How was your day?

Your day must have been great;
That was my wish for you.
I hate when your day is not good;
Why should things not go for you?
But it’s not bad anyway;
That helps to make you strong;
Tell me how was your day;
What did you do?
Where did you go?
What did you like?
And what did you dislike?
Why not take off a little time to share?
Sharing brings us close;
And makes us team;
The more team we are,
The stronger we are;
And that makes us succeed more.


How was your day? No 37

You may have something to share but lack someone to share it with – a good thing; a bad thing that happened to you or somebody else; a thing that hurts; a thing that is making life great or bad for someone somewhere. You can share it here.Did you travel? Did you learn something worth shouting to the world. The first time I traveled to the West, I was truck by the way people were working – very hard. I was determined to share that with my people on my return to let them know that you have to work very hard to make it. Feel free to express any of your thoughts here.Thanks for sharing.

How was your day today? No 36

What can you share about your day today or yesterday? Did you come across anything that caught your attention? Where did you go? Did you spend time with friends and family? Did you read or hear something on radio, television that caught your attention? You are free to share it here. People enjoy reading about others. Your story may inspire someone somewhere.

How was your day? No 35

What do you have to share?
I had a difficult time signing
Into the web;
Can’t say what went wrong,
But it was hard.
At last however,
I made it;
What a reflection of life;
When things are hard,
Don’t take that to be final;
Gird your loins and charge;
Surely, you will come out
Victorious like a hero;
Now tell me;
How was your day today?

How was your day today? No 31 Speak out

I heard with sorrow what happened in Belgium. My heart goes to the unfortunate victims and their families. Innocent ones lost their lives or were injured. May God touch the hearts of people so that incidents like these should end at once!

Outside this, is there any other thing worth sharing? Send us the ball.

Are you following the US elections? What is your take on what is happening at the moment?

Happy blogging!

How was your day today? No 29 Speak out!

How was your day today? How have things been faring for you since you last shared with us? Is there anything significant happening in your life?

What of the state of the world? What caught your attention in the news today? What of yesterday? Or this week? Share!

As for me, I had a lot of fun Saturday and Sunday with friends, and couples with whom we interacted.


How was your day today? No 28 Speak out!

More and more people are sharing in this forum which is good. A lot of people are also sharing their views on the US presidential primaries. I like the frankness in the comments. It is good when we share.

Did you see the post on the way the US media are reporting on the election? The truth is bitter but must be said.

So how was your day today? Anything striking? What is the state of your mind or feeling at this moment?

I hope to publish a serious post on the Us elections before the end of the day as announced. I hope you enjoyed the post which introduced our blog of the day in the Solidarity Support Challenge.

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Nice day and night as you share your day and thoughts.