The pain of rejection

Have you ever been rejected?
Rejection! It pains:
It has many names;
Take whichever you like;
Kicking off;
They all mean the same thing:
The taste so bitter;
The pain acute;
The wound so deep;
Yet, some people do it
Without blinking;
It hurts, indeed;
It really hurts;
It pierces your heart;
Often done thoughtlessly;
Why tear someone’s heart
With rejection
To please your yourself?
Always consider the other;
Don’t go into a relationship
If you know
You will stab your partner
In the back along the way;
Make no one
For no tangible reason
Know the pain of rejection;
As you would not like
To be rejected,
So too does the other;
Don’t forget
The golden rule.

What hurts the most ?

What hurts the most ?

I am not talking about your disappointments because of your assumptions,presumptions or expectations going wrong and you getting upset.

I am also not talking about failures,injustice,betrayal or loneliness

The list can be never ending as per you !

But I have just one answer and that is ‘Words’

Why ?

Because, Words’ are powerful !

Words hurt more than action.

‘Words’ can cause lot of emotional pain.

“Stick & Stones may break my bones,but words will break my soul”   unknown

Intensity of the emotional pain becomes much more if these ‘words’ come from someone,who means everything to us.

Seriously do ‘words’ hurt ?

Words per se don’t hurt.It is the subjective meaning of each of us give importance to them,that alone hurts.

Strangely we can never forget the ‘Hurtful words’,though one is in mood to forgive.Check this link.
One can forgive,but can one erase the bitterness ?

” Dogs bite sometimes,people bite all the time,with their hurtful words ” Mehmuet Murat Ildan


Do you know the funny part of the ways of human beings ?

“some people hurt you and then act like you hurt them”    unknown

Thank you
Philosophy Through Photography

People with disabilities feel hurt

People with disabilities
Want you to know
They are not people
With inabilities;
Be they physically
Visually impaired,
Or hard of hearing,
They get hurt
When you treat them
As subhuman beings;
People with disabilities
Hate to be pitied;
They say its not pity they need;
It’s your understanding;
And being aware of their needs;
And creating an enabling environment for them
To realize their potentials;
People with disabilities
Hate being talked to
Or treated like little kids
Where as they are grown up;
They are full fledged adults.
They frown at the condescending attitude
Of some people
Who try to sound so superior.
There are things you should never do to a blind person.
Many people with disabilities are excelling in many and areas in life.

Hurt feelings in marriage

Hurt feelings are common in love;
Hurt feelings are common in marriage;
But why these hurt feelings!
Why hurt your spouse
Or your love?
Why say or do things that hurt your spouse?
Hurt feelings lead to hard feelings;!
And hard feelings inflict pain;
You must stop hurting each other?
Stop inflicting deep wounds on each other.
That is not why you got married;
Instead of saying things
That hurt your spouse,
Say things that please your spouse;
Things that make your spouse happy.
This means you must be careful
With what you say to your spouse.

Be a good partner

If you want to be
A good partner,
Don’t go to bed
With anger
In your heart,
Against your spouse;
If you have a hurt,
Do work it out
Before bedtime;
Your night
Will be good;
Anger is a monster
You don’t take to bed;
Give it no room
To lie by you.
Crush it on the head
Before it’s late.
Lest it devours
Your peace,
Your happiness;
Your marriage as a whole
In the night.

I hope I make myself clear?

nature lion south africa whitelion

Photo by Piet Bakker on

My dear one,
I don’t know if addressing you
Like this is correct;
I don’t care;
I no longer know how
To address you;
But that is not important,
No time for jokes;
I got up early today,
To write this letter to you;
To warn you against playing
With my emotions;
You are playing with
My emotions
You are doing
Something dangerous for you
And for me;
Something very dangerous;
Something for which you will pay
A high price;
Do you know what it means
To play with someone’s emotions?
To make me put my heart in you
And then you begin to play around With another one?
Right in front of me?
Why did you tell me
You loved me
When you knew you did not?
Why did you assure me
You would be faithful to me
When you knew you would not?
Why did you promise
You would never leave me
When you had plans to leave me?
Can you explain why
You promised me
All your heart
But it’s all gone to another?
Do you expect me to take it
Lying down?
I want to let you know
There is a lion in me
That was asleep;
It is now awake;
And is seriously hungry;
What is happening now is,
You are playing
With a hungry lion.
You get me right, do you?
You have to be careful!
You have to be very, very, careful!
I hope I make myself clear!
You are moving carelessly
Around a hungry lion;
Whose desire to pounce
On its prey
Has been trippled;
Because you have wounded it;
You have to be more than careful.

A Real- Life Love Story Of A Sailor And His Queen

He went onboard for 6 months again. And that ‘Long-Distance-Love’ phase struck us again. But, the wait for the calls and video calls was worth it all. It was difficult for me but he always gave me strength. He made sure that he gave me all his time when on port and wrote to me each day without fail no matter how tired he was.  To read more please CLICK HERE:-

What about you?

I am sorry I did this to you;
I am sorry I hurt you so badly;
I am sorry I have disappointed you;
I am sorry I have betrayed your trust;
I am sorry I am not worthy of you;
I am sorry I am not appreciative;
I am sorry I have behaved so wickedly;
I am sorry I am so ungrateful;
I am sorry I let you down;
I am sorry I am so sorry indeed!
What about you?
Is there anything you’ve done
That you are sorry about?
Tell me what it is.
What are you sorry about?
Have you hurt your spouse?
Have you hurt your sweetheart?
Have you hurt your friend?
Have you hurt your colleague?
Have you hurt your senior?
Have you hurt your junior?
Have you hurt your leader?
Have you hurt your follower?
Have you hurt your neighbor?
Have you hurt your fellow citizens?
Have you hurt your business partner?
What do you say if you have?
What do you do if you have?
What do you think is best to do?
What responsible decision are you ready to take?
And tell me why you feel
The way you feel at this moment.