Could you just listen?

All I ever wanted him to do was just listen

All I ever needed him to do was first listen

But all he seemed to do was the contrary

He deemed it more important to fix me

Barely had I started before he proposed a solution

But how can you help someone without being able to listen?

How can you solve what you don’t know all about?

Is it possible we are in such a haste with ourselves?

And even worse with each other?

I don’t know about you

But I cherish one who listens

I really try my best to

And sometimes that’s all that was needed

Listen to yourself and get to know you

Listen to your child and get to know them

Listen to your family, friends and partner and get to know them

In listening we show we care

In listening we get the feel

In listening we get to be real

Telling it all ain’t always easy

And now, could you just listen???

(c) Marie Abanga

P.s: An exceptional poetic prompt on the last day of the month while doing my monthly review. I am so grateful for the gift of listening. I listened to a client yesterday for 60 minutes and was so glad I did near uninterrupted. She felt so relieved and told me no one had listened to her like this since she developed what I think is a postpartum depression 6years ago. Imagine if she had just been listened too? It was emotional and I don’t think she is the only one who would appreciate being listened too. I was once on the other side too. Be inspired and motivated everyone