World conference on money and wealth

There is a strong an urgent need for a world conference on money and wealth. The people of the world need to know how the resources of the world are distributed and used.

Why are some so rich and some so poor? Aren’t some people exploiting others to be rich? Haven’t the rich put in place strategies to continue to be rich while the rest of the people wallow in poverty?

We have organised international conferences on women, population, and other issues important to humanity. It is time to organize an international conference on money and xray how it is accumulated, how it is shared and how it is used.

Anyone who loves humanity and hates injustice, human suffering,exploitation of man by man, cannot close their eyes to this call for an international conference on money and wealth.

If it is true that 1% of the people of the world control more wealth than the remaining 99% of the people of the world, then there is reason for concern; and a world conference on this becomes imperative.

We spend millions of dollars in efforts to bring about peace, alleviate poverty, stop wars, stop the violation of human rights, and the spread of diseases that threaten human life. How comes we have never considered sitting and talking as a world about what we are doing with the money and wealth of the world?

Today, Success Inspirer launches a strong call for a world conference on money and wealth. Let’s sit on one table and look for ways to put an end to human greed and exploitation of man by man in the area of money and wealth.

If you support this idea, if you hate the fact that a few control all the wealth of the world and the rest have to struggle and struggle to eke out a living, make your voice heard.