Holy Spirit Sermon

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Journaling With God

Have you ever considered that God wants to speak with you? Maybe you should try journaling with God. He wants to open His heart up to you. In this video I share some personal journaling with you, as well as an excerpt from Matthew Robert Payne’s book Conversations with God Book 3 on his chapter, “Trouble.” I hope this encourages you to start your own interactions with God in written form. God bless you! 🙂

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“Me, Myself, and I”

A hanging photograph reflects my life, or does it? The sun’s glare creates a haze over the frame of remembrance for it looks a little vague. Faintly in the distance, reflections of my life are reduced now to an eight by ten. Who am I? I think I am nothing but a picture sitting on a shelf. My story is the same as yours – a few captured moments of smiles. The rest of your breath is consumed in some kind of drama or struggle.

I see our moments posing for the camera, but no one knows what life is like when the cameras are not rolling, right? After a lot of thought, I’ve narrowed it down… life is like moving the forest. It’s difficult at best. We must start by asking for a helping hand.

So, today, I asked the Lord to make me strong and heal my conscious mind. I started the morning in prayer as there’s no one else who can help with my struggles, except “me, myself, and I.” But suddenly, I realized the “I” in this cliché is God, not me! Yes, God is always with each of us, even in the most obscure picture of life. The selfies we surround ourselves with will only become complete after we learn it’s God who brings us to the here and now.

Subsequently, I decided to investigate the old cliché a little further. Who is me in “me, myself, and I?” I see it explicitly – me is the body, Christ’s body!

Myself is the spirit of the Holy Ghost lying deep within our soul.

Image by catholic-catechism.com.ng

The I is our wonderful and loving God, ever present in all our circumstances.

God blesses us with life, hope, and truth and the power to go forward, moving the forest we call life. The kingdom of God was born within you! God bless!


God is a Ghost


This is a poem from a while back. Enjoy!

The cobwebs, the crooked doors, and the darkened hallways
I forget to acknowledge myself in all my ways
I forget there is one constant in all of the universe
It still has to run its course
When I feel all alone
I forget there is a soul of mine I can call my own
Aliens, ghosts, and skeletons
But don’t you forget God is a ghost
He has come to give you what you need most
You should fear this ghost
He can mysteriously pop up in front of you during the day
Sometimes it appears he is unseen
But he knows what you need
He has come to reap and comfort
For he alone can heal our hurt
Don’t forget God’s a ghost
And he loves you very much
Don’t forget his mysterious power

(C) Carly Wiggins 2007


Prayer for today

O God of heaven and earth;
God of the universe;
God of all nations;
God of all peoples;
O God of our fathers;
Who can ever appreciate you
Enough for your wonderful
Love for us;
You continue
To keep us alive;
Many have gone ahead;
But here we are,
Unworthy as we are;
What are we without you?
Even flies and ants and maggots
Will be more than us;
Grant us the wisdom
To make you number one
In our lives;
I mean the center of our lives;
Where there is darkness,
Give us light;
Where there’s no hope,
Fill our hearts with hope;
Where our faith is shaky,
Make it steady, firm and hard
Like a rock;
And where we are in need,
Supply our needs;
Protect us from all evil ones;
And keep our hearts and minds
Focused on you;
Send us your angels
To accompany us wherever we go;
May the Holy Spirit be our source
Of strength and wisdom!
Today, and for all times, amen!

Hands Off!! Pentecost is for the Church


This day of Pentecost is a special day like none other. It’s the third biggest celebration of the Christian year, behind Christmas and Easter. Christmas and Easter have been hijacked by, secular culture. We have reduced Christ’s work of salvation in His birth, death, and resurrection into pagan festivals. In the secularization of Christmas,’ we replaced the shouts of angels in Luke’s Gospel.