The Relevance of Man

On this Father’s Day, I ponder the relevance of the first man on earth and the ancestral father of humankind. Through Adam’s transgression, sin entered the human race. We should be angry with him because his disobedience brought death to humanity and separated us from God. But even with this rough beginning, Adam still shared a close relationship with the Lord. He set the stage for many future generations of fathers.

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The relevance of Adam is great, for the Lord taught to him how to be a father, husband, and leader. Men, today, have lost many of his attributes through the centuries, but let’s review some of those original traits.

He was to become “one flesh” with his wife, always loving, respecting and praising her. God asked Adam to honor Eve as the weaker vessel.

Adam was responsible to guide his family in God’s ways by leading his family in prayer and worship. He was to be the head of the family, just as Christ is the head of the church.

The Lord demanded him always to work hard and keep a job to benefit his wife and children. If Adam could not provide for his family, he would deny his faith. (1 Timothy 5:8)

God asked Adam to be strong and courageous, as His presence would always be with him.

Adam was to raise wise, disciplined children while showing them compassion. He was to teach them about the Lord and the importance of following His instructions.

If Adam stayed righteous in integrity, God would bless his children. (Proverbs 20:7) It was crucial to be accountable and honorable.

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The Bible speaks to all people – whether men or women. However, Galatians 3:28 spoke to me: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” I hope liberated women will not misinterpret this verse for “man,” alone, was anointed by God with an exceptional title – the Body of Christ. Created in the image of the Lord, the Christian male stands tall and proud, just as Adam, before his family and God. He carries the weight of his loved ones on his shoulders while also following the Lord’s footsteps.

To all fathers, you are so cherished and loved for helping to build the Kingdom of God. It doesn’t matter if you have natural born children or stepchildren; your guidance could ultimately lead a child to the Lord. What fantastic recognition, fathers… you are God’s perfect creation!

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor of Bicks Books LLC

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50 things husbands like to get from their wives

  1. Sex is one thing that all husbands want to get from their wives.
  2. Respect is very important as well. No man takes disrespect from his wife well. Don’t be rude
  3. Affection: Show him affection. Show that you care about him.
  4. Hold his hand in public.
  5. Leave love messages often;
  6. Massage his shoulder as a sign of love.
  7. Give him unexpected kisses.
  8. Tell him how much you love him;
  9. Mind your language.Use loving, and kind and respectful words to talk to him.
  10. Forgiving. Men make mistake and love wives who are forgiving.
  11. Patient: Men love patient wives.
  12. Cheer him up when his spirits are down;
  13. Tell him you’re sorry when you hurt him.
  14. Make Him know you believe in him;
  15. Recognize his talent; and make him know it.
  16. Be supportive. Do not ignore when he is struggling to achieve a dream. Make his dream your dream.
  17. Encourage him to excel.
  18. Make him feel like a man. When he is down, lift him to be a man. Sometimes financial help plays
  19. Make him know you understand him.
  20. Appreciate him
  21. Affirm him.
  22. Compliment him often.
  23. Tell him often how good he looks.
  24. Tell him you admire him.
  25. Accept him.
  26. Do not try to change him by pressurizing him.
  27. Love. Despite his flaws
  28. Let go when you differ. Don’t always try to win and stand as the more brilliant person.
  29. Don’t always push too much for a chat.
  30. Listen to him when he talks. Don’t interrupt to oppose.
  31. Avoid making negative comments about him.
  32. Be considerate.
  33. Be positive.
  34. Stop competing with him and trying to make everyone around know that you are the one calling the shots.
  35. Be honest with him to earn his trust.
  36. Be a friend
  37. Mind how you talk especially if you have an.
  38. Don’t take him for granted .
  39. Make sacrifices for him. Offer presents.
  40. Use kind words to talk to him even when you have a disagreement.
  41. Show him gratitude daily.
  42. Avoid confrontation;
  43. Leave anger aside.
  44. Don’t be extravagant.
  45. Selfless: husbands love selfless not selfish wives.
  46. Husbands love wives who are open. Do not let him be guessing things that concern you.
  47. Be patient. Husbands love their wives to be patient with them.
  48. Hiding to call: Don’t hide to make or answer calls or hide your password from him.
  49. Clean, neat and organized.
  50. Love progress. Many husbands love wives who love progress and work hard for it.

What husbands want from wives

I promised to write a post on what husbands expect from their wives.
I think it is so important to know this post. Such knowledge will guide the men, or better still, it will guide many men and also women.

A lot of wives will be better wives if they know what husbands want from their wives.

This will make better couples, and better families, leading to better societies.

If you live in ignorance, you will die in ignorance. If you are enlightened, you will be enlightened.

I will keep to my promise to write this post to enlighten both husbands and wives on this subject.

But I cannot do this alone. I need your help to do it. I need information from you. Let’s write this post together. Many hands make work lighter.

If you know anything that husbands like their wives to be doing to or for them , kindly let me know.

Send that to me as a comment. If you are a man, you can make a good contribution to this topic. What do you want from your wife?

I hope to get many responses.

Thanks in advance for joining me to write a great post.

30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy

These are 30 things that every woman likes her husband to do to keep her happy:

  1. Give money to your wife.
  2. Buy for her clothes and shoes and jewelry.
  3. Tell her you love her.
  4. Show her you love her.
  5. Be faithful to her. Have no other woman and don’t cheat on her.
  6. Give her tender, loving touches often.
  7. Appreciate her work in the house.
  8. Appreciate her cooking after every meal.
  9. Appreciate her in public and raise her in front of others.
  10. Encourage her.
  11. Support her.
  12. Call her names of endearment.
  13. Take her out from time to time for enjoyment and quality time.
  14. Don’t gossip about her.
  15. Don’t run her down especially in public.
  16. When you have a misunderstanding, be careful and avoid damaging and hurtful words.
  17. Don’t embarrass her.
  18. Don’t threaten her.
  19. Don’t blame her for every thing that goes wrong in the house or with the children.
  20. Respect her.
  21. Do not bypass her and go and tell your plans to your friends and other women.
  22. Don’t pretend.
  23. Show an interest in her work.
  24. Make her know that you are proud of her.
  25. Make her feel needed, desired.
  26. Make her know that she satisfies you sexually.
  27. Don’t put you family members ahead of her.
  28. Don’t take orders from your mother and give her.
  29. Don’t spend money. carelessly on drinking while the family suffers from financial hard ship.
  30. Don’t ignore her when she is angry.

You probably have something to add. Please, do.

If you have a comment to make, you are welcome.

The next post will be on what every women needs to do to keep her husband happy.

Marriage Blues

Marriage Blues

Marriage is give and take. You’d better give it to her or she’ll take it anyway. Joey Adams

1.They lived happily until they got married

2.I asked my wife what she wanted for Christmas.She said to me “nothing would make her happier than a diamond necklace “So I bought her nothing.

3.Marriage is like a public toilet.Those waiting outside are desperate to get in.Those inside are desperate to get out. Stephanie Robinson

4.A good wife always forgives her husband when she’s wrong. Milton Berle

5.Women marry because they believe that he will change one day. Men marry because they believe she’ll never change. Both are mistaken.

6.The best way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once.

7.You should argue with your wife only when she’s not around.

8.A woman worries about the future until she gets a husband. A man never worries about the future until he gets a wife.

9.Love is blind, only marriage opens your eyes.

10.There are 2 times when a man doesn’t understand a woman – before marriage and after marriage.

11.A little boy asked his father, “Daddy, how much does it cost to get married?” Father replied, “I don’t know son, I’m still paying.”

12.The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
Henny Youngman

13.Marriage is the main reason for divorce.

Ok my friends,the point I would like to ask is, why most of  these humor are one sided ?

Thank you

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Friendship vs Love…which triumps ?


It’s 2.2 minute read

“Sometimes,in life there really are bonds formed that can never be broken.

Sometimes you really can find that one person who will stand by you no matter what.

May be you will find it in a spouse and celebrate it with your dream wedding.

But there’s also the chance that the person you can count on for a life time, the person who knows you sometimes better than you know yourself, is the same person who’s been standing beside you all along”.      Bride wars

Let us see who triumphs at the end.


L is the 12 th letter of alphabets

O is the 15 th letter of alphabets

V is the 22 nd letter of alphabets

E is the 05 th  letter  of alphabets

Total of Love is = 54.


F is the 06 th letter of alphabets

R is the 18 th letter of alphabets

I is the 09 th letter of alphabets

E is the 05 th letter of alphabets

N is the 14 th letter of alphabets

D is the 04 th letter of alphabets

S is the 19 th letter of alphabets

H is the 08 th letter of alphabets

I is the   09 th letter of alphabets

P is the 16 th letter of alphabets

Total of Friendship is = 108

Exactly twice of 54

So the FRIENDSHIP is twice the value of LOVE.

Do you agree ??

Now time for some fun

One day Love met Friendship.Love asked,why did you exist when I already exist?

Friendship put a smile where you’ve left tears.


“There are friends,there is family,And then there are friends that become family.”

What is your take ? Friendship or Love ? Check this link

Wife & Husband-can’t they be best friends for life ?

Thank you.

Philosophy Through Photography

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Husband and wife, household chores: who should do what? By Ngobesing Suh Romanus

On Saturday, March, 2, 2019,
I had a lengthy but very enjoyable conversation
It followed a post she  wrote:
How to keep your man.
I believe you will enjoy our chat.
I encourage you to read it. Click this link above.
She put this question to me:
"You know there’s something that
Some women would like to know.
I've been  thinking that too.
I believe a man should be a companion
to his wife and  not a master.
He shouldn’t dominate.
And there are times when
a man  comes home
and expects certain things
from his wife like
to always have  food on the table
whether or not she has been out
all day trying to make  ends meet.
And shes so tired and still he expects her
to clean up the  house, cook, do the laundry
and if they have kids, take care of them.
He  feels it’s her duty, her responsibility.
Do you think cooking should be  a duty for the wife?
Or taking care of the house?
Do you think there is  anything wrong
with sharing the home chores?"
What is your response to this question?

What I can say is, spouses
should be equal partners
and it is a good thing to share the chores.
But couples should always take into consideration
the fact that men and women are different physically, emotionally and in abilities and talents.
Men can do certain things better than women;
And women can do certain things better than men;
There are roles as defined by society that fit men better.
Others that fit women better.
We have different cultures in different parts of the world. People are too attached to their culture. Hence, it is important to take change gradually when it is contrary to culture. When women from a culture which gives men advantages want to overturn things abruptly, they run into trouble with their husbands. Use tact and love to get change not force.
Husbands and wives should also attend marriage courses together. A good one is a Marriage Encounter Week End. Through many presentations and a gradual process, couples are brought to see the real meaning of marriage and journeying together as a couple not servant/ master relationship.
If you read this and have any questions, I will be very happy to answer them.
I thank Zee Yola for her post and raising the questions she raised.
Read How to keep your man.

An ideal couple

If you are married,
Try to be
An ideal couple;
An ideal husband and wife;
An ideal man and woman;
What do you expect
To find in
An ideal married couple?
Love tops the list;
Where there is love,
There is trust;
There’s fidelity;
There’s self giving;
And there’s oneness.
And they can’t have
All these qualities
Unless they are God-loving;
And prayerful;
God is at the center
Of their marriage;
The binding force;
That cements them together;
To be no longer two,
But one.
An ideal couple,
Is an inspiration
To other couples;
And non couples.
Their love radiates;
And lights up
The whole world around
An ideal couple
Is a role model.

100 love poems to my sweetheart no. 3


Hello, my sweetest!
Where do we go
For quality time tonight?
Where I shall be alone
With you?
Do you remember our last
Quality time?
When we spent many hours
All left to ourselves?
That is a day
I will never forget;
A day I will remember
All my life;
That day,
I not only felt your love,
I could touch it;
When I pressed you to me.
I want us to experience
That again tonight;
Tell me:
When shall that be?
And where do we go?
You decide for us.