Make a name to be proud of

What are you doing
To your name?
Are you building
Or destroying it?
Are you making a name
That you will be proud of
Or one that you will be
Ashamed of?
What does your name mean
To those who know you?
What does your name mean
To those who hear it called?
Does your name inspire?
Does your name annoy?
When your name is called,
Does it draw respect
Or disrespect?
You have to manage your name;
So that it is fruitful
Not barren;
So that it bears sweet fruit
Not sour fruit;
So that when people hear it
They will feel happy not bitter;
They will smile not frown;
Yes, manage your name well;
So that your progeny
May inherit a blessing
Not a curse;
So that they may be proud
Not ashamed
Of their family name.
Mind what you do to your name.
Some names are great;
Some names are a disgrace.
Some names give honor;
Some names evoke hate;
Some names evoke love.
Think about the name
You are building
And the name
You will leave behind
After your earthly life.
Make a name to be proud of.


Hello children!
Do you listen
To your parents?
Do you obey
Your parents?
Do you love
Your parents?
Do you honor
Your parents?
Do you help
Your parents?
Do you dialogue
With your parents?

Good children
Live happily
Their parents;
Good children
Listen to
Their parents;
Good children
Their parents.
Good children
Their parents;

Tell me what you have
To add to this list.

Don’t make them ashamed of you.

When you were born, I believe, your parents were happy and proud of you. They were happy and proud to have a child like you. Did they celebrate? Most probably they did. I can visualize friends and relatives coming from far and near with gifts to celebrate. It was a great time.IMG_20141226_135843

Everybody was happy and proud of you.

What is the situation today? Are these same people still happy and proud of you? Is
your country proud of you?

If you are making the most of your talents, chances are high your parents, friends and admirers are proud of you.

If you are honest, diligent, and determined to make it big in life, they will be proud of you. If you are hard working and responsible, chances are your family, friends and community will be proud of you. Your country will be proud of you as well.

We are already moving

We are already moving

If you are irresponsible and live a reckless life that is marked by many vices, your people cannot be proud of you.You country cannot be proud of you. You have no reason to do this.

You owe your people – family, friends, and country, a duty to make them proud of you. And if you do not make them proud of you, please, spare them the sorrow of making them asham

ed of you.