The love respect solution in marriage

In his book “Love and Respect”, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs says a “wife can fulfill her need to be loved by giving her husband what he needs – respect.”

Dr. Emerson and wife have presented talks in different states across America and have changed many lives. Their “Love and Respect” talks are based on Ephesians 5:33 which states: “…every husband must love his wife as himself, and every wife must respect her husband.”

They believe that if you are husband and wife and respect this command, “the potential for improving your marriage is limitless.”

What they effectively say is that many problems arise in marriage when the man does not show enough love to his wife; and he does not show enough love to his wife because she does not respect him. She does not respect him because he does show enough love to her.

Hence, the couple gets into a vicious circle. The message in Dr. Emerson’s book is clear:

Men, love your wives. They will respect you when you do. Women, respect your husbands, they will love you when you do.

A couple that does this will experience love, peace and harmony in their relationship; and shall have a great marriage.

You could try Dr. Emerson’s teaching. As he says, it has transformed many lives, and saved many marriages from disaster.

What do you think? Is it a great message?


My love is my priority

You are my priority, my love;
I have made you my priority;
If our love is our priority,
Every other thing will be fine;
Thus, I shall make you my priority;
Shall you make me your priority as well?
That will be good, my love.
If I make you my priority,
And you make me your priority,
That will be good.
We shall make it;
We shall be a happy couple;
We shall be a successful couple;
And our love shall be a joy;
Our marriage shall a light to others.

Reduce divorce possibility by 300%

“Mother,” said Nchang to her mother.

Her mother pricked her ears to hear.

It was one of those quiet evenings at home. The children had returned from school while their parents had come back from work.They were sharing their experiences of the day.

“Why do you and daddy not talk to us about marriage and how we are supposed to prepare ourselves for it?” She asked.

PhotoGrid_1420273189495Mrs. Akwanwi had not expected the question. She was taken unawares. Mr. Akwanwi who had been pouring over a newspaper raised his eyes and looked at his wife. The question also surprised him.

“Good question,” said Ngwa joyfully. Like Nchang he felt it was not right that their parents were not talking to them about the challenges that life reserved for them

“What makes you ask that question?” asked Mr. Akwanwi cut in curiously. Mrs. Akwanwi was still unable to utter a word.

“I read a story on the web today about a young girl who said how she was having many challenging situations in her marriage because nobody ever told her what to expect. I believe that had her parents educated her on marriage, things would have been better for her.”

The couple felt challenged to spend more time with their children educating them on life issues. That DSC_0460evening, when they shared this story with their friends, at the neighbor’s meeting, everybody who heard it agreed Nchang was right.

If parents teach their children about marriage, they will do better in their marital lives. There are many divorces today because enough preparation is not done before marriage.

Judging by the statistics of couples whose marriages have been saved by marriage training seminars in my region, I believe we can curb the rate of divorce in the world today by 300% if marriage preparatory courses and multiplied, intensified and made more effective.

Finger-pointing and blaming in marriage

I have noticed that in many of the homes where the marriage is falling apart, the spouses spend a great deal of precious time pointing accusing fingers at each other and blaming each other instead of appreciating and encouraging each other.

I suggest to those couples that keep having problems in their marriage to share this post with each other and stop accusing and blaming each other and start appreciating and encouraging each other and see what happens.

How to keep love burning

Do you care for your love?
You care for your body, which is good;
You care for your teeth, which is good;
You care for your clothes, which is good;
You care for your shoes, which is good;
You care for your home, which is good;
You care for your computer, which is good;
You care for the things you own, which is good;
You care for what’s important to you, which is good;
But what of your love?
Do you care for your love?
How much time do you give to your love?
What of your marriage?
Do you care for your marriage?
How much time do you give to your marriage?
What of your spouse?
Do you care for your spouse?
How much time do you give to your spouse?
If you value your love;
If you value your marriage;
If you value your spouse;
Care for them,
As you care for your body.
That is how you keep love
In your marriage burning.

Let’s start loving again

Hello darling!
Why don’t we start loving
Each other again?
Why don’t we revive
Our love for each other?
I like us to take our love back
To where it used to be;
To again start living like
Real husband and wife
As we used to do
Instead of making
As if we hated each other;
Let’s start enjoying each other’s
Company again
As was often the case
When we started our relationship;
Do you remember
How madly we were in love?
How we adored each other?
I do recall how we could sit
Together for hours
And talk and laugh,
And enjoy each other’s company;
I pray my love,
That we take our love back
To that state;
Are you ready, my love?
Shall you begin to love me again?
Shall we find time today
To sit and talk
And carve out a better way forward?
I know your answer is yes;
And I want to thank you for accepting
To love me once again!

A bitter pill to swallow

krMany women
Get into marriage
With very high expectations;
But often, these expectations are shattered. Presentation1
Many women get into marriage
Dreaming of a life of love;
But, often, they end up with everything but love;
Many women get into marriage,
Believing it will be milk and honey;
But, often, what they have is bitterness and stress;You make us proud, my girl!
Many women get into marriage
Hoping to enjoy lots of quality time
With their husbands;
But, often, what they get is mediocre time
With their husbands;
Many women get into marriage
Knowing they have someone to journey with
Hand-in gloves through life,Camera 360
But, often, they find themselves
Going back to their singles’-lifestyle;
Many women get into marriage
Convinced they’ve found someone
To share stories with;
But, often, only the children
Are there to listen;
Why is this so?
What of the men?
Are their own expectations in marriage met?
Shattered expectations:
A bitter pill to swallow.IMG_0165

You could have been wiser?

You ask:

“How could I have known

You  would be such a terrible husband?

How could I have known

you would be such a drunk?

Such an irresponsible husband?

Such a wife-hitter?”

You make me laugh.

How could you not have known?

Where did you keep your eyes?

Where did you keep your head?

Where did you keep your thinking cap?

You could have been wiser.

You did not have to be too believing.


When it comes to making a choice

For marriage,

You do not have to be too believing;

You must learn to discern;

To look beyond the surface.

Not everyone who says ‘I love you’

Really does.

Do not be too blinded by what you see as love

To see

The warning signs which are always there.

Did you turn to God to guide you?

He will always do.

I answer your question then

To say:

You could have been wiser.

Let no one dupe you.

Let no one take you for a ride.

Pay heed to the warning signs;

And you will not say

Had I known.