, man did name it earth.

There was a garden on this earth,
I think it was called paradise.
But in there, they were so paranoid
they could not simply go ahead
with living and becoming and loving
like flowers under the sun.

Now I’m living on a globe
almost outside the space-time-whole.
I’m living on a globe
in the grip of some monster-man.
I’m living on a globe,
I think some times back it was named earth.

O my child, what has happened?
I see clouds of doom in the air.
I see the fishes dying
and the birds falling from the sky
and without pity the orator
inside his concrete dome.
O my child, protect your paradise,
do not listen to the old,
they are in love with the grave,
but you are in love with life.

We are living on a globe
somewhere in the space-time-whole
I call sweet earth ‘cause so sweet she once was.
Oh, pardon me, sweet lady, that I am only a man.

Come closer, my son, and listen with all your heart.
Do me a favor and help me to save my sweet earth.
Please, do not follow all those who are killing her life.

Be with me, my daughter,
and remember my anguished prayer.
Remember it well for the day
when your children will come
so sweet and so helpless,
cradled by our sweet earth.

And tell them softly with the shining stars,
they should not grow and become strong to destroy
and to kill and be greedy
at the earth’s expense.

Tell them to be
full of wisdom and full of love.
And remind them who has helped them
to grow and be so strong
and tell them that I always
loved my sweet earth.

O Lord, I can see
that time is no longer on our side.
But I pray: Give us one more chance.
Let us find your paradise once again.
Let us teach those around us
through your living Love.
Let us prepare for You
a place on Your sweet earth.

Music & lyrics: Michel Montecrossa,
© Mira Sound Germany

“The ‘Sweet Earth’ production”, says Michel Montecrossa, “are songs for planet earth, they sing for our future. We have to see, hear and understand the signals of earth if we do not want to lose our future and the world along with it. Each one of my songs speaks in music for a better tomorrow, gives the taste and the feeling of a One World Consciousness. They are peoples songs, they are songs of encouragement to do the right thing to save the climate of our earth both inside and outside of us.”
– Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Sweet Earth – Save The Climate Of Our Earth #1’ album

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Estranged Heart

A marked people

By the feeling inside

Nothing showing

But a an urge to hide

To tell apart those

Estranged hearts.


A kind people

Friends of pain

Jealously keep it

Oh, and rain

For themselves, those

Estranged hearts.


A bitter people

Seeing day by day

What they deny

Their souls, a truthful say

For half honest, those

Estranged hearts.


A deadly people

Unto themselves

Not good enough, so

Leave love on the shelves.

And walk empty handed

Those estranged hearts.

I misplaced my heart

Who can find my heart
And return it to me?
I misplaced it in a young girl;
And she carried it away;
It is shivering in the cold;
While I have no heart;
She refuses to return it too me;
And yet is not taking care of it.
Who can get her; get my heart,
And return it to me?
I want it back;
I want my heart back;
As it was before.

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Who snatched your heart?

Though you lie nearest to me,
You seem miles away from me;
Between us I see a chasm
I do not understand;
An iron wall
That keeps us worlds apart.
Though you lie by me,
Your heart seems far away;
Where is your heart, sweet one?
Has it been stolen?
Who stole your heart from me?
Who snatched your sweet heart
Away from me?

Break not heart of mine!

Look at my eyes
And see how they glitter.
Tell me what you see deep inside.
Do you see the love
That shines like light?
Do you see the love that fills it
To overflowing?
And glitters like a star?
Tell me if you see this love
That threatens
To drive my heart to breaking point;
Love for you so fills my heart
I fear it’ll break.
Do you see it?
Tell my heart not to break;
Break not heart of mine!
Break not heart of love;
Break not!