A brand new day

A brand new day has come,
The last is gone;
But what has changed;
Shall it be stormy
Like a stormy sea?
Bombarded by waves?
Or the world shall be white
With snow?
Shall the earth’s bowels
Burst open
To spit out a blazing fire?
It’s not the day by itself
That causes the storms;
It’s the men and women
Who live that day;
True, that the weather
May change;
There could be rain,
There could be sunshine;
There could be a storm,
There could be calm;
But after everything,
That is not
The determining factor;
It is what we do;
It is human action;
It can be good,
It can be bad;
It can be positive,
It can be negative;
It can be kind,
It can be wicked;
That is what determines
Whether the day is good
Or it is a bad day.
Human action is the key;
Watch what you do;
It determines your day;
They determine your life;
And affect the lives of others.
If the world is evil,
That is our doing;
We are responsible.
If we enjoy peace,
It does not fall from heaven;
It is the work of our hands;
Straight from our hearts.
Let us make our day
What we like it to be;
And what we like it to be
For us,
Let us make it for others.


We have seen things

Humans are complicated;
It is hard to read their minds;
To know what they think
Or want;
You may think you know
Or understand someone,
But you will be shocked;
They will do a thing
You cannot believe;
Shakespeare got it right;
There is hardly a way
To know what someone
Is thinking
By lookng at their face.
Many human actions,
To say the least, confound.me;
You look at them;
You cannot believe.
What some human beings do
to other human beings,
Beats all imaginations;
The word inhuman
Is not strong enough;
We have seen things.

Human dignity

Some people know nothing about treating human beings with dignity;
What about you?
Do you know?
Some people behave as if
They had a licence
To treat others as pigs:
What about you?
Do you do same?
Some peopke treat others
So shabbily
As if they owned the world
And her people;
They behave like cocks
That want to crow alone;
Or eagles
That prey on others;
That is behaving so much
As if they owned the world;
Does anybody own
The world?
Does anybody own the people
Of the world?
To the best of my knowledge,
Nobody does;
God is the sole proprietor
Of the world;
King of the universe;
The only one with powers
To do and undo.
You have no right
To treat a fellow human being
Worse than an animal.
Every single person,
Deserves to be treated
With dignity and respect.
Can we go out now
And do that?

At a complete loss

I am at a complete loss;
I don’t know what to believe,
And where
The world is heading to;
We are all quarreling
With one another;
Fighting with one another;
Destroying one another;
Killing one another;
All because we are not
Just to one another.
Injustice is our problem;
We are always trying
To cheat;
And nobody likes
To be cheated;
Can’t we save the world?
Can’t we save the human race?
If we are not careful,
We will extinct the human race;
By fighting
And destroying one another.

Quote on animals

“While in school, I was taught that animals and birds and the fishes in rivers do not have minds or do not think. That what they have is instinct; that the only living creature with a mind and the ability to think is the human being. Honesty, I do not know if this is what I actually got; and if its is true. I am still to understand what it means. The reason I say this is I have watched many birds and animals and feel convinced they are very intelligent. They certainly do not have human intelligence being that they are not humans, but I have no doubt that they have intelligence. ” Romilia Quotes