Don’t be afraid

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Don’t be afraid of light;
Be afraid of darkness;
Don’t be afraid of God;
Be afraid of the evil;
Don’t be afraid of work;
Be afraid of idleness;
Don’t be afraid of love;
Be afraid of hate;
Don’t be afraid of food;
Be afraid of starvation;
Don’t be afraid of peace;
Be afraid of war;
Don’t be afraid of allies,
Be afraid of enemies;
Don’t be afraid of riches;
Be afraid of poverty.
Don’t be afraid of good;
Be afraid of what is bad.
Don’t be afraid of good weather;
Be afraid of bad weather.
Don’t be afraid of a bright sky;
Be afraid of a dark sky.

Things to dump in life

There are things
You must not have in your handbag;
You must not have in your briefcase;
You must not have in your account;
You must not keep at home;
If they are already in your possession,
You must dump them;
You must not take them when you go out;
You must not share a bed with them.
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It is sad isn’t it?

PhotoGrid_1419263202376It is sad isn’t it to see the way some people squander their time?

I see young people everyday who move up and down in the city doing nothing helpful to anybody; and I feel sad.

I see others in the quarters standing at road junctions looking at people going forwards and backwards.

I see young men, in particular, playing indoora003 games in public places, from morning till night.

I see people chatting away precious time on social media; discussing topics that help nobody; in a language that does not reflect a responsible mind. 

Where do people get all this time to waste?

I get up hours before dawn; and go to bed late; yet I am unable to do the things that are waiting for me to do.

Where do others get the time to waste?

DSCN0486Time is money, isn’t it?. Do these time wasters know this?

I know if you are in an advanced country reading this you may be surprised or even shocked to hear that people have waste time this way. In advanced countries I see how people value time. They work hard; and that is why they are where they are.

Of course they also find time to relax; to recreate and refill their energy tank, but when it’s time to work no one kids around.

Work is the key to success. Work is what builds a country. There would be no humanserve progress if people were not working hard.

The people of those countries still struggling with their development must emulate the great example of the people of the advanced countries.

There can be no development without work.

There can be no personal success if you fold your arms and idle away your time.

Time wasters in homes, in quarters, in towns and cities, on social media, stop misusing God’s most precious gift to humanity:  time.



I challenge all young people: work hard. Don’t sleep. Work as if all your life depended only on hard work. Turn your back on time wasting and time wasters.DSCN0479 If you love social media, use it in a way that will help you and others. Read, write useful stuff. No aimless chatting! Serve! Work!