Highlighted blogs Thursday from 31/8/2017

Hello everybody! Hope you are fine. Best of luck today and ever after! Here are our new highlighted blogs.

1. howmybrainthinks

Hi, I only recently wanted to start writing and right now all I am looking for is some acknowledgement and maybe some feedback.
I’ve never written before but really want to give it a go. Any tips are appreciated.
Here’s my link:

2. Ashley Hyun

Hello, and thank you for this opportunity! I started this writing blog today and I will be regularly writing stories, poems, essays, and reviews! (I’m really funny, I swear) I really hope that you guys will check it out since it’ll mean the WORLD to me.


3. forcepsmagazine

Hi! My blog or online magazine, includes a wide range of topics, I bet you’ll find something which you adore! We post daily, and try to write the most mind-blowing and educational articles, as well as entertaining our readers. Our dream is to have lots of readers, who appreciate our work! Thank you


4. Durgesh Tripathi

Hi, I am Durgesh Tripathi, I am a motivational trainer and life coach. Started blogging to share and learn with this world.

Writing is my passion. Take time to read my blogs. Lets make blogging world more inspiring.

Click this link and share your feedback comment..


Thanks success inspirers’ world, you are serving and helping us. Lets together create something new.

5. Hi I’m Emma and I am a young new lifestyle blogger! http://www.mylifeasemalouise.wordpress.com

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Highlighted blogs Tuesday 29/8/2017

Hello! We are happy to present to you our new highlighted blogs. These are five lovely blogs inviting you to visit them. It doesn’t take long. Thanks for your spirit of sharing. “Sharing is caring.”

1. goldenspiritblog

Hi! I’m Camila and I started my blog very recently. It would be great if you could check it out. I will gladly check your blog, just ask me ! I’m open to suggestions and feedback. Thank you so much!

Come say hi! https://goldenspiritblog.wordpress.com/ ♡

2. Hi, My name is Nequia. My blog mainly consist of a daily journal of my struggles and how I overcame them. Also, you can find poetry on my blog and other random things.

3. Hey there, I’m Allison and my blog All About Allison Ann is a new lifestyle blog that will feature anything from fashion and beauty blogs to college life and advice posts. for more information, check it out for yourself at http://www.allaboutallisonann.wordpress.com

4. emshortlifestyle

What a wonderful idea, thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my blog! I’m brand new to blogging and have only been here a week or so, but my posts range from fashion and beauty, film and tv and lifestyle! I aim to create content my readers want to see so I plan on branching out into travel, cooking and reviews as my readership grows! You can check me out at https://emshortlifestyle.wordpress.com I would really appreciate it!

5. missmurdermystery

Hello everyone! I’m new to blogging and I’ll be writing books reviews on my blog. I highly encourage the readers to suggest what books I should be reviewing. I hope that you can help me. In return, I’ll be checking out these new blogs as well since it would be a great guide for me too. Thank you and God bless!

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Highlighted blogs Saturday

  1. Imani-Amour

Hello everybody! I run a writing blog where I post poems. short stories, theories, book reviews, articles and things of that sort. I’m looking to grow my blog into a writing community where any writers can go for a safe space to share/get feedback on work. If you’re interested, check it out and I’ll do the same for your blog!
Have a great day!


2. Lauren

Hey! I just started blogging again! I write about my experiences, people who inspire me and many more!


3. Peter Adewumi

I’m more than happy to be associated with this blog: https://yoursuccessinspirer.com/
You have already welcomed most of my posts, and there is a growth on my site. Thanks a lot. Why won’t I love to be promoted in a a blog where I am accepted as an author? This is my URL: https://adewumipeterblog.wordpress.com/
Best wishes!


Peter Adewumi




4. Osharlequin

The WorldofHarley is a writing blog written by me, myself and the voices in my head. I’m the Oldschool Harlequin! Also known as Jack. I promote madness, chaos and silliness in all its forms! Isn’t that great?! I mean, who doesn’t want to be insane at least once in their life?!

I write of things both nightmarish and wondrous. I write of things that can mesmerize and traumatize. I write of things both good and evil. I write of the things in my mind, the outlandish realm that resides in my head. The land shifts and warps at every moment of the day, revealing further horrors and oddities. You never know what I could unleash one day from the next.

Come have a gander at the blog at http://worldofharley.wordpress.com/ and say hi!





5. Kelli G.

Hi thanks for the opportunity! My name is Kelli and I am the author of The Virtuous Teen Blog. The blog is dedicated to Christian young adults (30 and under) seeking to grow in a relationship with Christ. All ages are welcome. This is not a typical Christian blog. There are devotionals, discussions, and lots of laughs! There are also a number of fun topics and things pertaining to youth life of today. Please stop by and leave a comment on your favorite post! http://Www.Thevirtuousteen.wordpress.com

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Highlighted blogs

Hello friends!
Today we are highlighting four blogs. We invite you to be as sweet to these bloggers as you always are by visiting them and making them your friends. Friends help us grow. The more friends we have the better for our blogging.

1. KathrinS

What an awesome idea and concept! If you still have a space I’d love to be promoted. My blog is around 1 month old, and it follows my journey as I set up my new life in London.

Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

2. nandukeyur

Hello people my blog is all about various things that I like to express through writing.Hope you all will express what you feel about my blog. Thank you success inspirer’s world for this beautiful opportunity.

3. Lemon zest

Hi , my blog , Lemon Zest , is about travel , food and my deeper asipirations and inspirations. I had a really bad incident in life a few months ago , and writing heloed me to find who i truly am and to regain my confidence. Thankyou for this !

4. Avishek Singh

Hello, My blog is all short stories. I’m a newbie here so a audience who like my good work or ready to criticize me for my bad work is welcomed. I don’t want to say much about my stories it’s better if you just have a look at it. My aim here is to become a better writer with time. https://avisheksingh11.wordpress.com

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Highlighted blog – Joanna Pena

Joanna Peña

Hi! My blog is a poetry blog called The Cinderblock Garden. As my tagline says, it’s a place for me to lay my thoughts and bury my skeletons. I’m hoping that people will read my blog and find pieces of themselves in my writing; maybe even a little bit of inspiration. My goals include provoking thought, empowering the spirit and making people feel understood.


Thanks for giving us all this opportunity!

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Highlighted post day 4

A n R

Hi guys, we’re two high school girls who started a blog together. We don’t write about a certain topic or anything, just express whatever we feel strongly about. Check out our blog growmupmess.wordpress.com

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Highlighted blog 2


Hello success inspirer world thank for this platform to share our thought too. God bless you and your team. Check my site out http://www.apostlespeaks.wordpress.com
View it, comment on it…. thank you for checking my site.

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