Help us O Lord

We cannot provide for ourselves O Lord,
Nor save ourselves
From the dangers
That surround us;
We are helpless;
We cannot protect
Ourselves from evil men
Who are everywhere
Around us;
Only you can;
Nothing in life
Can we do on our own;
It’s only you
Who can will it,
On you alone, we depend
For our needs and safety;
You hold our lives in
Your divine hands;
Before you, we kneel;
To you, in prayer,
We submit our lives;
Take full control
O God, our Father;
Keep away our enemies;
All power is in you;
You can do anything
You want;
And so to you we cry,


Effort is useless when Help is not available

Help is a vital part in God’s creation and as humans we need help along the way as we journey here on earth in order for us to have a fulfilled life. Genesis 2:18

You maybe talented but you need a coach!

According to dictionary: Help is the activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose.

According to google: It is to make it easier or possible for someone to do something by offering them one’s services or resources.

Features of help:

  • Help is sweet when it comes as a surprise
  • Help is sweet when it comes from a person you least expect
  • Help is sweet when it comes at a time you least expect it. Gen 18:1-15
  • Help is sweet when it comes from a place you least expect it.
  • Help is sweet when it takes a less effort to get it. Little or no effort. 1Chronicles 13:1-‬14

Who is a helper?

Always help when you can

A helper is someone willing to lend or give you his or her platform. Luke 5:1-3

May God connect you to men and women who are willing to help you in Jesus name.

A helper is someone who makes him/ herself an answer to your questions.

Many of us have questions begging for answers just like Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome asking who will roll away the stone for us?
Mark 16: 3

May you be connected to men and women with solution to your problem in Jesus name.

A helper is someone who is willing to assist you with his or her superior knowledge and ability. Luke 5:4

May you be connected to a helper that will help you to get that net breaking miracles in Jesus name.

A helper is a bridge between your potential and your performance.

You have the skills, talents, ability and qualifications but no platform to launch. May you be connected to people who are willing to show you the way and put you through in Jesus name.

A helper is someone who brings out the opportunity to demonstrate what you carry.

You need someone who will say this is my shoulder climb.

A helper is someone who is fulfilled by helping you and derives joy in your success.

Why do I need help?

Never be afraid to help others in their time of need

  • You need help because you are not immune from human challenges. Life challenges doesn’t exempt anyone.
  • You need help because you can’t handle life’s challenges alone. You need people Deuteronomy 33:6‭-‬7
  • You need help because of the complicated and unforeseen nature of life. John 2:1-11
  • You need help because it certify God’s basic part for creation. Genesis 2:18
  • You need help if you want to live an extra ordinary life.
  • You need help because it makes one arrives early in the journey of life. Exodus 2:15-18

When do I need to ask for help?

  • You need to ask for help when you don’t know what to do.
  • You need to ask for help when tragedy is about to happen.
  • You need to ask for help when you have an abandoned project.

Types of helpers:

We rise by lifting others

  • You need a willing and capable helper. Someone who has what you need and is ready to give you.
  • You need timely helper. 2Sam 21:15-17
  • You need a tireless helper. Mark 2:1-5
  • You need unsolicited helper. Exodus 2:15-17
  • Sometimes you need a compelled helper.

There are some people that will help you not necessarily because they want to but because there’s a power that compels them. Matthew 27:32

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Help me (Be inspired today 207 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Help me succeed!
Will you?
I can’t just find my way;
I am lost;
Who will rescue me
If you don’t?
Who will hold my hand?
Please, do;
Help me succeed;
Don’t leave me alone;
Rescue me
Or I perish;
Man does not live alone;
Man lives by man;
Hold my hand
When I need you;
Help me find my way;
I will hold your hand;
I will support you;
We must support each other.

Suffering from depression?

Are you suffering
From depression?
Or do you know someone
Who is suffering
From depression?
There’s help;
Jessica of Empowered People
’empower’ people, says,
Blogging helps depression.
If you don’t mind it,
Take a look at
What she says.

And if you want to go further,
Help Guide, ‘a trusted guide to mental health and wellness’, has
Coping with depression.
With this, you can adequately cope with depression and sadness.

If you are not suffering
From depression,
But know someone who is,
Why not pass this on?

I don’t mind it

I see it clearly;
You don’t value
The support I give you,
I don’t mind it;
I see it clearly;
You don’t appreciate
The help you get from me;
No problem for me;
I see it clearly;
You don’t acknowledge
My assistance to you,
That’s okay for me.
I will continue
To support you;
To help you;
To assist you;
I will continue
To do my best for you.
I will not relent
In my effort
To help you succeed.

Help me, O God!

Help me O God;
Help me, my Lord,
My protector and guide,
Help me, this day;
Guide me;
Direct me,
To know where to go
From here;
Where I find myself;
I am at a loss;
I don’t know my way;
I can’t find my way;
I look but do not see;
I see but know not
What I see;
You alone can help me out;
I cannot help myself.
Please, God, help me!

The gift of helping others is a blessing

Helping people is a gift. There are some people who possess this gift in great abundance and others who don’t. Those who possess it help with ease. They easily find situations where they can help and do not waste time to help.

The gift of helping is a good gift to have. What is good, it can be cultivated. To cultivate this gift, start to look for opportunities to help in everyday life. When you find them, use them to help.

Do not help to be rewarded. Do not help to be recognized. Do not help to be praised. Help only to use the gift of helping that God has blessed you with. Help as a service to God; for when you help a fellow human being, you are, indeed serving God.

Although your motivation for helping should not be to be rewarded, you usually end up being rewarded; and the reward is always more than you could ever imagine. No help goes unrewarded. If you are not rewarded at once, you are rewarded eventually; and always in a big way.

If you are not naturally blessed with the gift of helping, cultivating it is a worthwhile exercise.

Many are around you

Don’t say there’s no one
To lift you up
When you fall;
I am right there for you;
And He who is mightiest
Is there for you always as well;
Don’t say you are alone
To carry your heavy load;
I am right there for you;
And He who abandons no one
Is there for you always as well;
If you can’t lean on me,
Lean on Him;
If you can’t hold my hand
To come out of the pit,
Hold His hand;
He stretches it out to you.
Don’t say you are alone.
You are not alone.
We are many who surround you.
And He who is mightiest
Is always there for you.

Inspiration for this poem came from the poem “No one” found on Words from a little person blog by NYX.

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