Let us start

Thank God
For the opportunity
To start again;
Let us start again;
And this time,
Let us aim higher;
And shoot higher;
Is an opportunity
To start again,
And both aim higher,
But shoot higher.
So, please,
Let us start again;
And aim higher;
And shoot higher.


Start small end big

Do you know a day
That started on low gear,
But ended in a high gear?
A great many days
Are that way;
They start on low key,
And end on high key;
From low key to high key;
But it does not happen
On its own;
It is made to happen;
If your day started
On a low gear today;
Make it end on a high gear;
And if it already started
On a high gear,
Make it end on a higher gear;
If it started
On a higher gear,
Make it end on the highest gear.
It is in your power to do it;
Don’t say it isn’t;
Because it is.
Make it end on the highest gear.
Start on low key to highest key;
Start small, end big.
Start at the bottom,
End at the summit.

A deep conversation

I want us to have a deep conversation;
Which I hope will lead to conversion;
If we open our hearts to each other
It will lift our relationship higher.
I don’t believe in deadlock;
I believe in dialogue;
To succeed with people even in marriage,
Dialogue, I strongly encourage.
To have peace in your house,
Always have conversations with your spouse.