Misery in the heart of abundance

MY HEART BLEEDS FOR ALL THOSE LIVING INDoes your heart, with sorrow, not bleed like mine;
To see the so much suffering in the world?
When I think of the so many people who go
On empty stomachs all day long;
With not even a morsel to bite;
With no water to drink;
My heart is to pieces torn.
What of you dear friend?
Do you sleep when you go to bed?
IT PAINSIt pains to think that there are thousands
If not millions, or billions
Of God’s loving children
With no roof over their heads;
No home to go to at the end of their day;
No bed to lie on;
No one to love them;
No one to talk to; to share their frustrations of the day
Since joy they know little or none.
My heart goes for these people.
What of you dear friend?
Does your heart not bleed for them too?
krMy heart goes for all the suffering people of the world;
Especially women
Suffering from the heavy yoke
Of domestic violence;
Who are tortured, beaten and kicked every day;
Verbally and psychologically abused;
My heart bleeds for these people.
Beside whom abundance flows;
Beside whom there is waste;
Beside whom there are others
With far more than they need;
And know not what to do with their excesses.
DSCN8534Does your heart not go for them too, my friend?
So what can we do about this?
Fold our arms and sit; and do nothing;
And allow the situation to go from bad to worse!
How can we ever free ourselves before God if we do this?
How do we explain to Him that we sat by
And did nothing while his loving children
Perished in misery in the midst of abundance?
Something, we must do; and do it fast before it’s too late.
A  VOICE AGAINST SUFFERINGWe must speak out loudly and strongly;
Boldly and firmly
We must denounce the greed that has gripped people’s hearts
And turned them all to themselves to swim in abundance
While billions perish in misery;
We must let the world know
The wealth of the world is for everybody;
And not just a few;
It must be enjoyed by everybody
We must do more than speak out;
We must act;
We must do something concrete, now
Like some are already doing;
We must do more.kr