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People with disabilities feel hurt

People with disabilities Want you to know They are not people With inabilities; Be they physically Challenged, Visually impaired, Or hard of hearing, They get hurt When you treat them As subhuman beings; People with disabilities Hate to be pitied; They say its not pity they need; It’s your understanding; And being aware of their…

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Hurt feelings in marriage

Hurt feelings are common in love;Hurt feelings are common in marriage;But why these hurt feelings!Why hurt your spouseOr your love?Why say or do things that hurt your spouse?Hurt feelings lead to hard feelings;!And hard feelings inflict pain;You must stop hurting each other?Stop inflicting deep wounds on each other.That is not why you got married;Instead of…

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Be a good partner

If you want to be A good partner, Don’t go to bed With anger In your heart, Against your spouse; If you have a hurt, Do work it out Before bedtime; Your night Will be good; Anger is a monster You don’t take to bed; Give it no room To lie by you. Crush it…

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I hope I make myself clear?

 My dear one, I don’t know if addressing you Like this is correct; I don’t care; I no longer know how To address you; But that is not important, No time for jokes; I got up early today, To write this letter to you; To warn you against playing With my emotions; You are…

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