Where is Hillary today?

You want to know where is Hillary
After concession speech?
Well, she must be taking a rest;
She needs one;
She worked so, very hard;
But God wanted it differently
For her;
Let her take a rest;
Moments of quiet reflection;
She has made history;
Where she ended,
Let another woman continue!


Bravo Hillary!

Who will join me?
To say bravo to Hillary?
Bravo Hillary!
You did it girl;
You got to the summit;
And could go no further;
Bravo, lovely one!
Yes, they called you names
Just to get what you wanted;
Take it easy, lady;
That’s life;
It can be tough;
And sometimes cruel;
That you know so well;
You’ve had a fair share
Of its joys and its sorrows;
Bravo girl;
You lost a big battle;
But your flag flies high;
That, none can take from you;
There is more work to do;
Take a rest;
And go back to work;
History is made in many ways;
You’ve made history, yes;
Continue to make history;
What you’ve done,
Is nothing compared to
What lies ahead of you;
What you still have to do
Waits for you;
Take a rest;
And get back to work;
Continue to make it big,
In other ways.
Bravo, my lady!

One month to go

In one month, we’ll know
Who of the two:
Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump
Will be the next president of
The United States of America;
Whoever is,
History shall be made.
Already, however, God knows
Who that shall be;
No matter what we say,
And no matter what we do,
The choice shall be determined
By Him.
He passes through us humans
To carry out His plan for the world;
And then we think we are the ones
Who have done it.

There was a clear winner

The writing is clear on the wall;
One could see it in the debate;
The first presidential debate
For election 2016;
Hillary and Trump lurked horns;
Supporters of both candidates
Surely will claim victory
Each for their candidate;
Normal in the political game;
But deep down everybody knows
who emerged the winner;
The writing is clear on the wall;
There was a clear winner;
A landslide victory waits ahead;
Doubters may continue to doubt;
When the time comes they will see.
What we cannot change, let’s accept.

Clinton or Trump

Who is the winner of the debate?
Clinton or Trump?
Who is the winner of the election?
Clinton or Trump?
Who is better for president?
Clinton or Trump?
Who is your choice?
Clinton or Trump?
Who do you reject?
Clinton or Trump?
Who is the loser of the debate?
Clinton or Trump?
Who will lose the election?
Clinton or Trump?
Who upholds American values?
Clinton or Trump?
Who makes you proud
Clinton or Trump

Radical candidate

The Republican candidate in the White House race this year, Donald Trump is a radical candidate. He has radical ideas. His platform is radical.

Some Americans subscribe to this platform; but many Americans do not seem to buy it. It does not square with the values on which the American nation was founded.

I have followed reactions around the world and many people do not appreciate Mr. Trump’s radical views. Many think that if he became president the world would become more unsafe right on day one.

America is generally seen as the leader of the world; and many expect her to  go for bridge-building among people and nations not walls- building.

The path Mr Trump has taken is one that will make the US not only to be distrusted, but hated and isolated in the world.

A lot of those who are watching the unfolding of today’s business in the United Sates at a distance are comforted by the fact that many high level personalities in Mr. Trump’s party have distanced themselves from his campaign. This is reassuring; and an indication that this leader of the free world is still ready and able to assume leadership in advancing the values which the world most needs.

Mr. Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton has opted for a moderate approach; and it is very evident that the majority of right thinking Americans are on board her train.

Daily prompt: Radical.

Big wrestling day in America

November 8 is coming;
Big wrestling day in America;
And the wrestling bout,
The whole world will watch;
One wrestler is called Trump;
The other is called Hillary;
Who will trump the other?
Who will make the other stump?
It’s wait and see;
Can a woman ever trump a man?
We are all eyes;
Women say they can do what men can do;
Shall they prove it this time?
Or all they can do is talk?
If Hillary trumps Trump,
Trump will become a stump;
If Trump trumps Hillary,
Hillary will become a stump;
For now, it’s time for each to stump
The country to win support.
The truth is one must trump the other.

Daily Prompt

America’s world leadership

Should it ever be said
That financial giant, Donald Trump gave up?
Mr. Trump has to hold fast;
Why would anyone want Mr. Trump to give up?
If you don’t praise him for sticking on, I do;
An American dies but never surrenders;
But Donald Trump knows what many know;
Donald Trump is politically dead;
Not still to die;
It’s only not been announced;
The formal announcement is scheduled for
The early hours of November 9, 2016;
Mr. Trump will make the announcement himself;
The writing is clear on the wall;
Americans are wise and smart;
Americans are great;
Americans are men and women of honor;
Many around the world believe in America;
People everywhere trust America;
Billions like me look up to America and Americans;
For leadership; to show the light;
Can America fail us?
Can America give darkness instead of light?
America will never fail its admirers;
Of that I am sure;
Why should anyone expect America to fail the world
In this election?
Thank you, American of this generation;
You stand for and are fighting for
The same America your founders founded over
400 years ago.
Well done America!
Your wise choice in this election
Gives you world leadership.

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Don’t Americans weaken their leaders?

American presidents perform less than they are capable of doing. Do you know why? Before they become president, they are already weakened. Americans weaken their leaders maybe without knowing or wanting to. The system they have put in place makes them weaken their leaders by being too critical of them. Before you become a leader in the US, you are virtually torn apart, dissected, and disabled by the public – media, fellow politicians, your opponents and the public in general. This, I think is not good.

True that it is done in the name of democracy, freedom of expression etc. But what I am asking myself is if this helps. Who does it help? How does it help?

There will never be a time in our times when the world will have perfect human beings. That might be possible in future centuries but not in ours. Those who want a saint to be their president are fighting a lost battle. We all make mistakes in our lives. The fact that I might have made a mistake at one time in my life does not mean I will make the same or a similar mistake in future.

What is important is what I am now not what I was yesterday. It is what I have proven capable of doing now and in the future. If I have made no mistake in the past but there are indications that I may make mistakes in the future, I am worse than someone who has made mistakes in the past, learned from them and is ready to stay clear of them in future.

What is important is how Hillary plans to handle E-mails when she becomes President not what she did with emails when she was in office as Secretary of State. If the later is important, it should not be blown beyond proportions. I get upset and confused when the same Americans who have taught me over the years not to let my past define me are letting the past define them. History is important to build the future by avoiding the mistakes of the past not refusing to give anyone a chance because they made a mistake in the past. Americans are at the forefront of rags-t-riches stories, meaning they believe in changing for the better. How comes it in politics they hang on what people have done?

I will understand if from a moral perspective someone’s immoral past disqualifies them for public office not that someone is deprived of the opportunity to serve because in trying to do their work in the past they made a mistake or two. Let anyone who has lived a mistake-free life step forward and present themselves. Even the greatest men and women in history made mistakes.

When Americans scrutinize and criticize their leaders too much, they not only tear them apart they inhibit them; and when such inhibited persons get to power they tend to perform less than they are really capable of performing.

I dare to call on dear Americans to criticize their leaders less. Tear your leaders apart less, dear Americans; inhibit your leaders less. Judge them on what they say and do now not on what they said and did yesterday. What are Hillary and Trump doing now? What are they ready to do now? Looking at their pronouncements now, can they be trusted? not what they said and did many years ago.

Why do I go into all this? Who am I to give a lesson to anyone? I am a citizen of the world. I have a right to talk about this because an American president has a world impact. An American election to the White House concerns me as well. If the world becomes unsafe because of the leadership given by America, all of us will suffer. I thank and congratulate the wise, honest and honorable American leaders who are courageous enough to speak out in favor of the right path for their country and the world; who have taken the path that should be taken without fear or favor. Who are consistent with American values.

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