Lava-hot love

Every time my eyes fall on you,
My heart sparks with love;
It sparks and burns so hot,
It’s like an iron in a furnace.
Is that how hot love can be?
I fear my heart will melt
From the lava-like heat
That burns in me;
I am at a loss what to do.
Is there a lava of love
That flows from the human heart?
It burn so hot
It can melt a heart.
Tell me if it will
Melt my heart;
What must I do?


Heart on fire

If you can set a human heart
On fire
With the burning words of
That fiercely devour the heart
With enthusiasm,
To dive into the sea of the world,
All body,skin and soul,
And face the bull by the horns;
And return with pomp and triumph;
Having seen and conquered,
You shall deserve the crown
Of a hero;
Like the man himself deserves.