Philanthropy: Love of mankind

Summer is here, All I need now is love,

I rise like a dove in search for a bud,

I don’t want to bear this armor anymore,

I want love,

A green youth turning to a much darker age,

I don’t see myself growing I just stop and wait,

I was a white knight, but now it’s too late,

I want to be known as Alexander the great,

Why not live for life’s sake?

More meaning in the inner most feelings,

I hope to share with my soul mate,

My skin is brown, from another town,

Still I see friends and family with people of another background,

Rainbows all around birds singing in the background,

Why am I so worked out? I’d like to say fuck it and work out,

Fever of love reaching higher degrees,

Sometimes I wished I’d disappear, like never mind me,

I want to be set free, like a slave hoping in infinity,

Is there something wrong about me?

I hope you’re happy when you see me,

Cause I want you and me to be,