Don’t hurry too much

Hurrying too much is the problem of many people. They want everything to happen now. They want to succeed instantly. That is not possible. Be patient. Continue to work hard and do your best. Success will come your way.

A weakness everyone should avoid

There is weakness which many people have; which is regrettable indeed. It has caused many people to fail when they would have succeeded. It has caused many people to give up what they would have continued to pursue; and they would have made it big; but they gave up just when they were closest to victory; after the corner ahead was the winning point; and they would have become world champions, winning their gold crown.

Have you been able to guess what I am talking about? For some, I know it will be easy. For others, it will not. Let me not keep you in the dark land of speculation for long. It won’t serve any purpose.

What I am talking about is being too much in a hurry to win. Being too much in a hurry to grow big; to rise in position; to climb the ladder of success and get to its highest rung; wanting to make it just today; here and now; starting a business and wanting to become a millionaire in record time; with lightning speed; not ready to wait for time to play its role.

Who did I hit on the head? If that’s you fine. It’s not a fatal blow. It is rather an awakening blow; to get you out of your daze; for to be in this situation is to be in a daze.

When you are too much in a hurry to win or to get to your destination, the tendency is for you to become frustrated if the journey is taking what you consider to be too long. If you start a business and want to become a millionaire overnight, the tendency will be to give up and turn to something else if the desired results are not forth coming.

This is not the winning spirit. This is not the attitude that takes people to the summit; that turns people into champions and makes them the envy of their peers or their world.

Don’t we know that when we plant a seed we do not go everyday to dig it up to see if it has started germinating. We may water it if need be but let it go at its pace. There is a time for everything to take to grow mature. We do not push a child to walk before it has crawled; to run before walking; to fly when it cannot run.

The bottom line is, do not be too much in a hurry to win. Winning requires time to prepare – to plant the seed, water it, weed the grass, mulch and why not much more?

Being too much in a hurry to get to the winning point is a weakness to eliminate in anyone. You may hurry and take off before the angels arrive with good news for you. Be patient. It takes time for a mansion to be built. It is a hut that may be built in a day not a castle.

The king of all trees

IMG_20151021_073652You are anxious to succeed, aren’t you? Many people are; and this anxiety makes them IMG_20151025_120947want things to happen fast. In other words, they are in a hurry to succeed. They want it to happen today. They do not want to wait.

What do such people miss out?

That nature is never in a hurry. As the first “Scroll for Success” in the “The Greatest Salesman in the World” states, “To create the olive, king of all trees, a hundred years is required. An onion plant is old in nine weeks.”

If your success is an onion plant, give it nine weeks at most. If is ‘the olive, king of all trees,’  it needs years. You have to accord time to it to bear fruit.

Meanwhile, as you wait, you have to keep doing what is necessary for it to grow – water it; weed the grass around it. fertilize it; mulch it, trim it if necessary; then wait for it to grow and deliver; and as you wait, keep on keeping an eye on it to make sure what should be done is done.

Now tell me: is the success you seek an olive tree or an onion plant.

It takes time

Don’t think you can do it at a go;
It takes time to do something great;
It takes time to grow;
It takes time to go to school and earn a PhD.
It takes time to build a great life;
It takes time to build a mansion;
It takes time to write a great story;
It takes time to write a great book;
It takes time to do a marathon.
It takes time to build a great name.
It takes time to build a great following;
Don’t think you can just do it.
You know much more, don’t you?
What does it take time to do?

More haste…

God’s timing is different from human timing. Often, we hurry too much. We want things done fast. The result is we pass before the angels come.

It is not good to hurry too much. Keep in mind that you have to:“Wait and be patient, and later you will be glad you did. Keep quiet until the right time to speak, and you will gain a reputation for good sense” (Sir.1:26-27).

We usually say, “More haste, less speed.”